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The Flier

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3=After placing a tile with a flying machine on it, you may choose to place a meeple either normally (and then follow all normal rules of placement) '''or''' on the flying machine.
When you place a meeple on the flying machine, <ref>{{IconBook}} Any follower '''can''' be a flier, as the flying machine feature is not the final resting place for the follower. However, the final landing point must still be a valid feature for that follower (such as the mayor in a city, see below).</ref> <ref>{{IconBook}} A phantom '''can''' be a flier. However, if you first use a normal follower as a flier then the second figure (the Phantom) '''cannot''' also use the flying machine. The flying machine is a feature, so claiming the flying machine feature with the first figure prevents the Phantom from also claiming it. Thus, in this situation the phantom can only be placed on a road or on the field. (5/2013)</ref> your meeple will move in a straight line in the direction that flying machine faces. Roll the flight die and move your meeple a number of tiles equal to the number of pips on the die (one to three tiles). Your meeple may be placed on '''any incomplete feature''' <ref>{{IconBook}} A player '''cannot''' place a flier on a structure that was finished by the tile that was just placed, as a feature is considered completed at the moment that a tile is placed, and the flier '''can''' only land on an unfinished feature. ({{Year|2012}})</ref>on that tile, '''even if that feature is already occupied by other meeples'''. However, '''meeples placed by a flying machine can never be placed in a field''', even if that field is unoccupied. <ref>{{IconBook}} The flier '''can''' land on features outside the City of Carcassonne (but not in the City itself) and outside [[The Wheel of Fortune (1st edition)|The Wheel of Fortune]] (but not on the Wheel itself). The flier '''can''' also be deployed to the roads on the school tiles. (1/2013)</ref> <ref>{{IconBook}} A flier '''cannot''' land on a magic portal or any feature other than a road, city, or cloistermonastery. The exception is that an abbot '''can''' also land on a garden. (2/2013; updated 3/2015)</ref> <ref>{{IconBook}} The mayor '''can''' be a flier. However, the mayor can '''only''' land on an unfinished city. If an unfinished city is not available on the tile where the mayor lands, the mayor returns to the player’s supply. (2/2013)</ref> <ref>{{IconBook}} The abbot '''can''' be a flier. However, the abbot can '''only''' land on a cloister monastery '''or''' a garden. (Yes, gardens are allowed despite the wording of the primary rule.) If an unfinished cloister monastery or garden is not available on the tile where the abbot lands, the abbot returns to the player’s supply. (3/2015)</ref>
Meeples placed by a flying machine immediately become the appropriate type (highwayman, knight, or monk).

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