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General info and comments

2018 Essen Spiel promo tile

Promotional tiles made available by Hans im Glück to attendees at the Essen Games Fair in 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018 (a different one each year). They are not available as a single set.

There are no specific rules applicable to the tiles from this mini expansion.


  • 5 new Land tiles



Shuffle the tiles together with the Land tiles of the basic game.

This expansion has been developed for the Carcassonne basic game. All of the rules remain the same.

Placing a tile

When you draw a Spiel Promo Land tile, you place it according to the normal rules.

Placing a meeple

When you place a Spiel Promo Land tile, you may place a meeple on it according to the normal rules.

Note that you are not allowed to place a meeple on the Spiel feature itself. It is purely decorative.

Scoring a feature

When you complete one or more areas (e.g. a monastery, a road etc.) by placing a Spiel Promo tile, you score it according to the normal rules.

Final scoring

There is no additional scoring at the end of the game with the Spiel Promo tiles.

Tile distribution

EssenSpiel 2014.png x1 (2014)
EssenSpiel 2015.png x1 (2015)
EssenSpiel 2016.png x1 (2016)
EssenSpiel 2017.png x1 (2017)
EssenSpiel 2018.png x1 (2018)