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Create a FAQ box with header and body. If a clarification id is provided, it will be displayed in the bottom right corner in brackets. The same id can be used as an anchor for a link. An additional external id (ext id) can be also provided to refer to the CAR, for example in the same generated link. It uses default values for layout that can be overridden (classes and width).


  • header or param 1 (mandatory): Content displayed in the box header
  • body or param 2 (mandatory): Content displayed in the box body
  • id (optional): Clarification id shown on bottom right corner as a link in brackets. Only shown if provided.
  • extid (optional): Additional clarification id (with CAR.XXX format) shown on bottom right corner as part of the link generated for param id. Only shown if provided.
  • width or param 3 (optional + default): Box witdh. Default value = "400px"
  • class (optional + default): Wrapper div class string for box layout and separation, Default value = "wica-top-spacing wica-bottom-spacing wica-visible"

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