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<languages />[[File:Inns_c2_cover.jpg|right|200px]]
== General info and comments ==

[[File:Inns_c2_watermark.png|75px|frame|right|The Inns and Cathedrals symbol]]
Inns and Cathedrals was originally released by [[Hans im Glück]] in {{Year|2015}}.

== Contents ==

* '''18 landscape tiles''' (identified with symbol), including 6 '''inns''' and 2 '''cathedrals'''.
* '''8 Meeples (8x pink) and 1 abbot''' (pink). This new set of pawns allow you to play with 6 players
:[[File:Abbot 6th player C2.png]] [[File:Followers 6th player C2.png]]
* '''6 large meeples'''
* '''6 Points tiles 50/100'''<ref>
When [[Variants#Big Box 6|Big Box 6]] is concerned, the sixth set of pink meeples and points tiles are part of the basic game and is described there. [[Variants#Big Box 6|Big Box 6]] contains 8 points tiles instead of 6.
{{Tile|Inns And Cathedrals C2 Tile 50.jpg|&nbsp;Front}}
{{Tile|Inns And Cathedrals C2 Tile 100.jpg|&nbsp;Back}}

== Rules ==

=== Preparation ===

Shuffle the new landscape tiles in with those from the basic game and stack them normally. Each player adds the
large meeple of their color to their supply.

=== Inns & Cathedrals ===

{{RulesPlacingTile|1=====|2=1. Placing a tile|
3=The new Land tiles are placed exactly like those in the base game. Their special function has an impact on step 3.

{{RulesPlacingMeeple|1=====|2=2. Placing a meeple|
3=The rules for placing meeples are unchanged from those in the base game. The new Land tiles’ special features are presented below.

{{RulesScoring|1=====|2=3. Scoring a Feature|
3='''Scoring a Road with an Inn on it'''
When you complete a road with '''one or more inns''', you receive '''2 points per tile with a segment of this completed road''' (instead of the normal 1 point per tile).

[[File:Inns_c2_inn_example_a.png|frame|none|{{ColorRed|You}} score '''10 points''' for this road, since there is an inn and five tiles.]]
[[File:Inns_c2_inn_example_b.png|frame|none|Here, {{ColorRed|you}} also score '''10 points''', even though there are two inns on the road.]]

'''CAUTION:''' During final scoring, '''incomplete roads with an inn on them do not score any points'''. Even if that road would have normally scored, the presence of an inn will prevent it from scoring.

[[File:Inns_c2_inn_example_c.png|frame|none|'''Final Scoring:''' This road is incomplete. {{ColorRed|You}} receive no points, because there is an inn on it.]]

'''Scoring a City with a Cathedral in it'''
When you complete a city with '''one or more cathedrals'''<ref>
'''Question:''' Am I allowed to place cathedrals in other players' cities? '''Answer:''' Yes, that is allowed, and is particularly useful towards the end of a game, when it can strip a large city of an opponent of points. The same goes for roads with inns.
</ref>, you receive '''3 points per tile and coat of arms''' with a segment of this completed city (instead of the normal 2).

[[File:Inns_c2_inn_example_d.png|frame|none|{{ColorRed|You}} score '''27
points''' for this city: 9 x 3 = 27 (7 tiles and 2 coat of arms).]]

'''CAUTION:''' During final scoring, '''incomplete cities with a cathedral in them do not score any point'''s. Even if that city would have normally scored, the presence of a cathedral will prevent it from scoring.

[[File:Inns_c2_inn_example_e.png|frame|none|'''Final Scoring:''' This city is incomplete. {{ColorRed|You}} score no points, because there is a cathedral in it.]]


=== The Large Meeple ===

{{RulesPlacingTile|1=====|2=1. Placing a tile|
3=The new Land tiles are placed exactly like those in the base game. Their special function has an impact on step 3.

{{RulesPlacingMeeple|1=====|2=2. Placing a Meeple|
3='''Instead''' of placing a normal meeple on your turn, you may place your large meeple. Placement rules are the same as those for normal meeples.

{{RulesScoring|1=====|2=3. Scoring a Feature with a Large Meeple|
3=When scoring a feature where a large meeple is present, the large meeple counts as 2 normal meeples for the purposes of determining which player has control.<br/>
Remember that all players tied for control of a feature score all the points. If you have more meeples in a feature than any of the other players, you score all of that feature's points, and the other players score nothing. <ref>
A player with a big meeple '''DOES NOT''' score twice as many points. The big meeple is dealt with in exactly the same way as two normal meeples; for two meeple in a city, on a road, or on a farm, you only earn points once. The only function of the big meeple is to obtain the majority more quickly. For example, in a cloister the big meeple earns precisely the same number of points as a smaller meeple.
After scoring, any large meeples in the scored feature are returned to their owner's supply.

[[File:inns_c2_inn_big_example_a.png|frame|none|{{ColorRed|You}} have a large meeple in the city, while the {{ColorBlack|black}} meeple is normal, giving you control. The city scores, and you score '''8 points''', but the {{ColorBlack|black}} player scores no points.]]
[[File:inns_c2_inn_big_example_b.png|frame|none|{{ColorRed|You}} have a large meeple in the city, while the {{ColorBlack|black}} player has two normal meeples. You both have control, and both score '''12 points''' for scoring the city.]]

If you use the large meeple as a farmer (as seen below), place it lying down in the field, as you would with a normal meeple. The large meeple then counts as 2 farmers in that field. <ref>
'''Question:''' [If captured by a tower,] is the ransom for the big follower doubled? '''Answer:''' No: he may be big, but he's still only one person.

[[File:inns_c2_inn_big_example_c.png|frame|none|{{ColorRed|You}} placed your large meeple in this field as a farmer. The {{ColorBlue|blue}} player only has one normal meeple there, meaning you have control of the field. {{ColorRed|You}} score '''9 points''' for the three completed cities.]]

=== Clarifications for new landscape tiles ===

| style="width: 5%; min-width: 120px;" | [[File:Inns_And_Cathedrals_C2_Tile_H.jpg‎]]
| width="95%" | This tile shows four different city segments and one field with a garden in the center.
| &nbsp; || &nbsp;
| [[File:Inns_And_Cathedrals_C2_Tile_C.jpg]]
| This crossroads tile splits the roads into three separate features. The inn counts for the road heading left '''and''' the road heading right, but not the road heading down.
| &nbsp; || &nbsp;
| [[File:Inns_And_Cathedrals_C2_Tile_D.jpg]]
| This monastery splits the road into 2 separate features.
| &nbsp; || &nbsp;
| [[File:Inns_And_Cathedrals_C2_Tile_I.jpg]]
| Highwaymen may not be placed on the small road segments; they are only there to limit the fields. The crossroads splits the road into two separate features.

== Tile distribution ==

'''Total tiles: 18'''
{{Tile|Inns And Cathedrals C2 Tile A.jpg|&nbsp;x1<br />(H)}}
{{Tile|Inns And Cathedrals C2 Tile B.jpg|&nbsp;x1<br />(G)}}
{{Tile|Inns And Cathedrals C2 Tile C.jpg|&nbsp;x1<br />(P)}}
{{Tile|Inns And Cathedrals C2 Tile D.jpg|&nbsp;x1<br />&nbsp;}}
{{Tile|Inns And Cathedrals C2 Tile E.jpg|&nbsp;x1<br />(F)}}
{{Tile|Inns And Cathedrals C2 Tile F.jpg|&nbsp;x1<br />(D)}}
{{Tile|Inns And Cathedrals C2 Tile G.jpg|&nbsp;x1<br />(W)}}
{{Tile|Inns And Cathedrals C2 Tile H.jpg|&nbsp;x1<br />(G)}}
{{Tile|Inns And Cathedrals C2 Tile I.jpg|&nbsp;x1<br />&nbsp;}}
{{Tile|Inns And Cathedrals C2 Tile J.jpg|&nbsp;x1<br />(H)}}
{{Tile|Inns And Cathedrals C2 Tile Ka.jpg|&nbsp;x1<br />&nbsp;}}
{{Tile|Inns And Cathedrals C2 Tile Kb.jpg|&nbsp;x1<br />&nbsp;}}
{{Tile|Inns And Cathedrals C2 Tile L.jpg|&nbsp;x1<br />&nbsp;}}
{{Tile|Inns And Cathedrals C2 Tile M.jpg|&nbsp;x1<br />&nbsp;}}
{{Tile|Inns And Cathedrals C2 Tile N.jpg|&nbsp;x1<br />&nbsp;}}
{{Tile|Inns And Cathedrals C2 Tile O.jpg|&nbsp;x1<br />(F)}}
{{Tile|Inns And Cathedrals C2 Tile P.jpg|&nbsp;x1<br />(W)}}
{{Tile|Inns And Cathedrals C2 Tile Q.jpg|&nbsp;x1<br />&nbsp;}}

Several tiles have a small illustration on them. The letters in brackets show which illustration is on each tile:
{{Tile|Base_Game_C2_Feature_Garden.jpg|<br />G&nbsp;&#124;&nbsp;Garden}}
{{Tile|Base_Game_C2_Feature_Farmhouse.jpg|<br />F&nbsp;&#124;&nbsp;Farmhouse}}
{{Tile|Base_Game_C2_Feature_Water_Tower.jpg|<br />W&nbsp;&#124;&nbsp;Water&nbsp;tower}}
{{Tile|Base_Game_C2_Feature_Highwayman.jpg|<br />H&nbsp;&#124;&nbsp;Highwaymen}}
{{Tile|Base_Game_C2_Feature_Pigs.jpg|<br />P&nbsp;&#124;&nbsp;Pigsty}}
{{Tile|Base_Game_C2_Feature_Donkeys.jpg|<br />D&nbsp;&#124;&nbsp;Donkey&nbsp;stable}}

'''Total points tiles: 6'''
{{Tile|Inns And Cathedrals C2 Tile 50.jpg|&nbsp;x6}}


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