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Zie Rivier voor de regels van de eerste editie.

Algemene informatie en commentaar

Uitbreidings symbool voor de 2014 versie
Uitbreidings symbool voor de Rivier II

De Rivier is oorspronkelijk uitgegeven, voor de nieuwe eidite, door Hans im Glück in 2014. De 1ste editie van de Rivier was uitgegeven in 2001.

De Rivier II is oorspronkelijk uitgegeven, voor de nieuwe editie, door Hans in Glück in 2017 als onderdeel van de Graaf, Koning en Consorten. De Rivier II is oorspronkelijk uitgegeven voor de 1ste editie in 2005 en werd later gebundeld in de grote uitbreiding Graaf, Koning en Consorten in 2008.

De Rivier uitbreidingen passen het begin van het spel aan door de spelers een aantal specifieke riviertegels te laten plaatsen voor de normale tegels.


  • De Rivier 12 rivier tegels, elke met een donkere achterkant en geen symbool (originele versie) of een water symbool (Big Box 6 versie)
  • De Rivier 12 rivier tegels, elke met een donkere achterkant en een kroon symbool



The River and The River II replace the start tile. Select the river expansion you want and discard the other. Set aside the source and lake tiles. Shuffle the remaining river tiles and stack them facedown. Add the lake tile to the bottom of the stack, and place the source tile faceup as the starting tile.

The setup of The River requires to set aside the source (1), and the lake (2).

Voorbereiding voor de Rivier II

De Rivier uitbreiding toegevoegd aan Graaf, Koning en Consorten bevat een tegel die de rivier splitst in twee rivieren. Deze moet samen met de bron en meer tegels opzij worden gelegd. De splitsing moet als eerste(na de brontegel) door de eerste speler worden geplaatst.

The setup of The River II requires to set aside the source (1), the fork (2), and the lake (3).

Combineren van de Rivier en de Rivier II

You can combine The River with The River II from base game to make a very long river. Keep only one source and one lake.

Do not use both The River II and The Count of Carcassonne. Combining the two can lead to situations where the river cannot be completed.


1. Placing a tile

You must draw tiles from the River stack before drawing normal tiles. Place your river tile at the end of the river. As always, tiles must be placed so that their edges match the edges of tiles already in play. You cannot make a river turn twice in a row in the same direction (a U-turn), as this risks that the following tile will be impossible to place. Players must draw and place all river tiles before they can draw normal tiles.

When playing with The River II, you may have up to two river branches to choose from when creating the river. You cannot connect both river branches together.

Verboden plaatsing

Question: With the U-turn rule when making rivers, does that mean no U-turn ever, or just no immediate U-turns because it will complicate the placement of subsequent river tiles?

Answer: Only immediate U-turns are explicitly forbidden. Naturally, there can also be problems if a straight river tile lies between. Turning river the same way three times should also be considered prohibited.


2. Placing a meeple

Like any other tile, you may place a meeple on other features of a river tile you just placed. [1] Meeples cannot be placed on the river itself.

When playing with The River II, if you place the last river tile (the lake with the volcano), you cannot place a meeple on that tile. Immediately after placing it, take another turn by drawing a normal tile.[2]

Lake with volcano from The River II


De Rivier zelf kan niet gescoord worden. Steden, wegen en weilanden op de rivier tegels worden gescoord zoals gewoonlijk.

Voorbeeld van een voltooide rivier.

Example: Completed rivers from expansions The River (A) and The River II (B)

De Rivier II speciale gevallen

Pigsty (or pig-herd)

The inn and the volcano on the river follow the rules from their expansions (Inns and Cathedrals and The Princess and the Dragon, respectively). The pigsty (or pig-herd) has the same effect as a pig in a field (from Traders and Builders). If you are playing without these expansions, simply ignore these features.

Verduidelijking van de nieuwe landschaps tegels

De volgende tegels zorgen er niet voor dat de weilanden gescheiden worden - er is maar één weiland op elke tegel

River I C2 Tile A.jpg

River I C2 Tile L.jpg

River II C2 Tile L.jpg

Weilanden gaan niet onder kleine bruggen door - er zijn 4 gescheiden weilanden hier

River I C2 Tile B.jpg

River I C2 Tile K.jpg

River II C2 Tile D.jpg

River II C2 Tile H.jpg

en drie weilanden hier, één ter noorden en twee in het zuiden.

River I C2 Tile H.jpg

Deze grote brug scheid de weilanden niet. Er zijn twee weilanden hier - één in het oosten en één in het westen.

River II C2 Tile E.jpg

The houses by this bridge do not end the road.

River I C2 Tile K.jpg
River I

Andere uitbreidingen

For the River II there are some clarifications when using it with other expansions:

  • Exp. 2 - Traders and Builders: The pigsty increases the value of its field by 1 point per completed city. This bonus is in addition to the points given by the pig.
  • Exp. 5 - Abbey and the Mayor: The pigsty only affects field scoring for farmers. Barns do not score additional points from the pigsty.


Huisregels voor de Rivier

  • You are not permitted to lay down any meeples until the entire river is down. (Thanks to metoth)
  • Once the river is complete, it may be moved to the center of the playing area. (Thanks to Joff)
  • Instead of starting with the spring and setting aside the lake, put all of the river pieces into the bag. In this way the river can be any size and there is usually more then one option for placing a river tile. (Thanks to DavidP)
  • Mix the original starting tile (without a river) in with the river tiles. If it is drawn then it acts like a 'bonus' tile that can be placed anywhere. (Thanks to RationalLemming)
  • Lay the river in reverse order, from lake to spring. No real advantage, but might be more desirable, when playing the Count of Carcassonne expansion, to have the lake near the City of Carcassonne for purely aesthetic reasons. (Thanks to Scott)

Huisregels voor de Rivier II

  • Play the fork of the river first, and lay the spring last. The lakes are mixed in with the other river tiles. (Thanks to Joff)
  • Pigsty (or pig-herd) tiles do not score a bonus. (Thanks to Joff)
  • Play both rivers backwards starting with the city/lake. This is more realistic because you then get two springs producing rivers that join and flow ‘down’ to a lake. Discard two lakes—the plain one from River I and the volcano. To set up, place the lake tile, put one spring tile aside as a final ending tile, and then split the balance of the river tiles into two stacks. The junction tile is shuffled into stack 1 and the other spring into stack 2. Then the stack 1 is placed on stack 2—so that the junction will be drawn sometime before the spring. If playing with the Count of Carcassonne, place the city/lake so that it completes one of the small cities around Carcassonne. (Thanks to dwhitworth)
  • Select only one lake tile and use two spring tiles. Lay the river in reverse order. The fork can be placed randomly, or at some predetermined point. The end result is two rivers flowing into one which then flows into a lake. (Thanks to Scott)
  • Start from the fork, playing tiles on all three branches. Play the spring and lake tiles at the end, or mix two of the three with the rest of the river before play to have two of the three branches end randomly. (Thanks to Scott)

Tegel distributie

De Rivier

Totale aantal tegels: 12

River I C2 Tile A.jpg x1
River I C2 Tile B.jpg x1
River I C2 Tile C.jpg x1
River I C2 Tile D.jpg x1
River I C2 Tile E.jpg x1
River I C2 Tile F.jpg x1
River I C2 Tile G.jpg x1
River I C2 Tile H.jpg x1
River I C2 Tile I.jpg x1
River I C2 Tile J.jpg x1
River I C2 Tile K.jpg x1
River I C2 Tile L.jpg x1

Some of the tiles have a small illustration on them. The letters in brackets show which illustration is on each tile:

Base Game C2 Feature Garden.jpg
G | Garden
Base Game C2 Feature Farmhouse.jpg
F | Farmhouse
Base Game C2 Feature Water Tower.jpg
W | Water Tower
Base Game C2 Feature Highwayman.jpg
H | Highwayman
Base Game C2 Feature Donkeys.jpg
D | Donkeys

Additionally, some tiles present additional features indicated in bold (source, and lake.)

De Rivier I (Big Box 6 versie)

Totale aantal tegels: 12

River III C2 Tile A.png x1
River III C2 Tile B.png x1
River III C2 Tile C.png x1
River III C2 Tile D.png x1
River III C2 Tile E.png x1
River III C2 Tile F.png x1
River III C2 Tile G.png x1
River III C2 Tile H.png x1
River III C2 Tile I.png x1
River III C2 Tile J.png x1
River III C2 Tile K.png x1
River III C2 Tile L.png x1

Sommige van de tegels hebben een kleine illustratie op zich. De letters tussen de haakjes laten zien welke illustratie op welke tegel staat:

Base Game C2 Feature Garden.jpg
G | Tuin
Base Game C2 Feature Farmhouse.jpg
F | Boerderij
Base Game C2 Feature Water Tower.jpg
W | Water Toren
Base Game C2 Feature Highwayman.jpg
H | Struikrover
Base Game C2 Feature Donkeys.jpg
D | Ezels

Bijkomend, sommige tegels hebben een extra functie, vetgedrukt aangegeven(bron en meer).

De Rivier II

Totale aantal tegels: 12

River II C2 Tile A.jpg x1
River II C2 Tile B.jpg x1
River II C2 Tile C.jpg x1
River II C2 Tile D.jpg x1
River II C2 Tile E.jpg x1
River II C2 Tile F.jpg x1
River II C2 Tile G.jpg x1
River II C2 Tile H.jpg x1
River II C2 Tile I.jpg x1
(F) - Een vertakking
River II C2 Tile J.jpg x1
River II C2 Tile K.jpg x1
River II C2 Tile L.jpg x1
Meer + Vulkaan

Veel van de tegegels hebben kleine illustraties op hen. De letters tussen de haakjes geven aan welke afbeelding op welke tegel staat:

Base Game C2 Feature Garden.jpg
G | Tuin
Base Game C2 Feature Farmhouse.jpg
F | Boerderij
Base Game C2 Feature Highwayman.jpg
H | Struikrovers

Moreover, some tiles present additional features indicated in bold, some proper of River II (source, fork, and lake), some others serving as tie-in with other expansions (inn, pigsty, and volcano.)


Ga voor licentie en uitleg over de pictogrammen naar de pictogrammen pagina.

  1. Icon Open Book.png Note that river segments separate farms. (08/2014)
  2. Icon World Black.png That means you cannot execute any other action that turn.