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|- |style="text-align:left;"|Sailing the Seas C2 ||C2 ||Wolnic ||60 || |data-sort-value="1"| ||Figure Dragon.png
1x Dragon
Figure Die.png
1x Die (1-6)
Figure SailingTheSea Ship stacked.png
3x Ship for each player as alternative for token ||Token SailingTheSea Treasure.png
24x Treasue Chest
Token SailingTheSea Ship stacked.png
3x Ship for each player |data-sort-value="1"| ||Sailing the Seas Rules
Hi-Res Tiles ||to be updated ||Die Küste The Coast

|- |style="text-align:left;"|Catch of the day ||C1/C2 ||Wolnic ||9 || |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||Token SailingTheSea Crab.png
10x Crab |data-sort-value="1"| ||Catch of the day
Hi-Res Tiles ||to be updated ||Die Küste The Coast

|- |style="text-align:left;"|The Hunting Forest ||C2 ||Wolnic ||14 || |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||Token HuntingForest.png
14x Wild Boar |data-sort-value="1"| ||The Hunting Forest
Hi-Res Tiles ||to be updated ||-

|- |style="text-align:left;"|The New Forest aka Woodcutters ||C2 ||Wolnic ||115 || |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||Token Timber!.png
12x Wood |data-sort-value="1"| ||Tiles Part 1
Tiles Part 2
Tiles Part 3 ||to be updated ||-

|- |style="text-align:left;"|Pig on a Pedestral ||C2 ||Wolnic ||14 || |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||Token PigOnAPedestral stacked.png
1x Statue fur each player |data-sort-value="2"|Symbol PigOnAPedestral.png ||The Autumn Forest ||to be updated ||-

|- |style="text-align:left;"|The Libraries ||C1 ||PresetM ||32 || |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||Token Library.png
21x Book |data-sort-value="2"|Symbol Libraries.png ||Die Bibliotheken ||to be updated ||-

|- |style="text-align:left;"|Dragon Killers ||C1/C2/WD ||Oldbonz & Meepledrone ||15 || ||1x Princess ||Figure Die.png
1x Die |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="2"|Symbol DragonKillers.png ||Dragon Killers ||to be updated ||-

|- |style="text-align:left;"|Dragon Nests ||C1/C2/WD ||Oldbonz & Meepledrone ||6 || |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||Token DragonEgg.png
28x Dragon egg |data-sort-value="2"|Symbol DragonNest.png ||Dragon Nests ||to be updated ||-

|- |style="text-align:left;"|Wanderers & Myths ||C1 ||Karel Koplík ||99 || |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||Token Meal.png
24x Meal |data-sort-value="1"| ||Wanderers & Myths ||to be updated ||-

|- |style="text-align:left;"|The Plague ||C2 ||PresetM ||6 || |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||Token Plague Flea C2.png
18x Flea
Token Plague Outbreak stacked C2.png
6x Outbreak |data-sort-value="2"|Symbol Spielbox.png ||The Plague Rules
The Plague Tiles ||to be updated ||-

|- |style="text-align:left;"|City on fire ||C1 ||Palkan ||12 || |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||Token Trebuchet Trebuchet.png
12x Trebuchet
Token Trebuchet CityOnFire.png
24x City on fire |data-sort-value="2"|Symbol CityFire.png ||City on fire
German Rules ||to be updated ||-

|- |style="text-align:left;"|The Alchemist ||C1/C2 ||Meepledrone ||6 || |data-sort-value="1"| ||File:Figure Alchemist.png
1x Alchemist ||Token Alchemist Elements stacked.png
24x Alchemist Symbols (6x earth, 6x air, 6x water, 6x fire)
Token Alchemist PhilosopherStone.png
1x Philosopher stone |data-sort-value="2"|Symbol Alchemist.png ||The Alchemist ||to be updated ||-

|- |style="text-align:left;"|The Druid ||C1 ||kettlefish ||6 || |data-sort-value="1"| ||File:Figure Druide.png
1x Druid |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||Rules
Tiles ||to be updated ||-

|- |style="text-align:left;"|Golden Eggs ||C1 ||Fritz_Spinne ||8 || |data-sort-value="1"| ||16x Golden Egg[1] |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||Golden Eggs ||to be updated ||-

|- |style="text-align:left;"|The Dragon Flowers of Carcassonne ||C1 ||Fritz_Spinne ||12 || ||12x field ||Figure Die.png
16x Die (1-6)
File:Figure DieDragon.png
1x Die (1x Dragon, 5x empty) |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||Dragon Flowers ||to be updated ||-

|- |style="text-align:left;"|Demons in Carcassonne ||C1 ||Murphy013 ||4 || |data-sort-value="1"| ||File:Figure Demons stacked.png
1x Demon for each player
Figure Discs stacked.png
1x coloured disc for each player |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||Demons in Carcassonne ||to be updated ||-

|- |style="text-align:left;"|[[Fan expansions#The Gambling [invinitas]|The Gambling [invinitas]]] ||C1 ||invinitas ||1 || |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||yes |data-sort-value="1"| ||Das Glücksspiel ||to be updated ||Incomplete, only draft rules

|- |style="text-align:left;"|The Rainbow ||C1 ||invinitas ||6 || |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||Token Rainbow GoldPod.png
6x Pot of Gold |data-sort-value="2"|Symbol TheRainbow.png ||Der Regenbogen ||to be updated ||-

|- |style="text-align:left;"|Robin Hood ||C1 ||invinitas ||1 || |data-sort-value="1"| ||2x Robin Hood[1] |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||Robin Hood ||to be updated ||-

|- |style="text-align:left;"|Snow Queen ||WD ||PresetM ||6 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| ||Figure IceQueen.png
1x Snow queen |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||Schneekönigin ||to be updated ||-

|- |style="text-align:left;"|The Summer Gingerbread Man ||C1 ||quevy ||6 || |data-sort-value="1"| ||Win gbm gingerbreadMan.png
1x Gingerbread Man |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||Der Sommer Lebkuchenmann ||to be updated ||Die Räuber The Robbers

|- |style="text-align:left;"|The Painter ||C1 ||Ratz65 ||12 || ||6x Portrait ||File:Figure Painter stacked.png
1x Painter for each player
File:Figure Die red.png
42x red dice
File:Figure Die yellow.png
42x yellow dice
File:Figure Die blue.png
42x blue dice
File:Figure Die white.png
14x white dice
File:Figure Die green.png
14x green dice
File:Figure Die black.png
14x black dice
File:Figure Die purple.png
14x purple dice
File:Figure Die orange.png
14x orange dice ||48x Cover |data-sort-value="1"| ||Tiles
Rules ||to be updated ||-

|- |style="text-align:left;"|The Abbot ||C1 ||PresetM ||20 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| ||Figure Abbots stacked.png
1x Abbot for each player |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||The Abbot ||to be updated ||-

|- |style="text-align:left;"|Riverboats & the Whirlpool ||C1 ||Just a Bill ||12 || |data-sort-value="1"| ||Figure Boats stacked.png
1x Riverboat for each player |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="2"|Symbol Whirlpool.png ||Riverboats & the Whirlpool ||to be updated ||-

|- |style="text-align:left;"|Carcassonne's Dracula ||C1 ||Carcatronn ||24 || |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||Token Dracula WoodStake.png
6x Wooden Stake |data-sort-value="1"| ||Carcassonne's Dracula ||to be updated ||-

|- |style="text-align:left;"|The Winter Coast & Catch of the day ||WD ||Wolnic ||49 || |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||Token SailingTheSea Crab.png
10x Crab |data-sort-value="1"| ||Winter Coast & Catch of the day
Hi-Res Winter Coast Sheet 1
Hi-Res Winter Coast Sheet 2
Hi-Res Tiles Catch of the day 1-4
Hi-Res Tiles Catch of the day Tiles 5-8 ||to be updated ||-

|- |style="text-align:left;"|Olive Tree Orchards ||C1 ||Welli Designs ||27 || |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||Token OliveTreeOrchard.png
18x Olive |data-sort-value="1"| ||Olive Tree Orchard ||to be updated ||-

|- |style="text-align:left;"|The Necromancer ||C1 ||Wicke ||4 || |data-sort-value="1"| ||File:Figure Necromacer.png
1x Necromancer
Figure Count white.png
1x Prince By-Tor
Figure Sheep2.png
1x Snow dog |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||The Necromancer ||to be updated ||-

|- |style="text-align:left;"|Keep ||C1 ||Gamemai ||1 || |data-sort-value="1"| ||1x Keep |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||n/a ||to be updated ||-

|- |style="text-align:left;"|Crusades and representatives of the people ||C1 ||lrv ||19 || |data-sort-value="1"| ||1x Crossing Priest[1]
3x Representative of the people[1] |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||Crusades and representatives of the people ||to be updated ||-

|- |style="text-align:left;"|Captains & Spies ||C2 ||Servius Sertorius & Meepledrone ||30 || |data-sort-value="1"| ||1x Captain for each player
Figure Die.png
1x Die |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||Captains & Spies ||to be updated ||-

|- |style="text-align:left;"|The Mill & Beekeeper ||C1/C2 ||Carcassonne93 ||31 || |data-sort-value="1"| ||1x Beekeeper[1] for each player ||25x Comb
6x Salt
2x Windmill for each player |data-sort-value="1"| ||The Mill & The Beekeeper ||to be updated ||-

  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 1.3 1.4 There is no explicit figure shown in the rules.