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Maps Germany C2 Map Germany.jpg

With Carcassonne Maps, HiG offer a new possibility to play Carcassonne. It is designed for the New Edition.

You can use your tiles and meeples in a country, build cities with real names and influence the course of important roads. There are also new ways to score points, e.g. by winning the rating of a big city or by connecting roads to neighboring countries.

The map consists of high-quality, strong, linen-embossed paper and has the size A1. The map is delivered rolled up and the purchaser is recommended to flatten it by "bending against" before use or to press it flat again under a few books. Alternatively, it can also be attached to the table with a removable adhesive tape (crepe, for example). The latter also has the advantage that it is not moved accidentally.

The map requires players to use their own game material from the base game and some major expansions, so it is not a standalone product but a complement to play a variant of the base game with extra tiles.

Current maps:

  • Germany
  • Benelux
  • Great Britain
  • Península Ibérica
  • France