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General info and comments

Expansion symbol

Family Feud fan-expansion was released by Carcassonne Central member Frédérick Renaud as a reimplementation of a previous fan-expansion Families by Carcassonne Central member Novelty.

No one knows how the feud started between two of the largest families in Carcassonne. Some say it was a boundary dispute, others say it was due to a cow. No one knows for certain. But the one certain thing is that the two families will have nothing to do with each other and will go out of their way to keep their distance from each other.


  • 30 new land tiles most of which have a red-and-yellow coat of arms on a city segment.

New land tiles

The new Land tiles are played like those in the base game.

Unending Family Feud C2 26.png

Family Feud: City with different-coloured coat of arm. Cities parts with different-coloured coat of arms cannot be joined.



Shuffle the Family Feud tiles together with the other tiles[1].


1. Placing a tile

The different-coloured coat of arms represent the two families — the quartered blue-and-white coat of arm represents one family and the quartered yellow-and-red coat of arm represents the other. As the families will have nothing to do with each other, city segments containing these two different coats of arms cannot be joined together. If there is a city containing a blue-and-white coat of arms, then a tile containing a red-and-yellow coat of arms is forbidden to be added or joined into that city. The reverse is also true, if there is a city containing a red-and-yellow coat of arms, then a tile containing a blue-and-white coat of arms is forbidden to be added or joined into the city. No tile, with or without coat of arms can be placed that will join an uncompleted city containing one type of coat of arms with another uncompleted city containing the other type of coat of arms.

Example 1a - A Family Feud tile can be placed this way.
Example 1b - A Family Feud tile cannot be placed this way.
Example 1c - Any tile cannot join cities with different colour of coat of arms.
2. Placing a meeple

You may place a meeple according to the usual rules.

3. Scoring a feature

When a city is completed, a red-and-yellow coat of arms scores an additional 2 points for every coat of arms in the completed city, for the player with the most knights. As usual, if there is a draw, all players involved in the draw get an additional 2 points for every coat of arms in the completed city. The red-and-yellow coat of arm functions exactly as the blue-and-white coat of arms during completed city scoring.

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Tile distribution

Unending Family Feud C2

Total tiles: 30
Unending Family Feud C2 01.png x1
Unending Family Feud C2 02.png x1
Unending Family Feud C2 03.png x1
Unending Family Feud C2 04.png x1
Unending Family Feud C2 05.png x1
Unending Family Feud C2 06.png x1
Unending Family Feud C2 07.png x1
Unending Family Feud C2 08.png x1
Unending Family Feud C2 09.png x1
Unending Family Feud C2 10.png x1
Unending Family Feud C2 11.png x1
Unending Family Feud C2 12.png x1
Unending Family Feud C2 13.png x1
Unending Family Feud C2 14.png x1
Unending Family Feud C2 15.png x1
Unending Family Feud C2 16.png x1
Unending Family Feud C2 17.png x1
Unending Family Feud C2 18.png x1
Unending Family Feud C2 19.png x1
Unending Family Feud C2 20.png x1
Unending Family Feud C2 21.png x1
Unending Family Feud C2 22.png x1
Unending Family Feud C2 23.png x1
Unending Family Feud C2 24.png x1
Unending Family Feud C2 25.png x1
Unending Family Feud C2 26.png x1
Unending Family Feud C2 27.png x1
Unending Family Feud C2 28.png x1
Unending Family Feud C2 29.png x1
Unending Family Feud C2 30.png x1

Several tiles have a small illustration on them. The letters in brackets show which illustration is on each tile:

Feature Garden C2.png
G | Garden
Feature Farmhouse C2.png
F | Farmhouse
Feature Cows C2.png
C | Cowshed
Feature WaterTower C2.png
W | Water tower
Feature Highwayman C2.png
H | Highwaymen
Feature Pigsty C2.png
P | Pigsty
Feature Donkeys C2.png
D | Donkey stable

Note: The small illustrations of a cowshed, a pigsty and a donkey stable are collectively referred to as sheds or stables.

Unending Family Feud C1

Total tiles: 30
Unending Family Feud C1 01.png x1
Unending Family Feud C1 02.png x1
Unending Family Feud C1 03.png x1
Unending Family Feud C1 04.png x1
Unending Family Feud C1 05.png x1
Unending Family Feud C1 06.png x1
Unending Family Feud C1 07.png x1
Unending Family Feud C1 08.png x1
Unending Family Feud C1 09.png x1
Unending Family Feud C1 10.png x1
Unending Family Feud C1 11.png x1
Unending Family Feud C1 12.png x1
Unending Family Feud C1 13.png x1
Unending Family Feud C1 14.png x1
Unending Family Feud C1 15.png x1
Unending Family Feud C1 16.png x1
Unending Family Feud C1 17.png x1
Unending Family Feud C1 18.png x1
Unending Family Feud C1 19.png x1
Unending Family Feud C1 20.png x1
Unending Family Feud C1 21.png x1
Unending Family Feud C1 22.png x1
Unending Family Feud C1 23.png x1
Unending Family Feud C1 24.png x1
Unending Family Feud C1 25.png x1
Unending Family Feud C1 26.png x1
Unending Family Feud C1 27.png x1
Unending Family Feud C1 28.png x1
Unending Family Feud C1 29.png x1
Unending Family Feud C1 30.png x1

Several tiles have a small illustration on them. The letters in brackets show which illustration is on each tile:

Feature Garden C1.png
G | Garden

Family Feud C1

Total tiles: 30
Family Feud C1 01.png x1
Family Feud C1 02.png x1
Family Feud C1 03.png x1
Family Feud C1 04.png x1
Family Feud C1 05.png x1
Family Feud C1 06.png x1
Family Feud C1 07.png x1
Family Feud C1 08.png x1
Family Feud C1 09.png x1
Family Feud C1 10.png x1
Family Feud C1 11.png x1
Family Feud C1 12.png x1
Family Feud C1 13.png x1
Family Feud C1 14.png x1
Family Feud C1 15.png x1
Family Feud C1 16.png x1
Family Feud C1 17.png x1
Family Feud C1 18.png x1
Family Feud C1 19.png x1
Family Feud C1 20.png x1
Family Feud C1 21.png x1
Family Feud C1 22.png x1
Family Feud C1 23.png x1
Family Feud C1 24.png x1
Family Feud C1 25.png x1
Family Feud C1 26.png x1
Family Feud C1 27.png x1
Family Feud C1 28.png x1
Family Feud C1 29.png x1
Family Feud C1 30.png x1


For Icons explanation and licensing please visit Icons page.

  1. The original Families expansion was designed to work with Inns & Cathedrals Inns & Cathedrals . This expansion has been expanded to include extra tiles for the The Princess & the Dragon The Princess & the Dragon , The Tower The Tower , River II River II and Abbey & Mayor Abbey & Mayor expansions, such that the ratio of red-and-yellow coat of arms is equal to the total number of blue-and-white coat of arms. Players may wish to remove some of the tiles with red-and-yellow coat of arms if they are not playing with all the expansions, such that the number of red-and-yellow coat of arms equals blue-and-white coat of arms.