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Welcome to WikiCarpedia, the Carcassonne Complete Annotated Rules Wiki!
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This site is intended to be comprehensive source for all rules of Carcassonne and any other information concerning the Carcassonne board game hobby.

If you are new here, please check the About page for some welcome information. If you want to get in touch with other fans of Carcassonne for the latest news, participating in games and leagues, or learning about fan expansions and more, do not miss the opportunity to join the community at (CarcassonneCentral).

You can easily find rules and notes to any expansion or game release in the lists below.

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Carcassonne Editions
Home Page C1.jpg C1, the 1st edition (2000-2016)

The original edition with graphics by Doris Matthäus
Home Page C2.jpg C2, the 2nd edition (2014-2021)

The new edition with graphics by Anna Pätzke
Home Page C3.jpg C3, the 3rd editon (2020-)

The updated new edition featuring clipped city buildings at the edges and more detailed graphics by Marcel Gröber
Rule selection by design Spin-offs.png If your tiles have none of previous designs, you have one of Carcassonne Spin-off. Choose your game in Spin-offs section

Base game set

Major Expansions

Minor Expansions

Edition C1 C2 C3
Mini expansions
Symbol Flier C1C2.pngMini 1: Lietacie stroje C1 pravidlá C2 a C3 pravidlá
Symbol Messages C1C2.pngMini 2: Listy C1 pravidlá C2 a C3 pravidlá
Symbol Ferries C1C2.pngMini 3: Prievozy C1 pravidlá C2 a C3 pravidlá
Symbol GoldMines C1C2.pngMini 4: Zlaté bane C1 pravidlá C2 a C3 pravidlá
Symbol MageWitch C1C2.pngMini 5: Mág a čarodejnica C1 pravidlá C2 a C3 pravidlá
Symbol Robbers C1C2.pngMini 6: Zbojníci C1 pravidlá C2 a C3 pravidlá
Symbol CropCircles C1C2.pngMini 7: Kruhy v obilí C1 pravidlá C2 a C3 pravidlá
Other expansions (alphabetical order)
20th Anniversary Expansion C2 Expansion Symbol.pngRozšírenie Výročnej edície (20 rokov) C3 pravidlá
Symbol RiverIII C1C2.pngRieka Výročného vydania (20 rokov) C3 pravidlá
Symbol BarberSurgeons C2.pngKúpele C2 pravidlá
Symbol Besiegers C1.pngObliehanie II C1 pravidlá
Symbol CastlesGermany C2.pngNemecké hrady C1 pravidlá C2 a C3 pravidlá
Symbol Cathars C1.pngKatari C1 pravidlá
Symbol GermanCathedrals C2.pngNemecké katedrály C1 pravidlá C2 pravidlá
Symbol Darmstadt C1.pngDarmstadt C1 pravidlá
Logo Festival15.pngOslava C1 pravidlá C2 a C3 pravidlá
Symbol FruitBearingTrees C2.pngOvocné stromy C2 pravidlá
Symbol GamesQuarterly C1.pngGames Quarterly #11 minirozšírenie C1 pravidlá
Gifts C2 Expansion Symbol.pngDarčeky C3 pravidlá
Symbol Halflings1 C2.pngPólky C1 pravidlá C2 pravidlá
Symbol Monasteries C1C2.pngJaponské budovy C2 pravidlá
Symbol SpielDoch.pngLabyrint C1 a C2 pravidlá
Symbol LittleBuildings C1.pngMalé budovy C1 pravidlá
Symbol Leipzig C2.pngTrhy v Lipsku C2 pravidlá
Symbol Monasteries C1C2.pngNemecké kláštory C1 pravidlá C2 pravidlá
Symbol Monasteries C1C2.pngHolandské kláštory C1 pravidlá
Symbol PeasantRevolts C2.pngRoľnícka vzbura C3 pravidlá
Symbol Phantom C1.pngFantóm C1 pravidlá
Symbol Spielbox.pngMor C1 pravidlá
Symbol RussianPromos C1.pngRuské rozprávky C1 pravidlá
Symbol School C1.pngŠkola C1 pravidlá
Obliehanie C1 pravidlá
Signposts C2 Expansion Symbol.pngSmerovníky C3 pravidlá
Symbol SpielDoch.pngSpiel Doch! Promo C2 pravidlá
Symbol SpielPromos C2.pngKartičky Spiel C2 pravidlá
Symbol Tollkeepers C2.pngMýtne C2 pravidlá
Symbol Spielbox.pngTunel C1 pravidlá
Symbol Watchtowers C1C2.pngStrážne veže C2 pravidlá
Symbol Windroses C1.pngVeterné ružice C1 pravidlá

Cut & Play / Print & Play Expansions

Notorious Fan-Expansions

Edition C1 C2 C3
La Porxada C1 pravidlá
Symbol Wells.pngStudne C1 pravidlá



Edition C1 C2 C3
Land Surveyors Simulator C2 pravidlá

Reference Guides

Other rules

Carc hills main 500.png
Carc hunt2 main 500.png
Carc sud main 500.png
Carc amaz main 500.png
Carc junior main 500.png
Main spinoff carcassonne.jpg
Carc dice main.png
Carc rush main 500.png
Carc castle main 500.png
Carc covenant main 500.png
Carc discovery main 500.png





For Icons explanation and licensing please visit Icons page.

  1. Expansion number 7 was Katapult in first edition. To date, this has not been published in new edition. (10/2018)