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|- class="showMusing" |style="background-color:Lavender"|(M/1) ||The Bread Maker (#1)


Tiles with bakeries on them; send a meeple there and gain a token

|| ||Decar ||? ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||Lots of Bread Tokens |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum ||Tokens ||- ||-

|- class="showMusing showOther" |style="background-color:Lavender"|(M/2) ||The Hobby Horse (#2)


Hobby Horse figure moves around the board until it meets a follower; thereafter the follower becomes the Hobby Horse and is moved around the board until they meet another follower, when the first replaces the second, etc. etc.

|| ||Decar ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| ||1x Hobby Horse meeple
1x die (1-8) |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum || ||- ||-

|- class="showMusing showOther" |style="background-color:Lavender"|(M/3) ||Big Boys and Girls (#3)


Proposal for using the very large meeples from CundCo in a standard tile game

|| ||Decar ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum || ||- ||-

|- class="showMusing showOther" |style="background-color:Lavender"|(M/4) ||The Pied-piper (#4)


When a tile is placed, all meeples move one tile towards it, onto different features

|| ||Decar ||6? ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum || ||- ||-

|- class="showMusing showOther" |style="background-color:Lavender"|(M/5) ||The Special Sausage (#5)


Each player has a sausage, and may eat it for 4 points, or put in place of another player's follower on the board; whoever completes a feature with a sausage, scores points, even though they may not score for the feature itself

|| ||Decar ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| ||1x sausage per player |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum || ||- ||-

|- class="showMusing showOther" |style="background-color:Lavender"|(M/6) ||Sticky Situation (#6)


"Sticky" tiles from which a follower can't be returned until a period after the feature is completed

|| ||Decar ||6? ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum || ||- ||-

|- class="showMusing showOther" |style="background-color:Lavender"|(M/7) ||The Mole (#7)


When playing a mole tile, player may turn over any unoccupied tile, forcing completion of any "connected" features; includes discussion of having a Mole figure moving around all such flipped tiles, temporarily flipping them back

|| ||Decar ||6? ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum || ||- ||-

|- class="showMusing showOther" |style="background-color:Lavender"|(M/8) ||The Shuffler (#8)


After placing a shuffler tile, mix any remaining tiles (especially if in stacks) and pick a tile for the next player

|| ||Decar ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum || ||- ||-

|- class="showMusing showOther" |style="background-color:Lavender"|(M/9) ||Strong Winds (#9)


Each player has a special figure; when placed, any meeples on surrounding tiles are "pushed" one tile away onto the same, or suitable incomplete, feature

|| ||Decar ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| ||1x special follower per player |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum || ||- ||-

|- class="showMusing showOther" |style="background-color:Lavender"|(M/10) ||The Vagabond (#10)


The Vagabond is moved around the board and can be used to steal points from other players if moved onto a tile with a follower

|| ||Decar ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| ||1x Vagabond |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum || ||- ||-

|- class="showMusing showOther" |style="background-color:Lavender"|(M/11) ||The Tree Chopper (#11)


When you draw a tile with a tree on it, your special tree feller scores for the number of tiles they must cross from their current tile to the newly placed tile

|| ||Decar ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| ||1x Tree Chopper per player |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum || ||- ||-

|- class="showMusing showOther" |style="background-color:Lavender"|(M/12) ||Hotdogs (#12)


Any follower on a tile surrounding a Hot Dog stand tile scores a bonus point

|| ||Decar ||6? ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum || ||- ||-

|- class="showMusing" |style="background-color:Lavender"|(M/13) ||A Barrel of Laughs (#13)


For each Trade Token a player gets, each of the other players take a half token of one of the other types

|| ||Decar ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||Lots of half tokens of the standard three types (Wine, Wheat, Silk) |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum ||Tokens ||- ||-

|- class="showMusing showOther" |style="background-color:Lavender"|(M/14) ||Christmas Trees (#14)


Players add baubles to a Christmas tree instead of placing a meeple; at end of game, for each bauble score points equal to the number of followers not in play

|| ||Decar ||1 ||1 |data-sort-value="1"| ||Figure FirTree.png
1x Fir Tree ||Baubles |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum || ||- ||-

|- class="showMusing showOther" |style="background-color:Lavender"|(M/15) ||April Fool (#15)


When Jester tile is placed, any feature completed by it scores negatively, but if completed on a later turn it scores double

|| ||Decar ||6 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum || ||- ||-

|- class="showMusing showOther" |style="background-color:Lavender"|(M/16) ||The Stocks (#16)


When tile placed, all players must place a follower in "The Stocks", that can be removed on a later turn by placing a tile next to the Stocks tile

|| ||Decar ||1 ||0 ||1x Stocks |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum || ||- ||-

|- class="showMusing" |style="background-color:Lavender"|(M/17) ||Murder Mystery (#17)


Whenever a feature is scored, you gain an evidence token, or give all other players a token from your stash; whoever has most at the end of the game loses points

|| ||Decar ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||20-30+ Evidence Tokens |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum ||Tokens ||- ||-

|- class="showMusing" |style="background-color:Lavender"|(M/18) ||Hot Cross Buns (#18)


When a feature is scored by 2 or more players, each may give any player one of their Hot Cross Bun tokens; at the end of the game, whoever has most must assign their tokens to meeples on the board, and any without buns are removed without scoring

|| ||Decar ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||About 4x Hot Cross Bun tokens (per player) |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum ||Tokens ||- ||-

|- class="showMusing showOther" |style="background-color:Lavender"|(M/19) ||Easter Bunnies (#19)


If you complete a feature, a bunny token is placed on the start tile, or any tile adjacent to a previously placed bunny token; if you complete a feature which has a tile with a bunny token on it, you get an extra turn

|| ||Decar ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||Lots of Bunny tokens |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum || ||- ||-

|- class="showMusing" |style="background-color:Lavender"|(M/20) ||Hedgehogs (#20)


Whenever a truffle tile is drawn, a truffle token is added to any pennants in incomplete cities; these are handed out when the city is scored, and at the end of the game are scored

|| ||Decar ||6 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||20? Truffle Tokens |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum ||Tokens ||- ||-

|- class="showMusing" |style="background-color:Lavender"|(M/21) ||The Luck Farm (#21)


Any farmer in the field containing this tile at the end of the game, rolls the dice to determine the worth of each city to them

|| ||Decar ||1 ||0 ||1x "Luck" Farm ||Figure Die.png
1x Die |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum ||Fields ||- ||-

|- class="showMusing showOther" |style="background-color:Lavender"|(M/22) ||Town Planning Department (#22)


Each player may immediately block the placement of one tile by another player (or your own), who discards their original tile and draws a new one; see "Town Council" Veto option

|| ||Decar ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| ||Figure ThievesGuild stacked.png
1x small cube in each player colour |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum || ||- ||-

|- class="showMusing" |style="background-color:Lavender"|(M/23) ||Town Guard (#23)


When placing a tile with connected road/city or road/cloisters, any placed follower must be moved from one feature to the other on each subsequent turn, perhaps leaving the other open for another player to occupy

|| ||Decar ||6 ||0 ||Extra CCCR and FFFR tiles |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum ||Road ||- ||-

|- class="showMusing showOther" |style="background-color:Lavender"|(M/24) ||State of Mourning (#24)


Any road or cloisters scored after the first tile is drawn, and before the second, scores half points

|| ||Decar ||2 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum || ||- ||-

|- class="showMusing showOther" |style="background-color:Lavender"|(M/25) ||The Merit Maker (#25)


The points gained by one pre-selected meeple are recorded during the game, and the player that gains most is given +1 merit on CarcC by each of the other players!

|| ||Decar ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| ||1x "Marked" standard figure per player ||1x Merit Token per player |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum || ||- ||-

|- class="showMusing" |style="background-color:Lavender"|(M/26) ||The Saw Mills (#26)


Tokens are added to the placed saw mill tile based on distance from the river source; as features on the tiles around the mill are completed, tokens are distributed and can be used by players later in the game for bonus actions

|| ||Decar ||4 ||0 ||4x River tiles with Sawmills |data-sort-value="1"| ||20-30x Saw Mill tokens |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum ||River / Tokens ||- ||-

|- class="showMusing showOther" |style="background-color:Lavender"|(M/27) ||One Colour meeple (#27)


Everyone plays with the same colour of followers, but with different markings on the feet to differentiate them, which are only revealed when a feature is completed

|| ||Decar ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| ||7x meeples in one colour per player |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum || ||- ||-

|- class="showMusing showOther" |style="background-color:Lavender"|(M/28) ||Carcassonne Moles (#28)


Uses a smilar concept to Magic Portals, but is used to move to feature on the next drawn mole hill tile

|| ||Decar ||6? ||0 ||Mole Hill tiles |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum || ||- ||-

|- class="showMusing showOther" |style="background-color:Lavender"|(M/29) ||Mini Battles (#29)


When the trigger tile is drawn, each player selects 6 tiles, and they play a separate mini game of Carcassonne with any unused followers, with the tiles being mixed back in the bag/stack after it's over; similar to the mini game function of "Cosmic Portal : Mirror Zone"

|| ||Decar ||2-3? ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum || ||- ||-

|- class="showMusing showOther" |style="background-color:Lavender"|(M/30) ||The Catacombs of Carcassonne (#30)


Build a set of catacombs at the side of the board from a special set of tiles; when features are occupied and closed you lose your follower for the rest of the main game, but gain benefits

|| ||Decar ||36 ||9 ||16x Entrances
20x Catacombs |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum || ||- ||-

|- class="showMusing showOther" |style="background-color:Lavender"|(M/31) ||Penguins and Polar Bears (#31)


Tiles with Polar Bears on them must be placed on the board "above" the new start tile, penguins below it; polar bears remove followers on any of the surrounding tiles, while penguins add to the score of any follower on a surrounding tile

||WD/WE ||Decar ||13? ||1 |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum || ||- ||-

|- class="showMusing showOther" |style="background-color:Lavender"|(M/32) ||Bandits of Carcassonne (#32)


Requires the game "Bandido"; play a game of Bandido first and if you win, each player gets a Bandit follower that can be used to remove a meeple from one of the surrounding tiles and take their current score for that feature

|| ||Decar ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| ||1x Bandit Meeple (per player) |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum || ||- ||-

|- class="showMusing" |style="background-color:Lavender"|(M/33) ||Watering Gardens (#33)


Each player has a watering can token that may be placed on a garden when an Abbot is placed; when the four touching tiles have been placed the watering can's role is done and is removed, with a point being added/deducted based on whether the abbot is present or not

||C2 ||Decar ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||1x Watering Can token per player |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum ||Garden / Monastic ||- ||-

|- class="showMusing" |style="background-color:Lavender"|(M/34) ||Grass Mats (#34)


Grass tokens may be placed to split a road and join the fields

|| ||Decar ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||1-2x grass tokens per player |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum ||Fields / Road ||- ||-

|- class="showMusing showOther" |style="background-color:Lavender"|(M/35) ||Saturday Breakfast TV (#35)


Trigger tiles gradually move a scoring slider up and down to modify the values of cities, roads and cloisters during the game

|| ||Decar ||8 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||1x Darkness Track
1x Tracker token |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum || ||- ||-

|- class="showMusing" |style="background-color:Lavender"|(M/36) ||Market Day (#36)


When one of the market tiles is drawn, players may use points to "buy" additional actions; could use "Bazaar" tiles

|| ||Decar ||8 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum ||Bazaar ||- ||-

|- class="showMusing" |style="background-color:Lavender"|(M/37) ||The Two Towers (#37)


The tower tiles trigger immediate scoring of features when the second of a particular pair is placed

|| ||Decar ||8 ||0 ||8x Towers |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum ||LOTR ||- ||-

|- class="showMusing showOther" |style="background-color:Lavender"|(M/38) ||Cow Tipping (#38)


If you complete a feature on a tile with a shed, you score a bonus, and if any adjacent tile has a shed, that gives an extra bonus, etc. etc.

||C2 ||Decar ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum || ||- ||-

|- class="showMusing showOther" |style="background-color:Lavender"|(M/39) ||Meeple Tracker (#39)


Each meeple is numbered, and you must always use the lowest value meeple available; record how many points each meeple scores; see also "No Time For A Tie"/"Empate Duro" by Carca_Maker

|| ||Decar ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| ||14x meeples per player colour, marked 1-7 |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum || ||- ||-

|- class="showMusing showOther" |style="background-color:Lavender"|(M/40) ||Carrot Tops (#40)


If you don't add a follower when placing the tiles, you take a token which scores points immediately, and allows you to return your next drawn tile for a replacement

|| ||Decar ||8? ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||? Carrot Tokens |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum || ||- ||-

|- class="showMusing" |style="background-color:Lavender"|(M/41) ||Contract Negotiators (#41)


Each tile contains a contract that is completed by the player; a sort of tile-based "By Order Of The King"

|| ||Decar ||8-12 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||8-12 Challenge Cards |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum ||Quests ||- ||-

|- class="showMusing" |style="background-color:Lavender"|(M/42) ||The Herb Garden (#42)


Earn herb token when completing certain features; in combination these can be used to gain extra actions

|| ||Decar ||20? ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||20x Herb Tokens
(3 types) |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum ||Tokens ||- ||-

|- class="showMusing showOther" |style="background-color:Lavender"|(M/43) ||You Snooze You Lose (#43)


Tokens assigned when completing a feature; when you have three you must move one follower to a field on the same tile, or miss a turn

|| ||Decar ||12? ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||12x Snooze |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum || ||- ||-

|- class="showMusing" |style="background-color:Lavender"|(M/44) ||Cabbage Patches (#44)


Farms with a cabbage patch score 2 points per city instead of 3, but there are placement restrictions on any tile surrounding a cabbage patch

|| ||Decar ||8? ||0 ||FFFF and FFFR tiles |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum ||Fields ||- ||-

|- class="showMusing showOther" |style="background-color:Lavender"|(M/45) ||The Carrion Crow (#45)


Players can place carrion tokens instead of a meeple on unoccupied features, and these are used to lure the crow/vulture away from regular meeples, which it will eat if they are closer when it moves; unused tokens score at the end of the game, but each carrion token in a field effectively negates one city

|| ||Decar ||10-20? ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| ||1x Crow ||5-10x carrion per player |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum || ||- ||-

|- class="showMusing showOther" |style="background-color:Lavender"|(M/46) ||The Bureaucrats (#46)


A separate board is used to keep track of the numbers of completed roads and cities, as the area around a cloisters is developed, and when a farmer is placed; if a feature you are scoring is top of the tracker it doesn't score

|| ||Decar ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||1x Bureaucrat track
4x trackers |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum || ||- ||-

|- class="showMusing showOther" |style="background-color:Lavender"|(M/47) ||The Politicians (#47)


As each feature is completedThe Politicians - As features are completed, a segment is added to the appropriate "pie" (1 each for farms, cities, roads, and cloisters); when a particular pie is filled, certain meeples are removed from play, which in turn result in adding a segment into a different pie!

|| ||Decar ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| ||Pies and Wedges from Trivial Pursuit |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum || ||- ||-

|- class="showMusing showOther" |style="background-color:Lavender"|(M/48) ||Take The Day Off (#48)


Once during the game, choose to miss a turn; on the next turn draw two tiles and play in any order

|| ||Decar ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||1x Duvet Day per player |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum || ||- ||-

|- class="showMusing showOther" |style="background-color:Lavender"|(M/49) ||The Ballista (#49)


Ballista tile must be placed touching only one tile; the player may then carry out one of several actions along a line of tiles

|| ||Decar ||4? ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum || ||- ||-

|- class="showMusing" |style="background-color:Lavender"|(M/50) ||Leonardo's Crossbow (#50)


The Crossbow is moved around the board and then fired, removing any meeples along that line of tiles, and destroying the first set of city walls it hits

|| ||Decar ||6? ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| ||1x Crossbow ||?x Broken City |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum ||City ||- ||-

|- class="showMusing showOther" |style="background-color:Lavender"|(M/51) ||Interaction Nightmares (#51)


Each turn the scoring points awarded for completing a feature change

|| ||Decar ||0 ||1 ||1x 2x2
(or 3x3)
start block ||Figure Die white.png
1x Die ||1x Marker |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum || ||- ||-

|- class="showMusing showOther" |style="background-color:Lavender"|(M/52) ||Klokanka (#52)


After scoring a feature you can change one regular meeple into a big meeple

|| ||Decar ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||1x Bumbag per player |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum || ||- ||-

|- class="showMusing showOther" |style="background-color:Lavender"|(M/53) ||Snakes and Ladders (#53)


Tiles have the top and tail of ladders and snakes with possible meeple movement between the two depending on when they are drawn; second suggestion of using a Snakes and Ladders board in place of the Carcassonne scoreboard

|| ||Decar ||12? ||0 ||6x pairs (3x snakes, 3x ladders) |data-sort-value="1"| ||Alternative: 1x Snakes and Ladders Scoretrack |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum || ||- ||-

|- class="showMusing" |style="background-color:Lavender"|(M/54) ||The Strimmer (#54)


When the first farmer is placed, The Strimmer moves across a field on the Start tile, splitting it into several sections, and leaving a strip "fallow"; the same process occurs when any garden tiles are drawn thereafter, in other fields; alternative idea proposed using hedges to divide the fields

|| ||Decar ||6? ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| ||1x Gardener
Lots of "Hedges" (matchsticcks painted green?) ||Lots of hedge tokens |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum ||Fields ||- ||-

|- class="showMusing showOther" |style="background-color:Lavender"|(M/55) ||The Ambassador (#55)


The Ambassador can be used to negotiate the recovery of a trapped meeple, add value when meeples are on features that connect, or score 1 point when with your supply during your scoring phase

|| ||Decar ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| ||1x Ambassador
(per player) |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum || ||- ||-

|- class="showMusing" |style="background-color:Lavender"|(M/56) ||The Proofreaders (#56)


The Proofreader scores points for each complete city around the cloister

|| ||Decar ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum ||Monastic ||- ||-

|- class="showMusing showOther" |style="background-color:Lavender"|(M/57) ||The Limerick Writer (#57)


Players scoring in the vicinity of a Limerick tile, must draw a Limerick card, read it out, and apply a scoring modifier to their feature, which may be negative or positive

|| ||Decar ||10 or 12 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||Limerick Cards |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum || ||- ||-

|- class="showMusing showOther" |style="background-color:Lavender"|(M/58) ||Freemasons (#58)


Tiles with builder who'll work for anyone when feature extended; see "Mason's Lodge", "Guesthouses", "Treasure Hunt", "Shared Builder"

|| ||Decar ||6? ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum || ||- ||-

|- class="showMusing showOther" |style="background-color:Lavender"|(M/59) ||Veni, vidi, vici (#59)


Each of the special tiles has a different effect; all meeples in play are replaced by a neutral colour meeple, all meeples score as at end of game, or all meeples removed

|| ||Decar ||3 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| ||Some meeples of unused colours |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum || ||- ||-

|- class="showMusing showOther" |style="background-color:Lavender"|(M/60) ||The Musicians' Guild (#61)


Travelling bands (on roads) add value to the score of the road, while concert halls add value to the cities in which they are located; placing a meeple on the Guild Hall (start tile) allows you to influence those scores (up or down)

|| ||Decar ||21 ||1 ||1x 2x2 start tile |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum || ||- ||-

|- class="showMusing showOther" |style="background-color:Lavender"|(M/61) ||Facades (#62)


Introduces tiles with one edge that can be placed against any of two or three of the standard tile edge types

|| ||Decar || ||0 ||Tiles with split edge types |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum || ||- ||-

|- class="showMusing showOther" |style="background-color:Lavender"|(M/62) ||Sharpe's Endeavour (#63)


Each player has a special follower (in place of a regular one), that can be placed as normal, but if the feature isn't closed by the end of their next turn it is removed from the game; if it is on a feature that scores, it doubles the value, and may move to a feature on the placed tile and subsequently acts like a normal follower, with bonus scoring if used as a farmer

|| ||Decar ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| ||1x Sean Bean per player (replaces 1 meeple) |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum || ||- ||-

|- class="showMusing showOther" |style="background-color:Lavender"|(M/63) ||Cutting me own throat (#64)


If you complete a feature on one of the tiles, you can spend some points to buy additional actions, some of which may negatively impact you

|| ||Decar ||8 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum || ||- ||-

|- class="showMusing" |style="background-color:Lavender"|(M/64) ||The Benedictines (#65)


A monk can be placed on these special monasteries, which are scored for cities in the surrounding field

|| ||Decar ||6 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum ||Monastic ||- ||-

|- class="showMusing" |style="background-color:Lavender"|(M/65) ||The Trappists (#66)


When a trappist-cloister is placed any meeple on the surrounding tiles scores immediately; they are taken off the board or moved to the trappist-cloister; if a players later adds a tile around the trappist-cloister they may join the party, with points being awarded to those that are already there, and when the trappist-cloister is completed

|| ||Decar ||6 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum ||Monastic ||- ||-

|- class="showMusing" |style="background-color:Lavender"|(M/66) ||The Blue Nuns (#67)


Special Cloisters onto which Nuns are placed; they score points for knights in cities on the surrounding eight tiles; they may also be used to remove a previously scored knight on an adjacent tile at which the Nunnery scores (like an Abbot)

|| ||Decar ||6 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum ||Monastic ||- ||-

|- class="showMusing" |style="background-color:Lavender"|(M/67) ||Old Habits are hard to break (#68)


Place a meeple with a special nun token on road ends instead of normal features; can later swap the nun with any meeple on a connected feature; depending on which is in place on a junction, the score for connected features varies

|| ||Decar ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||1x Nun token per player |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum ||Road ||- ||-

|- class="showMusing showOther" |style="background-color:Lavender"|(M/68) ||Everyone's a Critic (#69)


Artists appear on roads, cities, and farms and boost or negate points for the features

|| ||Decar || ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||Score modifier tokens and small bag |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum || ||- ||-

|- class="showMusing" |style="background-color:Lavender"|(M/69) ||Snake Mountain (#70)


When you complete a 3-tile city, you can form a Snake Mountain (one per player per game) and assign a meeple to it, affecting the farm(s) it's located in and all touching features; it, effectively, steals points from the completed feature; follower can be kicked out, but it can be re-occupied

|| ||Decar ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||1x per player |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum ||City ||- ||-

|- class="showMusing showOther" |style="background-color:Lavender"|(M/70) ||Ode to a Caterpllar (#71)


Tiles have features (road, city, cloisters) with holes in them; players may "fish" for missing sections (tokens in a bag) if they don't place a follower on their turn; features with holes can't be closed; caterpillar can be moved around the board affecting scoring

|| ||Decar || ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| ||1x small caterpillar |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum || ||- ||-

|- class="showMusing showOther" |style="background-color:Lavender"|(M/71) ||Scrooge (#72)


When a Scrooge tile appears each player loses a follower from the board, which can be bought back on a later turn; when another Scrooge tile is drawn, any followers not yet bought back are removed from the game

|| ||Decar || ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum || ||- ||-

|- class="showMusing showOther" |style="background-color:Lavender"|(M/72) ||Wee Willie Winkie (#73)


The Wee Willie Winkie figure moves back and forth between the first and last figures on the scoretrack; if he shares a space with your scoring piece, you don't score points for any closed features

|| ||Decar ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| ||1x Wee Willie Winkie (on scoreboard) |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum || ||- ||-

|- class="showMusing showOther" |style="background-color:Lavender"|(M/73) ||Border Disputes (#74)


If you place a tile and follower, and there is exactly one empty space before the next occupied tile (in one direction) you can switch followers

|| ||Decar ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum || ||- ||-

|- class="showMusing showOther" |style="background-color:Lavender"|(M/74) ||Unstable Ground (#75)


When the tile is drawn, the player slides a single row or column on tile in any direction; see "Earthquake" for similar

|| ||Decar ||1 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum || ||- ||-

|- class="showMusing showOther" |style="background-color:Lavender"|(M/75) ||Time Paradoxes (#76)


A phantom is placed as normal on a feature, but can only score (and be removed) when you replace it with a regular follower moved from an already occupied feature without scoring

|| ||Decar ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum || ||- ||-

|- class="showMusing showOther" |style="background-color:Lavender"|(M/76) ||Wishers and Granters (#77)


Cloud tiles affect the surrounding tiles; some add to the value of surrounding features, while others stop those features being scored until the cloud is complete

|| ||Decar ||6 ||0 ||3x Wisher
3x Granter |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum || ||- ||-

|- class="showMusing showOther" |style="background-color:Lavender"|(M/77) ||Sprouts (#78)


Each player can use their "sprout" to boost the value of a follower; after scoring the follower may move to another feature within two tiles

|| ||Decar ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||1x sprout per player |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum || ||- ||-

|- class="showMusing showOther" |style="background-color:Lavender"|(M/78) ||Wimbledon (#106)


2 players (or any even number); a game of tennis is played on a special start tile (2x2); as features are scored, you may move your meeple and/or ball within the court; if the ball is moved beyond the opponent's back row you score bonus points

|| ||Decar ||4 ||4 |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||1x small ball |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Guild on BGG || ||- ||-

|- class="showMusing showOther" |style="background-color:Lavender"|(M/79) ||Mirror Makers (#107)


After placing a normal follower, the player may also "mirror" a follower on a neighbouring tile; depending on which follower's feature completes first, one or both may score

|| ||Decar ||6? || |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Guild on BGG || ||- ||-

|- class="showMusing showOther" |style="background-color:Lavender"|(M/80) ||Musings on The Artist (#108)


3 tiles are placed to one side, each having a specific criteria associated; if you meet any of the criteria on your turn you claim the tile, and may play it as a bonus tile on any future turn; the "bought" tile is then replaced so there are always three available

|| ||Decar ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Guild on BGG || ||- ||-

|- class="showMusing" |style="background-color:Lavender"|(M/81) ||Flamingos or maybe Flamingoes (#109)


Floodwater splits the road on a tile into two sections, both of which may be occupied before the flood waters recede and the two sections of road are re-joined and completed/scored as normal; features on the connected road tiles get a scoring bonus while the flamingos are active

|| ||Decar ||6? ||0 ||Flamingo tiles |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Guild on BGG ||Road ||- ||-

|- class="showMusing showOther" |style="background-color:Lavender"|(M/82) ||The Lemurs (#110)


Completing a feature on a tile next to a Lemur tile scores a bonus, but causes any followers on tiles surrounding the lemur tile to be removed after scoring

|| ||Decar ||6-10 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Guild on BGG || ||- ||-

|- class="showMusing showOther" |style="background-color:Lavender"|(M/83) ||Sleuths (#111)


hen completing features around a Sleuth tile, players may guess if a "clue" has been hidden under it; depending on the success of the guess, the player completing the feature or the owner of a follower on the Sleuth tile, scores the points

|| ||Decar ||12 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||12x pieces of paper with hoax or clue on them |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Guild on BGG || ||- ||-

|- class="showMusing showOther" |style="background-color:Lavender"|(M/84) ||Decoders (#112)


Each player keeps 3 tiles (from 5) drawn at the start; these are placed face down in front of them; whenever a player completes a feature, they may guess the tile edges of one tile owned by another player; the tokens are used to indicate how many edges have been correctly guessed; a correct guess scores points but when all of a player's tiles have been correctly guessed they lose points

|| ||Decar ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||4x "tokens" or markers each |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Guild on BGG || ||- ||-

|- class="showMusing showOther" |style="background-color:Lavender"|(M/85) ||10 Seconds (Speed Carcassonne) (#113)


You only have 10 seconds to carry out your turn, otherwise you lose 5 points; makes for a quick game!

|| ||Decar ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||Stopwatch or timer |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Guild on BGG || ||- ||-

|- class="showMusing showOther" |style="background-color:Lavender"|(M/86) ||Tiramisu Haus Katastrophe (#114)


The special tiles may be placed on top of already placed tiles so that at least one side connects with the existing landscape; the other sides act like Abbey tiles; bonus points for the number of layers

|| ||Decar ||6 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Guild on BGG || ||- ||-

|- class="showMusing showOther" |style="background-color:Lavender"|(M/87) ||Snowdrifts (#115)


Adds some Winter Edition tiles to the general tile mix; any feature that is on a winter tile scores half points, but if you can place your follower on the winter tile, it scores double; snow tiles break field continuity

|| ||Decar ||6-12 ||0 ||WD or WE tiles |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Guild on BGG || ||- ||-

|- class="showMusing showOther" |style="background-color:Lavender"|(M/88) ||They think it's all over (2 player) (#116)


Nets are placed on opposite sides of the start tile, with the ball on the start tile; when one of a few specific events occur, the ball moves towards the opponent's goal; if it passes the net a goal is scored, and a bonus scored; nets are slowly moved outwards as the board expands

|| ||Decar ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| ||2x small nets
1x small ball |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Guild on BGG || ||- ||-

|- class="showMusing showOther" |style="background-color:Lavender"|(M/89) ||The Forgetfuls (#117)


After you place one of these tiles, you miss your next turn

|| ||Decar ||6 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Guild on BGG || ||- ||-

|- class="showMusing showOther" |style="background-color:Lavender"|(M/90) ||"5 Finger"Twister (#118)


When you draw/place one of your 5 tiles you must place a finger on it; if you draw any of your other Twister tiles, and can touch them together, you will score more points

|| ||Decar ||30? ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Guild on BGG || ||- ||-

|- class="showMusing showOther" |style="background-color:Lavender"|(M/91) ||Pig Hunter (#119)


Whenever a tile with a shed is placed, the Hunter moves towards it scoring points for cities it passes through, and removing any followers it encounters

|| ||Decar ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| ||1x Hunter |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Guild on BGG || ||- ||-

|- class="showMusing showOther" |style="background-color:Lavender"|(M/92) ||Placing Bids (#120)


If you don't place a follower you can "tag" a feature you think will be the next of your features to complete; if you're correct it scores as normal, otherwise it scores half points

|| ||Decar ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Guild on BGG || ||- ||-

|- class="showMusing showOther" |style="background-color:Lavender"|(M/93) ||Boops (#121)


Each tile has a dog on one of the sides, facing outwards; if you can place two "dog-edges" together (nose to nose) you score bonus points; features with single dogs have reduced scoring

|| ||Decar ||12 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Guild on BGG || ||- ||-

|- class="showMusing" |style="background-color:Lavender"|(M/94) ||Hot Tubs (#122)


Gives the player drawing the tile the option of placing two followers on a feature (city or road only)

|| ||Decar ||6? ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Guild on BGG ||City / Road ||- ||-

|- class="showMusing showOther" |style="background-color:Lavender"|(M/95) ||Eierlegende Wollmilchsau (#123)


This special figure provides different scoring bonuses depending on which type of follower is associated with it

|| ||Decar ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| ||1x Egg-laying Wool-milk-pig |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Guild on BGG || ||- ||-

|- class="showMusing" |style="background-color:Lavender"|(M/96) ||Paleo (#124)


When the Sabre Tooth Tiger comes into play, the players must work together to complete several actions over a limited period of time; if not, all player's scores are reset to 0

|| ||Decar ||1 ||0 ||1x Sabre Toothed Tiger |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Guild on BGG ||Co-op ||- ||-

|- class="showMusing showOther" |style="background-color:Lavender"|(M/97) ||Sandmen (#125)


When a Sandman tile is placed, the player puts one other player's follower "to sleep"; they remain asleep until the next sandman tile is placed and don't score while asleep

|| ||Decar ||10-12 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum || ||- ||-

|- class="showMusing showOther" |style="background-color:Lavender"|(M/98) ||Drop-ins (#126)


When you score a feature which has one of the special symbols, you may immediately place a scoring meeple onto any unclaimed/incomplete feature (like a "Magic Portal")

|| ||Decar ||6 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum || ||- ||-

|- class="showMusing showOther" |style="background-color:Lavender"|(M/99) ||Plagues of Carcassonne : Frogs (#127)


Any follower on a tile surrounding one of the frog tiles is trapped on the tile for 2 turns after the feature has been scored

|| ||Decar ||6 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum || ||- ||-

|- class="showMusing" |style="background-color:Lavender"|(M/100) ||Plagues of Carcassonne : Disease of Livestock (#128)


Each plague tile reduces the final scoring of a farm, in which these tiles are located, by 1 for each completed city

|| ||Decar ||6 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum ||City / Fields ||- ||-

|- class="showMusing showOther" |style="background-color:Lavender"|(M/101) ||Plagues of Carcassonne : Darkness (#129)


Prevents any new tiles being placed around it, unless one of them is a cloister; trapped followers may be removed for no points

|| ||Decar ||6 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum || ||- ||-

|- class="showMusing showOther" |style="background-color:Lavender"|(M/102) ||Plagues of Carcassonne : Boils (#130)


Affects scoring on the surrounding tiles, and can infect followers on any surrounding tiles; similarity in scoring to "Castles converted from cities"

|| ||Decar ||6 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum || ||- ||-

|- class="showMusing" |style="background-color:Lavender"|(M/103) ||Plagues of Carcassonne : Hail and Fire (#131)


Affect the scoring of the farms in which they are located, and if any cities are completed after the tile is in play

|| ||Decar ||6 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum ||City / Fields ||- ||-

|- class="showMusing showOther" |style="background-color:Lavender"|(M/104) ||Plagues of Carcassonne : Lice (#132)


When a Lice tile is placed, 4x lice tokens are added to it; then, when players complete features, they move some of the lice tokens; when a lice token ends on an occupied tile, that lice token remains with the meeple until the feature is scored when the lice token affects the scoring

|| ||Decar ||6 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="0"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum || ||- ||-

|- class="showMusing" |style="background-color:Lavender"|(M/105) ||Plagues of Carcassonne : Locusts (#133)


Locust tiles can be placed against any tile sides; any city or fields touching a locust tile will not score; if they are on a surrounding tile, but not touching the locust tile, their value increases

|| ||Decar ||6 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum ||City / Fields ||- ||-

|- class="showMusing showOther" |style="background-color:Lavender"|(M/106) ||Plagues of Carcassonne : Wild Animals (#134)


Once a Wild Animal tile has 4 meeples on any of the 8 the surrounding tiles, it is captured, and the active player takes an extra turn and can remove a meeple from the board (without scoring); when the Wild Animal is surrounded by all 8 tiles, any meeples left on those 8 tiles are eaten and removed from the game

|| ||Decar ||6 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum || ||- ||-

|- class="showMusing showOther" |style="background-color:Lavender"|(M/107) ||Plagues of Carcassonne : Water Turned to Blood (#135)


Blood-coloured river tiles are mixed with the regular tiles but cannot be built in front of; features completed while the Blood River develops have a boosted score, but anything after it is complete are reduced in value

|| ||Decar ||6 ||0 ||River tiles |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum || ||- ||-

|- class="showMusing showOther" |style="background-color:Lavender"|(M/108) ||Plagues of Carcassonne : Loss of Meeple (#136)


Players may lose a follower not currently in play when the 2nd, 4th and 6th of the tiles is played; if one of these tiles can be placed into a hole, then the player doing so may recover one of their "lost" meeples

|| ||Decar ||6 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum || ||- ||-

|- class="showMusing showOther" |style="background-color:Lavender"|(M/109) ||Mountain Top Views (#137)


Tiles contain mountains or viewing platforms; followers on platforms may score points, based on how far they can see in one direction, when the next mountain tile is drawn

|| ||Decar ||8 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum || ||- ||-

|- class="showMusing showOther" |style="background-color:Lavender"|(M/110) ||Mountain Horns (#138)


When a Horn tile is placed, any followers in the horn's arc are pushed out one tile; if another horn is in the arc, it sounds, and pushes any followers away, too; etc. etc.

|| ||Decar ||8 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum || ||- ||-

|- class="showMusing showOther" |style="background-color:Lavender"|(M/111) ||The Wolves of Carcassonne (#140)


A wolf moves around the board when a city pennant is drawn, removing any meeple it encounters and a new tile; when 4 meeples have been trapped, each player must take back one meeple from play, plus those trapped by the wolf; the tiles are also reviewed regularly and the tile with most city sides held back until the end of the game

|| ||Decar ||8 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| ||1x Wolf |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum || ||- ||-

|- class="showMusing" |style="background-color:Lavender"|(M/112) ||Binmen of Carcassonne (#141)


When cities complete, two rubbish tokens per pennant are distributed to players in that city, who must then assign them to incomplete roads, which affect the roads' worth when they are completed

|| ||Decar ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||2x Tokens per pennant (40?) |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum ||City / Road ||- ||-

|- class="showMusing showOther" |style="background-color:Lavender"|(M/113) ||The Tombola (#142)


When a tile is placed all players get a random token which may contain bonus scoring actions, similar to Quests

|| ||Decar ||8 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum || ||- ||-

|- class="showMusing showOther" |style="background-color:Lavender"|(M/114) ||Tikka Masala (#143)


The tiles have a spice symbol on each of the four edges; when features are closed, bonuses are applied based on the number of different spice types

|| ||Decar ||12 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum || ||- ||-

|- class="showMusing" |style="background-color:Lavender"|(M/115) ||Street Festival (#144)


Add bonuses to road scoring, and any cities/cloisters that are close by

|| ||Decar ||6 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum ||Road ||- ||-

|- class="showMusing showOther" |style="background-color:Lavender"|(M/116) ||Southern Fried (#145)


Features on the tiles have a range of different "ingredients" on them, which are collected when the feature is completed, and which may be used later for additional actions

|| ||Decar ||18 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||Ingredients (5x20?) |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum || ||- ||-

|- class="showMusing showOther" |style="background-color:Lavender"|(M/117) ||Chicken Coops (#146)


Initially works roughly the same as Sheep/Shepherds, but tokens are then assigned to other followers in play affecting their scoring, and at the end of the game

|| ||Decar ||12 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| ||Chickens ||or Chicken Tokens |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum || ||- ||-

|- class="showMusing showOther" |style="background-color:Lavender"|(M/118) ||Counting Your Chickens (#147)


Players have a small supply of tiles face-down in front of them - but they only get to look at them once; in certain shared scoring situations, you may try to describe one of your hidden tiles, then turn one over; if correct you may play it, otherwise all of your tiles go back and you draw new tiles to replenish your supply

|| ||Decar ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum || ||- ||-

|- class="showMusing showOther" |style="background-color:Lavender"|(M/119) ||Winter-Edition - Dwarves in the Mine


4x3 start block for WE, with mountains and mines

||WE ||kettlefish ||12 ||0 ||4x3 tile block ||1x Overseer (use Count)
Figure Meeples Base stacked.png
1x Mini Follower per player
Figure ThievesGuild stacked.png
Mini cubes in different colours |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum || ||- ||-

|- class="showMusing showOther" |style="background-color:Lavender"|(M/120) ||Something about Toulouse


Thoughts on a hierarchy of rule - King, Dukes, Marquises, etc

||C1 ||Whaleyland ||0 ||0 ||1x Toulouse city block ||1x Marquis (?) |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum || ||- ||-

|- class="showMusing showOther" |style="background-color:Lavender"|(M/121) ||Apprentices (Squires, Pickpockets and Farm Hands)


Alternative uses for travel set meeples in regular games

||C1/C2/WD/WE ||crasher ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| ||Figure Meeples Base stacked.png
2-6x Mini Follower per player |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum || ||- ||-

|- class="showMusing" |style="background-color:Lavender"|(M/122) ||The Merchant of Carcassonne


Adapting Huts (from H&G) to Carcasonne roads

||C1/C2/WD/WE ||mkebaron ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| ||Figure BeggarHuts stacked.png
2x huts per player |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum ||Road ||- ||-

|- class="showMusing showOther" |style="background-color:Lavender"|(M/123) ||The Duke (was The King)


Adapting the Prophet (from "Arc of the Covenant") to Carcassonne - one time use to double feature scoring

||C1/C2/WD/WE ||Joff ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||1x Crown per player |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum || ||- ||-

|- class="showMusing" |style="background-color:Lavender"|(M/124) ||The Constable


A player's constable removes any thieves on a single road and scores points at the end of the game

||C1/C2/WD/WE ||Kissybooboo ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| ||1x Constable per player |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum ||Road ||- ||-

|- class="showMusing showOther" |style="background-color:Lavender"|(M/125) ||Tiny Ideas


Tiles which grant an extra function to the player on their turn

||C1 ||Deatheux ||8+ ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum || ||- ||-

|- class="showMusing showOther" |style="background-color:Lavender"|(M/126) ||Apprentice Meeple


Each player is given one meeple by another player but must keep that meeple busy before they can place ony of their own

||C1/C2/WD/WE ||Jabberwocky ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| ||Figure Meeples Base stacked.png
1x Apprentice per player
(any unused figure, or mini-meeple) |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum || ||- ||-

|- class="showMusing" |style="background-color:Lavender"|(M/127) ||Roadblocks and Road Tolls


Possible ways to split roads, or raise points by placing a toll house; see "Tolls"

||C1 ||Elmendalerenda ||5 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum ||Road ||- ||-

|- class="showMusing showOther" |style="background-color:Lavender"|(M/128) ||The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse


Special figures that appear towards the end of the game and are placed next to other meeples to affect final scoring

||C1/C2/WD/WE ||PinkPaisley ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| ||4x Horsemen (white, red, black and neutral) |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum || ||- ||-

|- class="showMusing showOther" |style="background-color:Lavender"|(M/129) ||The Moated City of Carcassonne


Surround the City 4x3 block with River tiles including several junctions as an expanded start; requires lots of River tiles

||C1/C2 ||Whaleyland ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum || ||- ||-

|- class="showMusing" |style="background-color:Lavender"|(M/130) ||Vive La Revolucion


Alternative method for getting your followers into a city; re-uses red/yellow pennant tiles from "Family Feud"

||C1 ||Dave ||8? ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum ||City ||- ||-

|- class="showMusing" |style="background-color:Lavender"|(M/131) ||Baby Boom


Gain extra meeple if have two meeples in a city instead of scoring

||C1/C2/WD/WE ||Dave ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum ||City ||- ||-

|- class="showMusing showOther" |style="background-color:Lavender"|(M/132) ||Allies and Intrigues


Two ideas for sharing, or siphoning points from, features

||C1/C2/WD/WE ||Dave ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||Some tokens in player colours |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum || ||- ||-

|- class="showMusing showOther" |style="background-color:Lavender"|(M/133) ||The Paladin - Laird and Protector


Additional figure (double strength) that can be moved around the board, supporting his own followers, or claiming features for himself

||C1/C2/WD/WE ||ReformedCE ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| ||1x Paladin per player |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum || ||- ||-

|- class="showMusing showOther" |style="background-color:Lavender"|(M/134) ||Court Magician


Place a drawn landscape tile face-down anywhere with your magician which you can retrieve later in the game and play elsewhere

||C1/C2/WD/WE ||Dave ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| ||1x Court Magican per player |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum || ||- ||-

|- class="showMusing showOther" |style="background-color:Lavender"|(M/135) ||A Meeple Wears Many Hats


Modifier to a meeple once placed (eg add builder capability, upgrade to Big Meeple, etc.)

||C1/C2/WD/WE ||Big Guy ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||1x Hat per player |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum || ||- ||-

|- class="showMusing" |style="background-color:Lavender"|(M/136) ||Trading Cloisters


Adds new trade tokens to Cloisters; can be used with "Animal Farm"

||C1/C2/WD/WE ||Fritz_Spinne ||? ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||24x Trade Tokens
(3 types) |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum ||Monastic / Tokens ||- ||-

|- class="showMusing showOther" |style="background-color:Lavender"|(M/137) ||The Magistrate


Some ideas based on The Scout (H&G)

||C1 ||Whaleyland ||6 ||0 ||6x special |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum || ||- ||-

|- class="showMusing showOther" |style="background-color:Lavender"|(M/138) ||The Beggars and the Nobles


Additional figures that either add to, or deduct from, the score of an occupied feature you extend

||C1/C2/WD/WE ||Tilehunt ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| ||1x Beggar per player
1x Noble per player |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum || ||- ||-

|- class="showMusing" |style="background-color:Lavender"|(M/139) ||City Bridges


Join two city segments using a Bridge (think Flyovers) over farms, roads, etc.

||C1/C2/WD/WE ||Tilehunt ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum ||City ||- ||-

|- class="showMusing showOther" |style="background-color:Lavender"|(M/140) ||Carcassonne RPG


Gain goal or ability cards when pass 0 on scoretrack

||C1/C2/WD/WE ||Paul & Big Guy ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||?? "Extra Ability" cards |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum || ||- ||-

|- class="showMusing" |style="background-color:Lavender"|(M/141) ||Cities and Knights


Possible translation of Catan expansion (Cities and Knights) to Carcassonne

||C1 ||Tilehunt ||6? ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| ||Figure Die white.png
1x Die |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum ||City ||- ||-

|- class="showMusing showOther" |style="background-color:Lavender"|(M/142) ||Turncoats and Assassin


Meeples are individually numbered, and 2x number tokens taken by each player; when a feature closes, if another player has the matching token to the meeple they may claim the points instead

||C1/C2/WD/WE ||Fritz_Spinne ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| ||Standard meeples individually marked 1-6, plus one with red spot ||36x cards (1-6 per player colour) |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum || ||- ||-

|- class="showMusing showOther" |style="background-color:Lavender"|(M/143) ||Zombies!!!


Zombies randomly move around the board - tile images no longer available

||C1 ||Carcatronn ||13 ||0 ||1x Compass Tile ||Figure Zombie.png
4x Zombies |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum || ||- ||-

|- class="showMusing showOther" |style="background-color:Lavender"|(M/144) ||The Colossus of Carcassonne


Each player/team has a Colossus that gains points during the game, ready for a final battle after other Game End scoring

||C1/C2/WD/WE ||Big Guy ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||1x marker
5x Colossus scorecards |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum || ||- ||-

|- class="showMusing showOther" |style="background-color:Lavender"|(M/145) ||Carcassonne: Legacy


Rules and tiles change as game develops

||C1/C2/WD/WE ||Whaleyland ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum || ||- ||-

|- class="showMusing showOther" |style="background-color:Lavender"|(M/146) ||The Oldest Profession


Female meeple used to distract another player's meeple, or motivate one of your own

||C1/C2/WD/WE ||Rosco ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| ||Figure FemaleFollower stacked.png
1x female follower for each player |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum || ||- ||-

|- class="showMusing showOther" |style="background-color:Lavender"|(M/147) ||Villain/super thief/politician


Extra meeple that can steal points from regular followers - sounds a bit like the Big Meeple

||C1/C2/WD/WE ||Rosco ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| ||1x Super-thief per player |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum || ||- ||-

|- class="showMusing showOther" |style="background-color:Lavender"|(M/148) ||Bar


Drinking contest between followers in shared features

||C1/C2/WD/WE ||play2draw ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| ||1x cup per player |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum || ||- ||-

|- class="showMusing showOther" |style="background-color:Lavender"|(M/149) ||The City of Carcassonne Divided


Re-purpose some aspects of "The City/Count of Carcassonne" to single tiles around the playing area

||C1 ||Whaleyland ||4 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum || ||- ||-

|- class="showMusing showOther" |style="background-color:Lavender"|(M/150) ||Open Hand


Play with three tiles in hand, displayed for all to see

||C1/C2/WD/WE ||asparagus ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum || ||- ||-

|- class="showMusing showOther" |style="background-color:Lavender"|(M/151) ||The Friary (Gold Mines repackaged)


Score more points the longer a feature is incomplete

||C1/C2/WD/WE ||asparagus ||12 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||12x tokens |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum || ||- ||-

|- class="showMusing showOther" |style="background-color:Lavender"|(M/152) ||The Gypsies


After placing tile, you place a follower on a feature on one of the tiles surrounding it

||C1 ||ILikeGames ||4 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||8x Direction cards |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum || ||- ||-

|- class="showMusing showOther" |style="background-color:Lavender"|(M/153) ||The Prince-Bishop


Prince-bishop shifts between the players during the game and scores his feature for whoever he owes allegiance to at the time

||C1/C2/WD/WE ||asparagus ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| ||Figure Abbot white.png
1x unused figure (unused colour) ||1x Prince-Bishop Marker |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum || ||- ||-

|- class="showMusing" |style="background-color:Lavender"|(M/154) ||The Farmers Of Carcassonne


Add tokens around your farmer to gain extra points at the end

||C1 ||jappie ||18? ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||9x Produce tokens per player |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum ||Fields ||- ||-

|- class="showMusing showOther" |style="background-color:Lavender"|(M/155) ||Secret Assassin


Place a "Hit" on other player's meeples and, if a timer goes off, their meeple is assassinated and removed without scoring

||C1 ||frankdux ||4-6 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| ||1x Party Timer, randomly set between 5 and 15 mins ||6x Assassination tokens |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum || ||- ||-

|- class="showMusing showOther" |style="background-color:Lavender"|(M/156) ||Additional Messenger tiles


Some alternative Messenger Tile ideas

||C1/C2 ||frankdux ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum || ||- ||-

|- class="showMusing showOther" |style="background-color:Lavender"|(M/157) ||Ghostbusters


Place "ghosts" in features to scare off standard meeples

||C1/C2/WD/WE ||frankdux ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| ||Figure Ghost.png
1-2x Ghost per player |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum || ||- ||-

|- class="showMusing" |style="background-color:Lavender"|(M/158) ||The Abbess


The Abbess is the same as The Abbot, but can be placed on vineyard instead of a Garden; requires "Hills and Sheep"

||C1/C2/WD/WE ||Gerry ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| ||Figure FemaleFollower stacked.png
1x Abbess per player |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum ||Monastic ||- ||-

|- class="showMusing" |style="background-color:Lavender"|(M/159) ||Garrison Expansion


Alternative use for various siege tiles

||C1 ||Christopher ||6 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum ||City / Siege ||- ||-

|- class="showMusing showOther" |style="background-color:Lavender"|(M/160) ||Shared Builder


Neutral Builder on a road or city tile to be used" by anyone extending the feature to gain a second turn; see "Mason's Lodge", "Guesthouses", "Treasure Hunt" and "Freemasons"

||C1 ||Danisthirty ||2 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum || ||- ||-

|- class="showMusing showOther" |style="background-color:Lavender"|(M/161) ||Carcassonne Tournaments


Modified German Castles as single tiles with corner symbols that must match adjacent tiles to gain tokens; would also require other tiles to be modified with symbols too

||C1 ||loki ||6+ ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum || ||- ||-

|- class="showMusing" |style="background-color:Lavender"|(M/162) ||The Seneschal


Single figure that boosts a city score when city closes, but then moves to another city

||C1/C2/WD/WE ||Whaleyland ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| ||Figure Count white.png
1x unused figure (unused colour) |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum ||City ||- ||-

|- class="showMusing showOther" |style="background-color:Lavender"|(M/163) ||The Ambassador


Use the wagon's "move after scoring" rule, but applied to The Abbot

||C1/C2/WD/WE ||loki ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| ||Figure Abbots stacked.png
1x Abbot per player |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum || ||- ||-

|- class="showMusing showOther" |style="background-color:Lavender"|(M/164) ||The Drunkard


Place a bottle by another meeple to temporarily stop them scoring a feature

||C1/C2/WD/WE ||Quevy ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| ||1x small bottle ||… or 1x bottle |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum || ||- ||-

|- class="showMusing" |style="background-color:Lavender"|(M/165) ||Extending the Black Tower


Capture pieces from a tower using knight move from chess, or cap a tower

||C1/C2/WD/WE ||Ailurus ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| ||Figure Tower gold.png
Tower pieces
(in another colour)
Figure TowerCap.png
Tower Caps |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum ||Tower ||- ||-

|- class="showMusing" |style="background-color:Lavender"|(M/166) ||Armoured Knights


Possible use for metal meeple figures as knights with extra abilities and strength

||C1/C2/WD/WE ||franks ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| ||1x metal meeple per player (in place of one normal follower) |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum ||City ||- ||-

|- class="showMusing" |style="background-color:Lavender"|(M/167) ||Saint Martin of Tours


Same concept as The Gingerbread Man, but for roads; Winter Edition; no tile designs

||WE ||Fritz_Spinne ||6 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| ||1x St Martin of Tours |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum ||Road ||- ||-

|- class="showMusing showOther" |style="background-color:Lavender"|(M/168) ||Crime and Punishment


If crime tile drawn, any followers in its vicinity are suspected by the active player's detective, who must complete the feature to solve the case

||C1 ||Endecay ||19 ||0 ||1x Jail ||1x Detective per player |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum || ||- ||-

|- class="showMusing showOther" |style="background-color:Lavender"|(M/169) ||Villages


Options for using or scoring Villages

||C1/C2/WD/WE ||Wolnic & Sir Ritchfield ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum || ||- ||-

|- class="showMusing showOther" |style="background-color:Lavender"|(M/170) ||Mages Mansion and Witches Hut


"Home" tiles for the "Mage" and "Witch"

||C1 ||What If? ||2 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum || ||- ||-

|- class="showMusing showOther" |style="background-color:Lavender"|(M/171) ||Giant Fortresses


Place fortress and score for number of complete rings of surrounding tiles

||C1/C2/WD/WE ||SRBO ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| ||1x large cube (40-45mm) per player |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum || ||- ||-

|- class="showMusing" |style="background-color:Lavender"|(M/172) ||Secret Goals


Discussion of possible goals or quests; see "By Order of the King"

||C1/C2/WD/WE ||Danisthirty ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||20-40x Secret Goals cards |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum ||Quests ||- ||-

|- class="showMusing showOther" |style="background-color:Lavender"|(M/173) ||Onesies


City-cap shaped tiles that can be placed at the end of the game to help complete features; no images, just suggested contents

||C1 ||asparagus ||8 ||0 ||8x "CityCap" shaped tiles |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum || ||- ||-

|- class="showMusing showOther" |style="background-color:Lavender"|(M/174) ||Earthquake


Move tiles when earthquake occurs

||C1 ||asparagus ||6 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum || ||- ||-

|- class="showMusing" |style="background-color:Lavender"|(M/175) ||Devil and the Paladin


Req. Shrines; Devil and Paladin battle it out as monastic sites and shrines are placed

||C1/C2/WD/WE ||Dragonlord ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| ||1x Dragon
1x Shepherd |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum ||Monastic ||- ||-

|- class="showMusing" |style="background-color:Lavender"|(M/176) ||Rivers and Lakes


Tiles creating a landscape of many rivers and lakes - sample photo of layout only

||C1 ||Wolnic ||118+ ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||11x Fish |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum ||Lake / River / Tokens ||- ||-

|- class="showMusing" |style="background-color:Lavender"|(M/177) ||Ticket to Carcassonne


Quest cards for bonus points; see "By Order of the King" and "Secret Goals"

||C1/C2/WD/We ||Jasonofthefifth ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||20+ Quest cards |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum ||Quests ||- ||-

|- class="showMusing showOther" |style="background-color:Lavender"|(M/178) ||The German Shepherds


Some extra tokens and rules for use with "Hills and Sheep"

||C1 ||Wolnic ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||1x German Shepherd |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum || ||- ||-

|- class="showMusing" |style="background-color:Lavender"|(M/179) ||Catapult Conversion to C2


Conversion of Catapult tiles to C2 - on hold as only CarcF have permission to convert between formats

||C2 ||jm ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum ||C1=>C2 ||- ||-

|- class="showMusing showOther" |style="background-color:Lavender"|(M/180) ||Brexit is Coming


Mix of hard/soft rules for co-operative working

||C1 ||trenceval ||23 ||0 ||6x 150/200 score tiles ||6x Truckers ||6x Scoring Markers |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum || ||- ||-

|- class="showMusing showOther" |style="background-color:Lavender"|(M/181) ||The Cartographer
(Der Kartograf)


Cartographer follower investigates holes in the landscape and scores if/when tile eventually placed there

||C1/C2/WD/WE ||Seli ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| ||1x Cartographer per player |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum || ||- ||-

|- class="showMusing showOther" |style="background-color:Lavender"|(M/182) ||The Plague (simpler version)


A simplified version of the Spielbox expansion, "The Plague"

||C1 ||Servius Sertorius ||18 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| ||1x Medic per player
1x Apothecary (light blue) ||3x rat tokens
1x Medicine token per player |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum || ||- ||-

|- class="showMusing showOther" |style="background-color:Lavender"|(M/183) ||The Improbables


Standard tiles with updated features (like alien ships and dinosaurs …) - you've seen the Captain Kirk thread on CarcC?

||C1/C2/WD/WE ||Oldbonz ||20+ ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum || ||- ||-

|- class="showMusing showOther" |style="background-color:Lavender"|(M/184) ||Stargates


Possible implementation of Stargates leading to minor spin-off games - superceded by "Cosmic Portal : Mirror Zone 2"

||C1/C2/WD/WE ||Meepledrone & Wolnic ||3 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum || ||- ||-

|- class="showMusing" |style="background-color:Lavender"|(M/185) ||Albigensian Crusade


Some discussion of rules and historical aspects, and required expansions, plus reference to other tiles

||C1 ||ETC/SSRediger ||100+? ||0 ||1x 5x4 (Toulouse)
5x 4x3 (other cities) ||6x Crusaders
6x Dominican Monks
6x Prefects
6x Counts |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum ||Campaign / City / Mountain / River ||- ||-

|- class="showMusing" |style="background-color:Lavender"|(M/186) ||The Vikings


Addition of Vikings to coastal tiles

||C1/WD ||Oldbonz ||6 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum ||Ocean ||- ||-

|- class="showMusing showOther" |style="background-color:Lavender"|(M/187) ||Sabotage!


Tiles to disrupt the completion of a feature until a valid replacement tile can be placed

||C1/C2/WD/WE ||Meepledrone ||8? ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum || ||- ||-

|- class="showMusing" |style="background-color:Lavender"|(M/188) ||Black Tower of Defence


Helps protect against the Dragon

||C1 ||coldhands ||2 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum ||Dragon ||- ||-

|- class="showMusing showOther" |style="background-color:Lavender"|(M/189) ||Fool's Gold


Tiles with Fool's Gold affect any adjacent "gold" tiles

||C2 ||SxN ||6-8? ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum || ||- ||-

|- class="showMusing showOther" |style="background-color:Lavender"|(M/190) ||The Volcano component of "The Sorcerer"


Two volcanoes that have destructive effects on the landscape if/when they erupt

||C1/C2 ||SxN ||3 ||0 ||1x 3x3 erupting volcano ||Figure Die white.png
1x Die |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum || ||- ||-

|- class="showMusing" |style="background-color:Lavender"|(M/191) ||Custom Scoreboard


Start the game by laying out the edge tiles of the scoreboard from a number of included variants; see "Scoreboard in the Middle of the Table"

||C1/C2 ||SxN ||16+ ||0 ||1x centre block of scoretrack |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum ||Scoreboard ||- ||-

|- class="showMusing showOther" |style="background-color:Lavender"|(M/192) ||The Other Side


Double-sided tiles with similar features, but different topologies (continuous or broken road)

||C1/C2 ||SxN ||16 ||0 ||16 Double-sided tiles |data-sort-value="1"| ||1x tracking token |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum || ||- ||-

|- class="showMusing" |style="background-color:Lavender"|(M/193) ||Korrigans Church


Winter Edition church tiles with Korrigans (Fairy Folk of Brittany)

||WE ||Oldbonz ||8 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum ||Monastic ||- ||-

|- class="showMusing" |style="background-color:Lavender"|(M/194) ||Carcassonne: The Missions / Team-cassonne


Discussion of possible goals or quests, some shared; see other Quest expansions

||C1/C2/WD/WE ||Gagoune ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||Quest cards |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum ||Quests ||- ||-

|- class="showMusing showOther" |style="background-color:Lavender"|(M/195) ||Posting Rewards


Score points by releasing another player's trapped meeple

||C1/C2/WD/WE ||PapaGeek ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum || ||- ||-

|- class="showMusing showOther" |style="background-color:Lavender"|(M/196) ||Binding Deed


Each player can designate a tile that must be filled by the next possible tile match; use back of individual City of Carcassonne tiles

||C1/C2/WD/WE ||Snearone ||12 ||0 ||12
(numbered 1-12) |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum || ||- ||-

|- class="showMusing" |style="background-color:Lavender"|(M/197) ||Windrose Quadrants


Alternative for using the Wind Roses tiles

||C1 ||Decar ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum ||Windrose ||- ||-

|- class="showMusing" |style="background-color:Lavender"|(M/198) ||Geodetic Roses


Variant for Wind Roses

||C1/C2/WD/WE ||Kothmann ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| ||1x red cylinder
1x yellow cylinder
1x black cylinder |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum ||Windrose ||- ||-

|- class="showMusing" |style="background-color:Lavender"|(M/199) ||Gargoyles and Picnics


Use Gargoyles on city walls to steal points from city on completion; Picnics offer bonus points to farms

||C1/C2 ||SxN ||? ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||2x Gargoyles per player
3x Picnics per player |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum ||City / Fields ||- ||-

|- class="showMusing showOther" |style="background-color:Lavender"|(M/200) ||Double Phantom


Each player may place two phantoms; when both are in play, and one of them is in a completing feature, a random choice reveals which is the real Phantom, and which the phantom Phantom

||C1/C2/WD/WE ||Just a Bill ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| ||1x Additional Phantom per player |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum || ||- ||-

|- class="showMusing showOther" |style="background-color:Lavender"|(M/201) ||Without Meeples


Play the game automatically scoring any features you complete each turn; no need to place meeples

||C1/C2/WD/WE ||HiG ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum || ||- ||-

|- class="showMusing showOther" |style="background-color:Lavender"|(M/202) ||Team Builder


Build your team as the game develops, declining points for features to gain new team members

||C1/C2/WD/WE ||Wolnic ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum || ||- ||-

|- class="showMusing showOther" |style="background-color:Lavender"|(M/203) ||Wandering Shepherd


Single uncoloured shepherd piece is moved around to unoccupied fields blocking any farmers being placed there

||C1/C2/WD/WE ||Kothmann ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| ||1x Shepherd (neutral colour) |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum || ||- ||-

|- class="showMusing showOther" |style="background-color:Lavender"|(M/204) ||Mage and Witch Variants


Links the movements of Mage and Witch; when the Mage moves, the Witch moves to the tile he left; optional idea to include the Fairy (from "Princess and Dragon") as well in this magical merry-go-round

||C1/C2/WD/WE ||Kothmann ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum || ||- ||-

|- class="showMusing showOther" |style="background-color:Lavender"|(M/205) ||Multi Meeple Madness


Players can place as many meeples in a feature when they want, even when it's another player's turn

||C1/C2/WD/WE ||Kothmann ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum || ||- ||-

|- class="showMusing showOther" |style="background-color:Lavender"|(M/206) ||Mysterons


Each of the tiles features a set of Mysteron rings; use them to replace any follower, with your own, on any feature extended by the tile, with the replaced piece remaining on the rings; if the feature is extended again, other players may swap a follower with the one on the rings until the main feature can no longer be extended

|| ||Decar ||6 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum || ||- ||-