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Originally released by Hans im Glück in 2015, Carcassonne: Over Hill and Dale is a tile-laying game for 2 to 5 players, ages 7 and up.

Over Hill and Dale is based on Carcassonne, but is not compatible with Carcassonne or any of the other Carcassonne spin-off games.

The game uses many of the standard Carcassonne game concepts, based in an idyllic countryside of fields full of bounteous produce.

"Take in the magnificent scenery of this vast countryside by hiking a trail surrounded by fruit trees, wheat fields, and sunflowers! You'll be unable to resist the juicy apples and sweet strawberries you'll find along the way. This rustic new variant of Carcassonne is alive with interesting decisions and intriguing tactics. Gathering a fine harvest, travelling far and wide, and taking care of your animals is reward enough, but it might just win you the game!"

WICA Notes

The following are based on the Z-Man Games version of the rules. Additional comments and clarifications have come from various Carcassonne discussion forums (BGG, CarcC and CarcF).


Fan Expansions

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  • Fan Expansions for Over Hill and Dale - A number of fan produced "print-and-play" expansions have been created which are available from CarcassonneForum. These expansions may either be "completed" (available as a complete pack of tiles and rules (as applicable - some may only be a set of rules)) or "in development" (partially developed, perhaps some tiles and an outline of rules in a forum discussion thread).



Artist: Doris Matthäus


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