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Darmstadt Promo was originally released by Darmstadt Spielt (20 year anniversary) in 2014.

Darmstadt Spielt has been held in the Darmstadtium Science and Congress Center since 2010.


  • 3 nuove tessere paesaggio

Notes: [1]

  • The Catholic Church of St. Louis of Toulouse tile presents 4 independent road segments leading to the church.
  • The Russian Orthodox Church of St. Mary Magdalene tile presents 2 connected road segments leading to the church.



The three Darmstadt tiles should be mixed in with the other land tiles. When played with the base Carcassonne game without expansions, we recommend first removing two base game cloister tiles from the game.

Posizionare una tessera

When you draw any of the Darmstadt land tiles you place them according to the normal rules. The Darmstadtium tile must be placed in a city, and the two church tiles are treated as cloisters.

Schierare un seguace

You may place a meeple on either of the Church tiles as if they were cloisters.


When you complete one or more features (for example, a monastery, a road, a city, etc.) by placing any of the Darmstadt tiles, you score it according to the normal rules.

Non è previsto un punteggio aggiuntivo per i due diversi tipi di tessera.


If the Darmstadtium is present in a completed city, the player who has the majority of followers in that city earns 3 extra points, in addition to the usual points scored for that city [2].

Church Tiles

  • The Catholic Church of St. Louis of Toulouse
  • The Russian Orthodox Church of St. Mary Magdalene

These two church tiles are treated as cloisters. [3]. When one of these churches is completed, it is first scored the same as a cloister in the base game rules. In addition, the player who has the most followers on the church tile and the 8 surrounding tiles scores 3 extra points. In case of a tie, all players involved get the 3 points.

Punteggio finale

There is no additional scoring at the end of the game specific to the Darmstadt tiles. Features on all three tiles are scored as in the normal rules.

La distribuzione

Tessere totali: 3

Darm Darmstadtium C1.png x1
Darm StLouis C1.png x1
Darm StMary C1.png x1


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  1. Icon World Black.png These notes are based on the following Carcassonne-Forum.de discussion on the layout of the Darmstadt church tiles and the expansion rules:
  2. Icon Open Book.png In the event of a tie for majority, each of the players with the majority gets 3 points. (3/2015)
  3. Icon Open Book.png The two church tiles have all of the functions of cloisters, including the ability to challenge a Shrine and score points for the Inquisition sector when playing with The Wheel of Fortune. (3/2015)