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There are several fan-maintained websites that contain fan expansions for Carcassonne and its variants and spin-offs games, including The Ark of the Covenant. The two most active are CarcassonneCentral (English speaking) and CarcassonneForum (German). There are smaller (national) sites which may also contain locally developed expansions - for example, there is a Czech site, and there has previously been one in the Netherlands, while BoardGameGeek may also contain fan expansion ideas.

As the main game is no longer commercially available, and not widely played, it is likely that there will be few changes to the contents, or status, of the list of expansions in the future. To access these files and discussions you will usually have to register on the site first.

Sample tile from Jordan River 2



  • The City of Jerusalem - based on The Count of Carcassonne
  • David and Goliath - no tiles, additional meeples only - one larger than normal (Goliath) works as the normal "Big" follower, one smaller (David) negates the effect of Goliath on a feature
  • The Djinn - no tiles, uses The Phantom follower and rules, with minor amendments
  • The Leper - no tiles; this works as a negative "Ark", with players losing 1 point for each follower passed
Sample tile from Walls of Jericho
  • The Jordan River - two versions of The River in slightly different artwork styles and quality
    • Jordan River - (12 tiles) closely based on original river, in low resolution artwork
    • Jordan River (2) - as Jordan River, plus 12 additional river tiles in same artistic style as other Arc of the Covenant expansions available from CarcC
  • Scribe and Synagogue - based on the Mayor follower (as Scribe) and the "place in a hole" Abbey tiles from Abbey and the Mayor
  • The Tower - 18 tiles based on The Tower
  • Traders and Builders - based on Traders and Builders, this features the same 3 commodities, with several additional tiles including sheep pens which protect a flock from wolves in the field
  • Walls of Jericho - 4 tiles based on the idea of Besiegers
Sample tile from The Great Whirlwind

In Development



  • The Wide Country (Weites Land) - 24 "empty" desert tiles allow for a more open and realistic landscape to be created, plus 24 other landscape tiles with normal features such as roads and city segments

In Development

  • Connections - split tiles with part Arc of the Covenant landscape, and part Base game artwork - allows a game to use both sets of tiles to create a single landscape
  • Fata Morgana - 6 tiles featuring mirage versions of landscape features (roads, cities, herds of sheep), which act in a similar way to Crop Circles
  • The Honey Collector (Honigsammler) - based on the Shepherd (from Hills & Sheep)
  • Moses - a re-working of The Plague but with a plague of frogs
  • The Rivers - three river expansions based on the River - Jordan, Nile and Euphrates - with slightly different tile configurations
  • Traders - based on part of Traders and Builders, this features 30 tiles with 6 different commodities (including gold, salt, emeralds, silk, grain, and one other)