Carcassonne Around The World

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Carcassonne Around The World is a serie of Carcassonne games that have been created in different places here on earth, the first game under the serie has been published in 2013. They take us away from the medieval France theme of the game and shine a new light.

A game classifies to this serie if it has the logo as shown to the right.

The Journey

The first game within the serie of the Carcassonne Around The World was Carcassonne South Seas. This game moves the gameboard from the medieval France to the islands of the South Seas.

The second game within the serie is Carcassonne Gold Rush. This game takes us on a new journey to the American Wild West. Here we can find cowboys, old steam locomotives and the most important of all gold.

The third game within the serie is Carcassonne Amazonas. This game takes takes us from the north parts of America to the south parts, deep into the jungles. The country of the Amazones. In this game it is possible to discover new animals and native encampments, all within the jungle.

The fourth game within the serie is Carcassonne Safari. This game takes us from the south part of America over the ocean to Africa. Here we go on safari in our jeeps. We discover all kinds of new animals and create oases for the animals to drink from.

Games in the serie

Several standalone Carcassonne Games have been published as part of the Carcassonne Around The World series. These include :

# Game title Year of publishment Game hub (expansions) #N expansions
1 Carcasonne South Seas 2013 Hub 1
2 Carcasonne Gold Rush 2014 Hub 1
3 Carcassonne Amazonas 2016 Hub 1
4 Carcassonne Safari 2018 Hub 1