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<languages />'''Hans im Glück Verlags-Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung|GmbH''' is a German board game and card game publisher. Though many of their own games are language-independent they themselves publish only printings for the domestic market which include only German-language rules; English-language printings of their games have been published primarily by [[Rio Grande Games]], Dutch versions by [[999 Games]] and so on.

They are named after a story recorded by the Brothers Grimm, called "Hans in Luck" or "Lucky Hans" in English, hence the logo of Hans riding a pig.

==Notable games==
* ''Die Macher'' (1986)
* ''18XX|1835'' (1990)
* ''Modern Art (game)|Modern Art'' (1992)
* ''El Grande'' (1995)
* ''Tigris and Euphrates'' (1997)
* ''Samurai (board game)|Samurai'' (1998)
* ''Carcassonne (board game)|Carcassonne'' (2000)
* ''Amun-Re (board game)|Amun-Re'' (2003)
* ''Saint Petersburg (board game)|Saint Petersburg'' (2004)
* ''Fjords (board game)|Fjords'' (2005)
* ''Thurn and Taxis (board game)|Thurn and Taxis'' (2006)
* ''Stone Age (board game)|Stone Age'' (2008)
* ''Dominion (card game)|Dominion'' (2009)
* ''The palaces of Carrara'' (2012)
* ''Russian Railroads'' (2014)
* ''The voyages of Marco Polo'' (2015)
* ''Stone Age Junior'' (2016)

==External links==
* [ Hans im Glück]'s home page
* Hans in Luck Wikipedia


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