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Informazioni generali e commenti

Punchout Crop Circles I
Expansion symbol

Crop Circles I was originally released by Hans im Glück in 2009 as an independently packaged expansion included in a limited edition of the German base game of Carcassonne. It was later made available as a standalone expansion in 2010.

Crop Circles II (Mini #7) was originally released by Hans im Glück in 2012. The Crop Circles II “expansion” is considered #7 of the mini-expansions released in 2012, but it does not exist as an independent set. Rather, one tile was packed with each of the preceding 6 mini expansions.

The rules for Crop Circles I and Crop Circles II are functionally identical. The version of the rules specific to Crop Circles II can be found on the HiG website, as it is not packaged with the tiles themselves.


  • Cerchi nel grano I: 6 nuove tessere paesaggio
  • Cerchi nel grano II: 6 nuove tessere paesaggio



Le tessere cerchi nel grano devono essere mischiate con il resto delle tessere.

Come si gioca

A player who draws a tile with a crop circle places it according to the usual rules and carries out a normal turn. After that, he or she decides whether all players, starting with the player to his or her left:

  • A) may [1] take one of their own followers from their supply and deploy it next to another of their followers already on a landscape tile, or
  • B) must remove one of their own followers from a landscape tile and return it to their supply.

E' importante osservare che:

  • The active player must choose action A or B.
  • The type of follower affected is decided by the tile drawn, as follows:
‘Pitchfork’ crop circle - this affects farmers (on a farm segment).
‘Club’ crop circle - this affects thieves (on a road segment).
‘Shield’ crop circle - this affects knights (on a city segment).
  • When a player performs action A, he or she must deploy the follower to a feature which already contains a follower of the same type (farmer to a farmer, thief to a thief, knight to a knight). [2]
  • If a player is unable to perform the action, due to not having a follower of the required type in play, then he or she will be passed over and the next player to the left should continue.
  • The active player performs the action last, and then the next player should take their turn as usual. [3]
Example of option A)
  1. RED places a tile with a ‘shield’ crop circle and deploys a follower to it. RED chooses option A). Every player may deploy a knight (because of the ‘Shield’ symbol) next to a knight already in play.
  2. GREEN deploys a second knight next to the one already in play.
  3. BLUE does not have a knight and so cannot deploy one.
  4. RED deploys a second knight next to the one just deployed to the tile which was placed. She may not deploy a follower to the other city segment on the same tile because there is no knight on it. She could also have deployed her follower beside the knight on the top left tile.
Example of option B)
  1. GREEN places a tile with a ‘pitchfork’ crop circle and deploys a follower to it. The city is scored: GREEN received 6 points and removes his follower. Then he chooses option B). Every player must remove a farmer (because of the ‘pitchfork’ symbol).
  2. BLUE removes his farmer.
  3. RED removes her farmer.
  4. GREEN does not have a farmer, and so cannot remove one.

La distribuzione

Cerchi nel grano I

Total tiles: 6

Crop C1 1 01.pngx1
Crop C1 1 02.pngx1
Crop C1 1 03.pngx1
Crop C1 1 04.pngx1
Crop C1 1 05.pngx1
Crop C1 1 06.pngx1 [4]

Crop Circles II [5]

Total tiles: 6 [6]

Crop C1 2 01.png x1
Crop C1 2 02.png x1
Crop C1 2 03.png x1
Crop C1 2 04.png x1
Crop C1 2 05.png x1
Crop C1 2 06.png x1


Per la licenza e informazioni riguardo le icone visitare Icone.

  1. Icon World Black.png Note that the rules for action A clearly state that players may decide whether to deploy a second follower next to one already in play. In other words, the active player decides what effect the crop circle has: A) deployment or B) removal. If deployment, the players may choose to deploy or not to deploy a second follower, but if a player has no followers in the supply, he or she is forced to choose "not to deploy" a second follower. If removal, all players must remove one follower of the appropriate type.
  2. Icon Open Book.png Any follower that can be put in a city, is considered to be a knight.
  3. Icon Open Book.png After the crop circle action, the active player should continue with any actions pending as part of their turn, such as removing a knight from a sieged city through a cloister (see Besiegers - Cathars - Siege) or performing the second part of a double turn (see Exp. 2 - Traders and Builders). After all pending actions are performed, the next player's turn can proceed.
  4. Icon Open Book.png The three road segments on this tile end at the junction, even though there are no obstacles pictured in the road. All junctions and crossings are treated the same, regardless of the artwork. This is not a continuous road with three branches. (5/2014)
  5. Icon Open Book.png Crop fields (the yellow areas) are distinct features and thus separate road segments and field segments. (1/2013)
  6. Icon World Black.png Note that these tiles are also counted in Mini Expansions # 1-6.