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Inns and Cathedrals/fr

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<languages />[[File:Inns_c2_cover.jpg|right|200px]]
== General info and comments Informations générales et commentaires ==
[[File:Inns_c2_watermark.png|75px|frame|right|The Inns and Cathedrals symbolSymbole d’Auberges & Cathédrales]]Inns and Cathedrals was originally released by Auberges & Cathédrales a été publié à l'origine par [[Hans im Glück/fr|Hans im Glück]] in en {{Year|2015}}.
== Contents Matériel ==
* '''18 landscape tiles''' (identified with symbol), including 6 '''inns''' and 2 '''cathedrals'''.
== Rules Règles ==
=== Preparation Mise en place ===
Shuffle the new landscape tiles in with those from the basic game and stack them normally. Each player adds the
[[Category:Second Edition]]
[[Category:Second Edition Major Expansion]]

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