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General info and comments

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The Watchtowers was released in 2016 by HiG through CundCo.

This mini expansion features watchtowers that you can build in and around Carcassonne. Each tower watches over different things and is more valuable the more it watches over.

This expansion has been developed for the Carcassonne base game and its rules still apply. You can combine it with other expansions - but at your own risk – i.e. there will be no official rules for these combinations.


  • 12 new land tiles showing watchtowers
Tile with a watchtower



Shuffle the 12 land tiles showing the watchtowers together with those from the base game.

Placing a tile

When you draw a land tile showing a watchtower, place it according to the known rules.

Placing a meeple

After placing a land tile showing a watchtower, you may place one of your meeples on the tile according to the normal rules. You may place it on a city or a road, or in a field as a farmer. You may not place it on the watchtower itself.

Example: You place a tile showing a watchtower and place a meeple in the city. You may not place it on the watchtower though.

Scoring a feature

When a completed road or a city contains a tile which features a watchtower, and there is a meeple on the feature (city, road) on that tile, the watchtower is scored first. The completed road or city is scored afterwards.

This does not apply to farmers. Farmers do not trigger scoring for watchtowers.

For scoring the watchtowers, the 8 directly adjacent tiles and the tile with the watchtower itself are considered. You can see on each watchtower what scores your points:

Watchtowers C2 Watchtower Type 1.png   2 points for each meeple
Watchtowers C2 Watchtower Type 4.png   2 points for each coat of arms
Watchtowers C2 Watchtower Type 2.png   1 point for each tile showing at least one road
Watchtowers C2 Watchtower Type 3.png   3 points for each monastery
Watchtowers C2 Watchtower Type 5.png   1 point for each tile showing at least one part of a city

The following examples show how watchtowers are scored:

Example 1: Your city has been completed. First you score 8 points (4 meeples x 2 points) with the watchtower. Then you get 6 points for the city.
Example 2 - Same situation with a different watch tower: you score 4 points with the tower (4 tiles showing a part of a city x 1 point) and then 6 points for the city itself.

Tile distribution

Total Tiles: 12

Watchtowers C2 Tile A.jpg x1
Watchtowers C2 Tile B.jpg x1
Watchtowers C2 Tile C.jpg x1
Watchtowers C2 Tile D.jpg x1
Watchtowers C2 Tile E.jpg x1
Watchtowers C2 Tile F.jpg x1
Watchtowers C2 Tile G.jpg x1
Watchtowers C2 Tile H.jpg x1
Watchtowers C2 Tile I.jpg x1
Watchtowers C2 Tile J.jpg x1
Watchtowers C2 Tile K.jpg x1
Watchtowers C2 Tile L.jpg x1


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