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<strongdiv style="font-size: 120%; margin: 25px 0px 20px 0px;">'''Welcome to WikiCarpedia, the Carcassonne Complete Annotated Rules Wikipedia!'''</strongdiv>
If you are new here, please check the [[WikiCarpedia:About|'''About''']] page for some welcome information. If you want to get in touch with other fans of Carcassonne for the latest news, participating in games and consult leagues, or learning about fan expansions and more, do not miss the opportunity to join the community at [[httpsFile:Cc-logo-new2-45high.png|x20px|text-bottom|link=http://www.mediawikicarcassonnecentral.orgcom/wiki|http:/Special:MyLanguage/Help:Contents User's]] for information on using the wiki software. [([Talkhttp:Main_Page|Main page discussion tab// '''CarcassonneCentral''']] contains general guidelines on editing the site).
You can easily find rules and notes to any expansion or game release in the lists below.
== New edition rules == <!--T:4-->
* [[River|River]]
=== Major Expansions<ref>Expansion number 7 was [[The Catapult (1st edition)|The Catapult]] in first edition. To date, this has not been published in new edition. (10/2018)</ref> === <!--T:6-->
* [[The Barber-Surgeons|Barber-Surgeons, The]]
* [[Castles in Germany|Castles in Germany]]
* [[Crop Circles|Crop Circles]]
* [[The Ferries|Ferries, The]]
* [[Mage and Witch|Mage and Witch]]
* [[The Messages|Messages, The (Dispatches)]]
* [[Monasteries|Monasteries in Germany]] (Oct 2018?)
* [[The Robbers|Robbers, The]]
* [[Spiel Promos|Spiel Promos]]* [[Spieldoch PromosSpiel Doch Promo|Spiel Doch! Promo 02/2018]]
* [[The Watchtowers|Watchtowers, The]]
* [[Game figuresReference|Game FiguresReference]]
* [[Order of Play|Order of Play]]
* [[Scoring During the Game|Scoring During the Game]]
* [[Scoring After the Game|Scoring After the Game]]
* [[Game Figures|Game Figures]]
* [[Summary of Rule Sets & Changes|Summary of Rule Sets and Changes]]
* [[Mega-Carcassonne|Mega-Carcassonne]]
== First edition rules == <!--T:10-->
* [[Game figures Reference (1st edition)|Game FiguresReference]]
* [[Order of Play (1st edition)|Order of Play]]
* [[Scoring During the Game (1st edition)|Scoring During the Game]]
* [[Scoring After the Game (1st edition)|Scoring After the Game]]
* [[Game Figures (1st edition)|Game Figures]]* [[Scoring: A Historical Perspective (1st edition)|Scoring: A Historical Perspective]]* [[Summary of Rule Sets & Changes (1st edition)|Summary of Rule Sets & and Changes]]* [[Mega-Carcassonne|Mega-Carcassonne]]
== Other rules == <!--T:18-->
[[File:Main spinoff carcassonne.jpg|right|400px]]
=== Spin-offs === <!--T:31-->
* [[Winter Edition|Winter Edition]]* [[South Seas|South Seas]], [[South Seas Friday]]* [[Gold Rush]], [[Der Sheriff|Gold Rush]]* [[Amazonas|Amazonas]], [[Amazonas Amazon River Bonus Tiles|Amazon River Bonus Tiles]]* [[Hunters and Gatherers]], [[Scout|Hunters and Gatherers]]* [[Star Wars|Star Wars]], [[Star Wars Expansion 1]]* [[The Castle|The Castle]], [[The Castle Falcon]]* [[The Ark of the Covenant|The Ark of the Covenant]]* [[The City|The City]]* [[The Discovery|The Discovery]]* [[New World|New World]]* [[My First Carcassonne|My First Carcassonne]]* [[Cardcassonne|Cardcassonne]]* [[The Dice Game|The Dice Game]]* [[Over Hill and Dale|Over Hill and Dale]]* [[Safari]], [[Spieldoch |Safari Promo]]
== Others == <!--T:20-->
* [[Release timelineQuizzes|Quizzes]]* [[Variants|Variants]]* [[Timeline|Timeline]]* [[Digital|Digital]]* [[Accessories and gadgets|Accessories and gadgets]]
* [[:Category:Profiles|Profiles]]
* [[:Category:Companies|Companies]]

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