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General info and comments

Expansion symbol

The Winter Corn Circles was originally released by Hans im Glück in 2015 and is an expansion for the Winter Base Game.

Strange Corn Circles appear in the middle of the Carcassonne countryside. Or more precisely, melted snow in strange forms, which influence the life of the followers in Carcassonne.


  • 6 new landscape tiles with corn circles(marked with the expansion symbol).



The only change is the addition of the 6 corn circle tiles from this expansion. Shuffle them with the other tiles.

Playing the Game

When a player draws a corn circle landscape tile, he first places the tile according to the basic rules and completes a normal turn: possibly placing a follower and scoring. Then, he chooses one of the following for all players to do, starting with the player on his left:

A) may place a follower from his supply on a tile where he already has a follower


B) must remove a follower from a tile and return it to his supply.


  • The player who drew the corn circle tile must choose A or B.
  • The type of feature affected by A or B is determined by the corn tile image:
Win cc pitchfork.png
“pitchfork” This represents farmers in the fields.
Win cc club.png
“club” This represents thieves on the roads.
Win cc shield.png
“shield” This represents knights in the cities.
Example for A) "Placing a follower"
  1. Red places the “knight” corn circle tile and places a follower on it. He chooses options A so each player must place a follower on a city segment where they already have a follower.
  2. Green places a second knight in the city as shown.
  3. Blue has no knights in any city and does nothing.
  4. Red places a second knight next to the knight he just placed. He could place a second knight in the city to the left where he already has a knight.
Example for B) "Removing a follower"
  1. Green places the “farmer” corn circle tile and places a follower on it. As this completes a city, the city scores 6 points (for Green, as it is his city), and he removes this knight, puting it back in his supply. Next, he chooses option B: each player must remove a farmer from a field.
  2. Blue removes his farmer.
  3. Red removes his farmer.
  4. Green has no farmers and does nothing.

Tile Distribution

Total tiles: 6
Winter Edition Crop Circles C2 Tile A.jpg ×1
Winter Edition Crop Circles C2 Tile C.jpg ×1
Winter Edition Crop Circles C2 Tile D.jpg ×1
Winter Edition Crop Circles C2 Tile E.jpg ×1
Winter Edition Crop Circles C2 Tile F.jpg ×1


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