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General info and comments

Essen Spiel'20 Promo tile

Promotional tiles made available by Hans im Glück to attendees at the Essen Games Fair in 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020 (a different one each year). They are not available as a single set.

There are no specific rules applicable to the tiles from this mini expansion. All of the rules remain the same.

The tiles released in the period 2014-2017 were printed in a single batch so the city segments on them have the darker city backgrounds. Starting from 2018, each tile is printed individually and cities show lighter backgrounds.


  • 7 new Spiel Promo Land tiles, identified by a shield indicating the year of the corresponding Spiel event.



There are no official rules for these tiles. This page serves as a placeholder for them, including some descriptions of the tiles and the features on them to the best of our understanding.


Shuffle the Spiel Promo tiles together with the other Land tiles.


1. Placing a tile

When you draw a Spiel Promo tile, you place it according to the usual rules.

2. Placing a meeple

When you place a Spiel Promo tile, you may place a meeple on it according to the usual rules.

Note that you are not allowed to place a meeple on the Spiel feature itself. It is purely decorative.

3. Scoring a feature

When you complete one or more features (e.g. a monastery, a road etc.) containing Spiel Promo tiles, you score them according to the usual rules.

Final scoring

There is no additional scoring at the end of the game with the Spiel Promo tiles.

New land tiles

EssenSpiel 2014.png

This tile presents a city segment ending a road. The city features a decorative scene with no additional rules.

EssenSpiel 2015.png

This tile shows for roads ending at a junction. The junction features a celebration, not a village, and has no special rules.

EssenSpiel 2016.png

This tile features a tile with four city edges. The sword fight scene is decorative and has no special rules. The grass patch cannot be considered a field for this reason. [1]

EssenSpiel 2017.png

This tile shows a city segment and a field. The scene portrayed is just decorative and has no special rules.

EssenSpiel 2018.png

The road does not end on this tile. Instead, it branches into 4 directions. [2] The scenes featured are just decorative and have no special rules. The cottage shown is not a regular farmhouse.

Spiel 2019 C2 Tile 01.png

This tile shows one city segment. The bridge connects the two city segments otherwise separated. [3] [4] The scenes portrayed are just decorative and have no special rules.

Spiel 2020 C2 Tile 01.png

This tile shows a road passing under a city overpass. The overpass connects the city segment at the top with the road segment and the field at the bottom, so the city touches both fields. There are two field segments spanning under the overpass. The scenes featured are just decorative and have no special rules.

Other expansions

If playing with other expansions, please take the following notes into consideration:

Symbol CountKingRobber C1C2.png Exp. 6 - Count, King & Robber

  • The length of a road with the roundabout tile (e.g. for the purposes of the Robber tile) is the total number of tiles in the road, not simply the longest distance between two ends. The road has four ends which have to be closed, but the result is that it's likely to be bigger.

Tile distribution

EssenSpiel 2014.png x1 (2014)
EssenSpiel 2015.png x1 (2015)
EssenSpiel 2016.png x1 (2016)
EssenSpiel 2017.png x1 (2017)
EssenSpiel 2018.png x1 (2018)
Spiel 2019 C2 Tile 01.png x1 (2019)
Spiel 2020 C2 Tile 01.png x1 (2020)


For Icons licensing and explanation please visit Icons page.

  1. Icon Open Book.png Question: Is the green patch in the middle of the Spiel'16 tile a field? Answer: The green patch this tile was meant as a decoration. (11/2020)
  2. Icon Open Book.png All of the branches have to be completed in order to score the road scoring. See Other expansions for more details on the interaction with the Robber tile from Exp. 6 - Count, King and Robber.
  3. Icon Open Book.png The bridge on this tile connects the two city segments.
    [Note: This clarification was provided at the HiG booth at the Essen Game Fair, as stated in this post:
    http://www.carcassonnecentral.com/community/index.php?topic=4398.msg64970#msg64970] (10/2019)
  4. Icon Open Book.png Question: Does the bridge connect the two city segments on the Spiel'19 tile? Answer: The bridge connects the two city segments to form one city. (11/2020)