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The Tollkeepers


Order of Play

Carcassonne Order of Play for Discussion

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Carcassonne Game Figures



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Assembled Game Reference

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You can select what expansions you want to include in your game in the Expansion selector below. The Game reference, the Order of Play and the Scoring sections will adapt dynamically to your selection.

Expansion selector


Test with optional list items with conditional footnotes
Play with the Dragon and Fairy in the expansion selector below to see how conditional visibility works...
  • This is a conditional text with a footnote. This line is only shown when the Dragon is selected. [1]
  • This line shows a footnote when the Dragon and the Fairy are selected at the same time. [1] In this case both lines share the same footnote.
  1. 1.0 1.1 Icon World Black.png This footnote is only visible when the Dragon is selected and it is highlighted in blue when C1 or WE is the preferred edition. It may have one or two back links depending on your Dragon and Fairy selection.