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This page is a translated version of the page The School (1st edition) and the translation is 53% complete.

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Informazioni generali e commenti

Originariamente pubblicato da Hans im Glück nel 2011.


  • 1 translucent teacher meeple in a random color (belonging to no player)
  • 2 new land tiles representing the school
  • A drawstring bag to store the tiles and teacher meeple
Expansion contents



The two school tiles are placed side-by-side next to the normal starting tile so that the 2 halves of the school fit together. The school tiles may be placed either to the left or the right of the normal starting tile. The teacher meeple is placed on the school.[1]

Come si gioca

The rules of Carcassonne remain the same. A player who completes one or more of the roads leading to the school scores the road(s) as normal and then obtains the teacher meeple after the scoring.[2] The player takes the teacher out of the school and places it in front of himself. When the next feature is completed and scored, the player with the teacher scores the same number of points.[3] [4] If the player with the teacher is the player who scores for the next feature, he scores the points twice. After scoring points with the teacher, the teacher meeple must be returned to the school.[5]

Example 1: RED has the teacher. BLUE completes a “school road” worth 5 points. BLUE and RED both score 5 points. RED returns the teacher to the school, and BLUE then takes the teacher.

Example 2: YELLOW has the teacher. GREEN completes a city, scoring 12 points for GREEN. YELLOW scores 12 points as well, then returns the teacher to the school.

Note: When all roads leading to the school are completed, the players have managed to successfully link the school to the outside world. Now the teacher has plenty of students and will not leave the school again.

Fine Print: This mini expansion is designed for the basic Carcassonne game and for the first expansion (Inns and Cathedrals). When using The School with other expansions, issues can arise.[6] [7] [8] [9]

La distribuzione

Total Tiles: 2 (as 1 starting block) [10]

School C1 Tiles Front.jpg  x1
School C1 Tiles Back.jpg  (reverse)


Per la licenza e informazioni riguardo le icone visitare Icone.

  1. Icon World Black.png If playing with the dragon, the teacher will have to be placed on one or the other of the school tiles (i.e., not in the middle), as he can be eaten by the dragon (per the footnote below). (3/2015)
  2. Icon World Black.png Note that the teacher is obtained after scoring the road. Thus, if another player has the teacher when the road is scored, the bonus points can be awarded and the teacher returned to the school before the player completing the road claims the teacher.
  3. Icon Open Book.png If multiple features are completed with a single tile placement and all points go to one player, that player chooses what order the features are scored in, and the holder of the teacher gets the points from the first scored feature. If multiple features are completed with a single tile placement and more than one player is receiving points, the holder of the teacher decides which score he will receive. (3/2015)
  4. Icon Open Book.png If one player is in possession of the teacher, and another player completes an unoccupied school road before any points are scored, the holder of the teacher does not score any points (as no points were scored by the road). The teacher would not go back to the school, as no points were scored, but the second player obtains the teacher (from the first player) for completing a school road. (3/2015)
  5. Icon World Black.png If a player has the teacher at the end of the game, it seems that the player would receive no points, as there is not a specific order for scoring of the incomplete features and farms at that point.
  6. Icon World Black.png Interestingly, HiG acknowledges that not all expansions work well together. I suspect that the fine print specifically relates to other expansions that have their own starting tiles, such as River, The River II, and The Count of Carcassonne. If using one of those expansions, you can e-mail your question to the address included in the mini-expansion rules, or simply create your own house rule.
  7. Icon Open Book.png Followers can be deployed on features on school tiles outside the school itself, for example through use of a magic portal or as a flier. (1/2013)
  8. Icon Open Book.png The dragon is allowed on the school tiles and can eat the neutral teacher figure, removing the teacher from the game entirely. This represents a change to a previous clarification, where the teacher could not be eaten. Additionally, this requires players to place the teacher on only one of the school tiles each time he returns to the school when playing with the dragon, as precise location will be important. (3/2015)
  9. Icon World Black.png Given new interpretations regarding placement of the dragon and followers on school tiles, it seems that the plague should also be allowed on these tiles. However, this is unofficial. (4/2014)
  10. Icon Open Book.png All 6 roads are separate from each other – as usual, a junction (in this case the school) separates road segments. (5/2014)