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If playing with River II, the first player places the fork. [1] [2] After this, each player on his or her turn places a tile either on left or right branches of the river. [3] The volcano tile is placed last. The player who places the volcano may not deploy a follower to this tile, but should place the dragon on the tile instead. [4] The player may therefore take another tile immediately, [5] thus beginning the normal game.

The river tiles can be placed as the player wishes, except for two exceptions: no 180° turns are allowed, and the two river branches must not be connected.

  1. Icon Open Book.png Question: If you combine Count, King and Robber with The River II, you will now have two forks. Obviously one of those gets placed immediately, but should the other one be mixed in with the rest of the river tiles, or put to one side? Answer: In fact, that means using The River II twice. We didn’t plan that, and I think that it will lead to problems with placement. Whoever wants to do it should go ahead, but there are no rules for it. Sorry!
  2. Icon Open Book.png As noted in the “Deploy a follower” subsection, this player can place a follower if desired. (06/2014)
  3. Icon Open Book.png As noted in the “Deploy a follower” subsection, each player can, if desired, place a follower after he or she places a river tile. (06/2014)
  4. Icon Double Arrow Black.png The RGG edition of Big Box 2 does not mention that a player should place the dragon on the volcano tile, only that the player should place a second tile.
  5. Icon World Black.png This is not standard procedure for placing a volcano tile, according to the rules for The Princess and the Dragon. Under those rules placing a volcano tile does not allow the player to draw a second tile; instead, he or she may only perform actions not connected with follower deployment.