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CommentStreams:04b804b979871f4dc3e83a23e0cc5dba Carcassonne Order of Play MESSAGES (#1B) is associated to the round of scoring for the Wheel of Fortune actions in Step 1B

MESSAGES (#1C) is associated to the round of scoring for the Wind Roses tiles in Step 1C

Meepledrone Apr 9 at 2:47 am
CommentStreams:E833a49fea4ab8a45da65e2ec0505c0c Carcassonne Order of Play Messages Where are "MESSAGES (#1B)" and "MESSAGES (#1C)"? anonymous Apr 8 at 8:41 pm
CommentStreams:F809059555927c7d89004296c50cdc83 Inns and Cathedrals "Is that a village?"

Inns And Cathedrals C2 Tile I.jpg Village question, see MeepleDrone's answer On this tile you may place a meeple on:

  • 1 of the 4 fields
  • Left road, right road. (not on the two roads leading to the city)
  • upper or lower city segment
Sinscerly Sinscerly Apr 7 at 8:21 am Apr 7 at 2:46 pm
CommentStreams:89c1e63145316858690e10d8c66148a5 Inns and Cathedrals This village will allow you to place a tollhouse token or to connect a road to Leipzig and place a meeple in any quarter, if any of these interactions is interesting to you. Meepledrone Apr 7 at 10:51 am
CommentStreams:A3bf0a167b36bcc27cb180b8e7a779fe Castles in Germany This has been updated to match the new rules for Carcassonne II Halflings so no matter the tiles surrounding a completed monastery it always score 9 points.

This previous scoring rule was part of the clarifications from 10/2015, where each tile in the vicinity of a monastery was counted individually.

Meepledrone Apr 7 at 10:27 am
CommentStreams:519bfb9f494a8f2121c999abeefda205 Castles in Germany "Example A: This completed monastery scores 8 points, with 3 German castles in its vicinity.

Example B: This completed monastery scores 7 points, with 2 German castles in its vicinity."

anonymous Apr 7 at 9:42 am
CommentStreams:5df637e7ddba50de2a74b326d09b5dec Halflings "Coat of Arm". no "Pennant"

Thank you, it's called a "Coat of Arms" indeed! Pennants were the old name for it in the first version. (C1) I've corrected it.

Sinscerly Apr 6 at 4:58 pm
CommentStreams:Aed21e91e17da1e9fe13ffb274a0748c Inns and Cathedrals Is that a village? Inns And Cathedrals C2 Tile I.jpg anonymous Apr 6 at 12:19 pm
CommentStreams:D9090537325a52d2f768debf5023d7cb Halflings "Coat of Arm". no "Pennant" anonymous Apr 6 at 12:10 pm
CommentStreams:840244fc948d7c900e5ad2949a4e74f2 Halflings Thanks! anonymous Apr 6 at 10:56 am
CommentStreams:4b0922ce67d0f80edcfa0ece784b8de2 Halflings "What happens if you place the hill halfling adjacent with other halfling?"

There is not really any source of information about this, but the only logically thing is that you will put the tile (that goes under the hill halfling) under both halflings.

"Can you place a castle on this city?"

If you place it on a 2 tile castle (a city consisting of only 2 semi-circular segments) you may place the castle on it.

Example: 2 semi-circular segments, so you may place a castle.

The segments are both circular.

Example: tile that isn't (half) circular
Sinscerly Sinscerly Apr 6 at 10:32 am Apr 6 at 10:38 am
CommentStreams:E021b57911737a54e22fab6fbb34a820 Halflings Can you place a castle on this city? Halfling 1 C2 Tile 09.png anonymous Apr 6 at 9:45 am
CommentStreams:72b4e143753a6ced9190c4612387defb Halflings What happens if you place the hill halfling adjacent with other halfling? anonymous Apr 6 at 9:42 am
CommentStreams:5678c36efa33515f1212369805afda8b Main Page Ha ha ha... Thank you for your enthusiam.

We have submitted our orders to get hold of the C2 rules. impatient to see how they addressed all the clarifications provided after the rules where printed in 2014. Please stay tuned!

For the time being, we added a stub page.

The page for C2 Halflings is already in place.


Meepledrone Meepledrone Mar 31 at 12:10 pm Apr 5 at 1:46 pm
CommentStreams:42972833a88ebeac83069f59023c9eda Halflings Check the exiting clarifications and the community rules for those expansions here: Meepledrone Meepledrone Apr 5 at 12:34 pm Apr 5 at 12:35 pm
CommentStreams:37e08866e867bba26c7359f01bacc928 Halflings "When a Halfling tile is beside a triangular gap, the Halfling tile counts as a single tile. When 2 Halfling tiles are side-by-side to create one square, they count as a single tile each." But that means that the flier, the pleague spreading, the dragon movement and the tower range are incorrect. anonymous Apr 5 at 11:25 am
CommentStreams:789fea33311b87757976dc1ddf906a24 Halflings Yep... We are happy to have access to the digital rules in German and English.

For starters, I'm dealing with:

  • The gaps in the rules about city and road scoring
  • The rules changes for monasteries
  • The mistranslations into English of the Crop Circle rules.

A) In German says "may" not the implicit "must" found in the English rules. :(

I'll keep you posted.


Meepledrone Meepledrone Apr 1 at 9:01 pm Apr 1 at 9:04 pm
CommentStreams:A058689dfb988bc5a8b6006800d70a95 Halflings Source anonymous Apr 1 at 7:14 pm
CommentStreams:346067664c8d93f659f484aed8f33ae2 The Phantom (1st edition) This sentence means:

A) You placed a follower on a feature on a previous turn B) Now you [must] play the builder [or pig] on the same feature on your current turn So B) requires A) to happen. If A) did not happen, B) cannot be performed.

In order words, they are stressing you need a supporting follower on the feature in order to be able to deploy your builder [or pig]. Why?

Because the case the clarification is addressing is the following: You cannot place the phantom followed by the builder [or pig] on the same feature on the same turn. The correct figure placement order is the following: 1) You may place a wooden meeple or aspecial figure (additional options and actions are available - see above) 2) You may place your phantom So some desirable actions are not allowed such as:

  • Occupying a road or a city with a phantom and place the builder next to it right away.
  • Occupying a field with a phantom and place the pig next to it right away.

So the bottomline is that the feature must be occupied by you on a previous turn if you want to the deploy your builder or pig. And you cannot use your phantom to bend the rules and get it all done in the same turn.

Meepledrone Mar 31 at 9:45 pm
CommentStreams:1127cda173147910b4dc044f874ea096 Order of Play Are you asking for a step 1B for the river? Something like...

Step 1B: Draw a Tile (if placing the river)

  • Randomly draw a tile from the River stack.
  • Show the tile to all players.

You would also need a special Step 1C for the river:

Step 1C: Place the Tile

  • Place the tile (connecting the river segment).
  • If a volcano symbol is on the tile, place the dragon on this tile.
Meepledrone Meepledrone Mar 31 at 9:09 pm Mar 31 at 9:12 pm