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General info and comments

Expansion symbol

Mage and Witch (Mini #5) was released for the new edition by HiG in 2017, bundled as part of Big Box 6.

Powerful magicians visit the realm of Carcassonne. The mage's presence inspires the citizens, but the witch casts a sinister pall over everything she touches.


  • 8 landscape tiles with magic symbols
Tile with magic symbol
  • 1 purple mage figure
ReferenceFigure Mage.png
  • 1 orange witch figure
ReferenceFigure Witch.png



Shuffle the new landscape tiles with those of the basic game and stack them normally. Place the mage and witch figures (collectively called "magic figures") within easy reach of all players.

1. Placing a tile

Magic logo
If you draw a tile with the magic symbol on it on your turn, place it so it matches. However, before continuing to 2. Place a Meeple, you must first place one of the magic figures. The magic figures can be placed only on incomplete cities or roads, and they can never occupy the same feature as each other (the mage can never be on the same feature as the witch, and vice-versa). If both magic figures are already placed, then they must be moved, following the same rules as for placing them. The magic figures do not have to be placed on or moved to the tile you just placed. [1] [2]

If you cannot place or move either magic figure (because there are no eligible locations), you must remove one of them from a tile and set it aside. The next time another tile with a magic symbol is placed, this figure can be placed again.

If you cause both magic figures to be occupying the same feature, you must immediately move one of the magic figures. If this same tile placement would also cause a feature to be scored, you must move the magic figure before scoring the feature.

2. Placing a meeple and a ferry

After placing a tile with a magic symbol, you may still place a maple according to the normal rules.

3. Scoring a feature

Whenever you complete a feature occupied by a magic figure, they modify the score:

  • The mage is worth 1 point per tile in the scored feature.
  • The witch halves the points of the scored feature (rounded up).

When scoring roads with inns and cities with cathedrals where the witch is present, first add the bonus points from the inn or cathedral, then halve the sum.

After modifying a scored feature, the magic figure is removed from the tile and set aside. The next time another tile with a magic symbol is placed, this figure can be placed again.

Example 1: You complete the city. Normally, this city would be worth 20 points (8 tiles + 2 coats of arms) x 2 = 20. However, because of the mage, you and the blue player each score 28 points.
Example 2: You complete two roads. The road on the right has five tiles, but the blue player will only score 3 points for it because of the witch (half of 5, rounded up, is 3). The road on the left only has 3 tiles, but will award you 6 points because of the mage.

Final scoring

During final scoring, the magic figures modify the value of features they occupy, as they did during the game.

If playing with other expansions, please take the following notes into consideration:

  • Inns and Cathedrals:
    • An incomplete road with both an inn and the mage on it will be worth 1 point per tile (the incomplete inn drops each tile's value to 0 points, but the mage still provides 1 point per tile in a scored feature it occupies. The mage does not grant points for coat of arms.

Tile Distribution

Total Tiles: 8

Mage Witch C2 Tile A.jpg x1
Mage Witch C2 Tile B.jpg x1
Mage Witch C2 Tile C.jpg x1
Mage Witch C2 Tile D.jpg x1
Mage Witch C2 Tile E.jpg x1
Mage Witch C2 Tile F.jpg x1
Mage Witch C2 Tile G.jpg x1
Mage Witch C2 Tile H.jpg x1

Some of the tiles have a small illustration on them. The letters in brackets show which illustration is on each tile:

Base Game C2 Feature Garden.jpg
G | Garden
Base Game C2 Feature Farmhouse.jpg
F | Farmhouse
Base Game C2 Feature Water Tower.jpg
W | Water Tower


For Icons licensing and explanation please visit Icons page.

  1. Icon Open Book.png If the mage or witch is already on a tile and is moved due to placement of a tile with the mage symbol, the figure must be moved to a different feature. (5/2014)
  2. Icon Open Book.png Thus: 1) If neither figure is in play, you bring one into play. 2) If both magic figures are in play, you move one of them to a different tile. 3) If only one figure is in play, you choose one or the other to move – you may move either the figure that is already in play or the figure that began the turn off of the playing field. In all of these situations, you may choose to move either the mage or the witch. (updated 5/2014)