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Carcassonne Big Boxes are a good (and usually cheaper) way for players wanting to get started with the game of Carcassonne as they typically contain a copy of the base game and a number of major, and sometimes minor, expansions. These have been released every few years, with a slightly different set of expansions each time. The following Big Boxes have been released.

Big Box

BigBox 2006.png

The first Big Box was released in 2006.


Big Box 2

BigBox2 2008.png

Big Box 2 was released in 2008.


Big Box 3

BigBox3 2010.png

Big Box 3 was released in 2010.


Big Box 4

BigBox4 2012.png

Big Box 4 was released in 2012.


Big Box 5

BigBox5 2014.png

Big Box 5 was released in 2014.


Big Box 6

BigBox6 2017.png

Big Box 6 was released in 2017.