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Please note that Wikicarpedia is not responsible for the content of the links provided. The listed extensions are subject to the regulations of the corresponding websites.

In general, however: The use of the fan expansions for commercial purposes is not allowed. The Fan-Expansions may only be produced for personal use and may not be sold at any time. This also explicitly includes the passing on at cost price.

This list also contains expansions that are still in development (i.e. not yet finished), as well as completed expansions that are still in the workshop.
The shown images are taken from the expansions. But it is up to you to use them. You can easily other figures, tokens, use figures as tokens and vice versa.
It would be nice if you write us a comment if a download does not work or no longer works.
As the list is not complete, it would still be desirable if you could send us links to expansions not listed here. Links to commercial sites are not offered here, but the expansion may be.

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For Icons licensing and explanation please visit Icons page.

  1. shown images are taken from the rules