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The Land Surveyors 2 fan expansion adds new scoring tiles to The Land Surveyors The Land Surveyors , which can help or not when scoring features in Base Game Base Game .

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<translate> The Land Surveyors 2 fan expansion adds new scoring tiles to The Land Surveyors The Land Surveyors , which can help or not when scoring features in Base Game Base Game .</translate>

Just like in The Land Surveyors, surveyors roam the countryside, changing the value of roads, cities, and monasteries when they're scored.

General info and Downloads

The Land Surveyors 2 fan-expansion for Carcassonne Base Game Carcassonne Base Game and The Land Surveyors was released by Board Game Geek member Steven De Potter.

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Note: You can find an online simulator of this expansion including original The Land Surveyors tiles here.


  • 6 Scoring tiles divided into:
    • 2 city scorings
  • 3 road scorings
  • 1 monastery scorings

Required expansions

The Land Surveyors 2 requires a copy of The Land Surveyors PnP expansion.



Add the additional scoring tiles to the scoring tiles from the original The Land Surveyors The Land Surveyors expansion. Divide the scoring tiles into three piles (cities, roads, and monasteries), shuffle each pile and place the top 4 tiles of each pile next to each other under the scoring board, the top side with the information facing up. The other tiles are not used this time in the game. Next, take the upper tile of each pile and place it next to the pile. Those three tiles are the active scoring tiles.

Example: Setup of city, road and monastery scorings (from left to right). For each scoring type, you arrange the following:
  • 1 A stack of scoring tiles
  • 2 An active scoring tile by the stack


1. Placing a tile

Whenever you draw a tile, place it normally.

2. Placing a meeple

You may place a meeple according to the usual rules.

3. Scoring a feature

For each of the three features (cities, roads and monasteries) one scoring tile is always activated. During the scoring of a feature, the scoring tiles determine, how many points a player receives. If you score more than one feature during a turn, all of those scorings are being influenced by their respective scoring tile.

After a turn in which you scored at least one feature, take all active scoring tiles and put them underneath the respective stack. After that, take the upper tile of each of the three stacks and put it next to the stack (becoming the active scoring tile). If you complete a feature, but no points are being scored (because it has no meeple on it), the active scoring tiles remain and are not being replaced.

The scoring tiles in detail

City Privilege | During the scoring of a city you receive 5 points, regardless of the size of the city.

Example 1: You have completed both cities. Because of the City Privilege scoring tile being active both Red and Blue recieve 5 points each for their cities.

Plague | During the scoring of a city you receive half as many points.

Wealth / Poverty | During the scoring of a road or monastery, you either receive +3 or -3 points. Therefore scoring minus-points is also possible and it can happen for your overall score to fall below 0.

Farmers’ mark | During the scoring of a road each tile with a stable scores you one point more. Farms do not affect the scoring.

Citizens’ Jury | If a road is scored, the rule of the meeple majority does not apply. Any player who has at least 1 meeple in the city, scores the points.

Example 2: You have completed a road. Due to the Citizens’ Jury scoring tile both Red (having the majority of meeples) and Blue (with only 1 meeple) score 5 points.
Final Scoring

Scoring tiles do not affect the scoring after the game.


Instead of using 4 tiles for each of the three piles use 5, 4, and 3 tiles for the piles of cities, roads, and monasteries respectively. This will mix up the game more as different combinations of scoring tiles will be active during the game


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