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General info and comments

Christmas Present was released exclusively to the Hungarian market by Piatnik in December 2013. It was published through JEM Magazine's website as a print-and-play expansion.[1]

What is it? It happens once every year, it's cold, everything is covered in snow and the whole world is decorating pine trees. Shall I tell you the answer? Of course, it is Christmas. This is when millions of gifts find their owners. They are very happy with some of them, but sometimes the feeling "they shouldn't have opened the package" overwhelms the person. In this add-on players will receive gifts and not all of them will be happy ones (at least for the other players).

The original Hungarian rules and artwork are available here:

Thanks to Rachel Anthony-Rowlands and Leven for providing corrections to our translation.


  • 64 cards (2 decks of 32 cards)
XmasPresent CloisterBack.png Back of the Cloister deck
XmasPresent CountBack.png Back of the Roadside deck


The basic rules of Carcassonne do not change, and the Christmas Present expansion can be used with all expansions released so far.


At the start of the game, separate the cards into two decks according to their distinct card backs (Cloister and Roadside), then shuffle each deck and place them within reach of all players.


1. Placing a tile

When a player places a tile adjacent to another player's cloister, they may draw the top card from the Cloister deck and either activate it immediately (if the card allows or requires immediate activation) or place it into their hand (if the card allows or requires activation later).

When a player places a tile that contains only roads, they may then draw the top card from the Roadside deck and either activate it immediately (if the card allows or requires immediate activation) or place it into their hand (if the card allows or requires activation later).

Activating a card

The current player can activate several cards in a row in a turn. Players can only play the cards in their hands in their own turn (except for the card that protects a Meeple).

The activated cards are placed in a discard pile once used.[2]

Each player can have a maximum of 5 cards of both card types in their hand at the same time, they keep these a secret from the others. At the end of their turn, players must discard excess cards from their hand.

At the end of the game, the cards that can be played must be revealed in player order (those with the Carcassonne symbol), then the cards that can be used during the game can no longer be used (those with the lightning symbol or those with no symbol).

Description of the cards


  • Lightning-symbol.png Cards with the lightning symbol at the bottom are activated immediately upon drawing them.
  • Carc-symbol.png Cards with the Carcassonne symbol at the bottom are activated at the end of the game.
  • Cards without any symbol may be activated at any time during the game.

Cloister deck

Score3.pngScore +3 points immediately.
XmasPresent ScoreUnfinishedRoad.pngScore an unfinished road for 2x points.
XmasPresent ScoreUnfinishedCity.pngScore an unfinished city for +1 points per segment.
XmasPresent ScoreUnfinishedCloister.pngScore an unfinished cloister for +1 points per tile (except for the cloister itself).
XmasPresent ClaimUnoccupiedFeature.pngPlace a meeple to claim an unoccupied feature.
XmasPresent ClosedLoopRoad.pngScore 2x points for a road that forms a closed loop.
XmasPresent PreventAttack.pngDiscard a Roadside card to nullify an attack by an opponent.
XmasPresent Draw2.pngDraw 2 tiles, play one and discard the other.
XmasPresent ShieldsWorth3.pngScore 3 points per shield on a completed city.
XmasPresent CityWithoutShieldsWorth3.pngScore 3 points per tile on a completed city without shields.
XmasPresent ReturnMeeple.pngReturn one meeple from any tile to your supply.
XmasPresent DoublePoints.pngScore +2 points for each meeple remaining in your supply.
XmasPresent EarlyFarmScoring.pngFor each field that you control, score +1 point for each completed city.
XmasPresent JoinFarmScoring.pngWhen scoring a field with shared majority, score +1 point for each completed city.

Roadside deck

XmasPresent ClaimOccupiedFeature.pngPlace a meeple on a feature occupied by another player.
XmasPresent MeepleLock.pngRotate (lay down) all meeples on a corresponding feature to prevent it from being returned when the feature is completed. If, later in the game, another meeple is deployed to this feature it must be laid down as well.[3] Points for the feature are awarded only at the end of the game.
XmasPresent BreakTies.pngWhen scoring a feature where two players share majority, the player who activates this card gains +1 influence. If the opposing player also activates an identical card on the same feature, the two cards cancel each other out.[4]
XmasPresent MeepleSwap.pngExchange an opponent's meeple on the corresponding feature type for one of your own meeples on a feature of the same type.
XmasPresent Mastermind.pngForce the next player to place their tile in the location of your choosing.
XmasPresent BreakFarmTie.pngWhen scoring a field where two players share majority, the player who activates this card gains +1 influence.

Card Distribution

Total Cards: 64

Cloister Deck

XmasPresent Card01.pngx2
XmasPresent Card02.pngx2
XmasPresent Card03.pngx2
XmasPresent Card04.pngx2
XmasPresent Card05.pngx2
XmasPresent Card06.pngx2
XmasPresent Card07.pngx2
XmasPresent Card08.pngx2
XmasPresent Card09.pngx2
XmasPresent Card10.pngx2
XmasPresent Card11.pngx2
XmasPresent Card12.pngx2
XmasPresent Card13.pngx2
XmasPresent Card14.pngx2
XmasPresent Card15.pngx2
XmasPresent Card16.pngx2

Roadside Deck

XmasPresent Card17.pngx2
XmasPresent Card18.pngx2
XmasPresent Card19.pngx2
XmasPresent Card20.pngx2
XmasPresent Card21.pngx2
XmasPresent Card22.pngx2
XmasPresent Card23.pngx2
XmasPresent Card24.pngx2
XmasPresent Card25.pngx2
XmasPresent Card26.pngx2
XmasPresent Card27.pngx2
XmasPresent Card28.pngx2
XmasPresent Card29.pngx2
XmasPresent Card30.pngx2
XmasPresent Card31.pngx2
XmasPresent Card32.pngx2


For Icons explanation and licensing please visit Icons page.

  1. Interpretation from the Community The concept is so similar to The Gifts, that it seems very likely that this expansion served as the inspiration for that one, though this expansion has many more cards and abilities.
  2. Interpretation from the Community When there are no cards left to draw, the discard pile is not re-shuffled.
  3. Interpretation from the Community We also suggest that when two features are joined together and one has rotated meeples, that the meeples from the other are also rotated.
  4. Interpretation from the Community If three or more players are tied for majority and two players activate tiebreaker cards, those two players will share the majority to the exclusive of any others.