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There are several fan-maintained websites that contain fan expansions for Carcassonne and its variants and spin-offs games, including Hunters and Gatherers. The two most active are CarcassonneCentral (English speaking) and CarcassonneForum (German). There are smaller (national) sites which may also contain locally developed expansions - for example, there is a Czech site, and there has previously been one in the Netherlands, while BoardGameGeek may also contain fan expansion ideas.

Carcassonne Central


  • 50/100 Scoring Tiles (H&G v1)
  • The Spirit Of The Forest - uses The Phantom figures (H&G v1) (H&G v2)
  • Farmsteads - 6 tiles (H&G v2)
  • Fragmented Forests - 6 tiles (H&G v2)
  • Fruits Of The Forest - uses tokens from The Fruit-Bearing Trees to add interest to larger forest areas with multiple stone menhirs; also includes some 200pt Scoring Tiles (H&G v2)
  • Miscellaneous Tiles - 20 extra tiles including some additional Fragmented Forests (H&G v2)
  • New Found Lands - 20 tiles in additional configuration (H&G v2)
  • The Great Lake - 36 tiles with sections of lakeside or coast (H&G v2)
  • The Replaced Tiles - 8 tiles from H&G v1 that are not included in H&G v2 (H&G v2)
  • Shrines - 5 tiles slightly adapted from the H&G v1 fan expansion idea, Shrines and Aurochs (H&G v2)
  • The Standing Stones - 8 tiles (H&G v2)

Under Development

  • Extra Bonus Tiles - 12 tiles (H&G v2)
  • Shrines and Aurochs (H&G v1)



  • The Stone Wall (H&G v1)

In Development

  • The Clan of the Cave Bear (Der Clan des Höhlenbären) (H&G v1)
  • Dogs and Wolves (Hunde und Wölfe) (H&G v1)
  • The Guardian of the Fire (Der Hüter des Feuers) (H&G v1)
  • The Neolithic Revolution (Die Neolithische Revolution) (H&G v1)
  • Quarries (Steinbruche) (H&G v1)
  • The Steep Coast (Die Steilküste) (H&G v1)
  • The Trading Place (Der Handelsplatz) (H&G v1)
  • Villages, Gold, Tigers and Deer (Dörfer, Gold, Tiger und Rehwild) (H&G v1)


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