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For first edition rules follow here: River.

Informazioni generali e commenti

Expansion watermark for 2014 version

The River was originally released by Hans im Glück in 2014.
The River II was originally released by Hans im Glück in 2017 as part of Count, King and Robber.

The River modifies the beginning of the game by having players place a set of specific river tiles before the normal tiles.


  • 12 river tiles, each with with a dark back, which replace the start tile



The River contains 12 river tiles, each with with a dark back, which replace the start tile. Set aside the source and lake tiles. [1] Shuffle the remaining river tiles and stack them facedown. Add the lake tile to the bottom of the stack, and place the source tile faceup as the starting tile.

Preparazione di Fiume II

River expansion added to Count, King and Robber includes a river fork tile. It should be set aside along with the source and lake tiles. The fork tile is to be placed first (after the source tile) by the first player.

Come si gioca

Placing a tile

You draw a river tile and place it in a way that its edges match the edges of tiles already in play. However, the river cannot turn in the same direction twice in a row, as this risks that the following tile will be impossible to place. [2] Players must draw and place all river tiles before they can draw normal tiles.

Forbidden placement

Placing a meeple

Like any other tile, you may place a meeple on other features of a river tile you just placed. [3] Meeples cannot be placed on the river itself.

If you place the last River tile (the lake with the volcano), you cannot place a meeple on that tile. Immediately after placing it, take another turn by drawing a normal tile.[4]

Volcano tile


The River feature itself cannot be scored. All other features on river tiles are scored as usual.

Completed river example.

Note on River II special features


The inn and the volcano on the River follow the rules from their expansions (Inns and Cathedrals and The Princess and the Dragon, respectively). The pigsty has the same effect as a pig in a field (from Traders and Builders). If you are playing without these expansions, simply ignore these features.

Chiarimenti sulle nuove tessere paesaggio

The following tiles do not split farms - there is one farm on each tile

River I C2 Tile A.jpg

River I C2 Tile L.jpg

River II C2 Tile L.jpg

Farms do not go under small bridges - there are 4 separate farms here

River I C2 Tile B.jpg

River I C2 Tile K.jpg

River II C2 Tile D.jpg

River II C2 Tile H.jpg

and three farms here, one north and two south.

River I C2 Tile H.jpg

While this big bridge does not separate farms. There are two farms here - one eastward and one westward.

River II C2 Tile E.jpg

Distribuzione delle tessere

Il fiume

Tessere totali: 12

River I C2 Tile A.jpg x1
River I C2 Tile B.jpg x1
River I C2 Tile C.jpg x1
River I C2 Tile D.jpg x1
River I C2 Tile E.jpg x1
River I C2 Tile F.jpg x1
River I C2 Tile G.jpg x1
River I C2 Tile H.jpg x1
River I C2 Tile I.jpg x1
River I C2 Tile J.jpg x1
River I C2 Tile K.jpg x1
River I C2 Tile L.jpg x1

Il fiume II

Tessere totali: 12

River II C2 Tile A.jpg x1
River II C2 Tile B.jpg x1
River II C2 Tile C.jpg x1
River II C2 Tile D.jpg x1
River II C2 Tile E.jpg x1
River II C2 Tile F.jpg x1
River II C2 Tile G.jpg x1
River II C2 Tile H.jpg x1
River II C2 Tile I.jpg x1
River II C2 Tile J.jpg x1
River II C2 Tile K.jpg x1
River II C2 Tile L.jpg x1


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  1. Icon Open Book.png You can combine The River II with The River from base game to make a very long river. You can even mix multiple River sets. Keep one lake tile for each source and additional one for every fork tile.
  2. Icon Open Book.png Question: With the U-turn rule when making rivers, does that mean no U-turn ever, or just no immediate U-turns because it will complicate the placement of subsequent river tiles? Answer: Only immediate U-turns are explicitly forbidden. Naturally, there can also be problems if a straight river tile lies between. Turning river the same way three times should also be considered prohibited.
  3. Icon Open Book.png Note that river segments separate farms. (08/2014)
  4. Icon World Black.png That means you cannot execute any other action that turn.