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General info and comments

The Obelisk fan-expansion has been released by šmoula, a member of the Carcassonne CZ forum.

The rules files are available here:

  • on Carcassonne CZ Forum (please register to access):


Figure Obelisk Red.png



Each player adds the obelisk figure of their color to their supply.


1. Placing a tile

Whenever you draw a tile, place it normally.

2. Placing a meeple

You may place an obelisk instead of placing a meeple. If you place a tile that creates a junction where 4 tiles connect to create an open field, you may place your obelisk directly on that junction. In other words, the corner of each tile forming this junction must only depict a field in order for an obelisk to be placed there.

Example 1: The corner of each tile is a field: you may place an obelisk here.
Example 2: The corners of both bottom tiles have city segments: you may not place an obelisk here.
3. Scoring a feature

An obelisk is considered complete if the 4 tiles on which it stands are still once more around the 12 tiles. These 12 tiles + 4 tiles on which an obelisk stands form a 4x4 square called an Obelisk area. Therefore, upon completion, the player gets 16 points. When the obelisk is completed, the player's points are counted and the Obelisk is returned to the supply of its owner.

Example 3: Completed obelisk. Red scores 16 points.
Final Scoring

If the obelisk is not completed at the end of the game, the player scores 1 point for each tile placed in the Obelisk area.

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Carcassonne MapsCarcassonne Maps

Official clarification from the publisher To complete and score an obelisk on the border it isn't necessary to place 12 tiles around. Only the adjacent squares have to be filled with tiles. However, only "real" tiles as well as pre-printed large cities are scored.`

Example Maps - Red score his completed Obelist on the border. Red get 9 points (1 point each for tiles in obelisk area).

Fan expansions

Black DragonBlack Dragon

Official clarification from the publisher An Obelisk cannot be eaten by the Black Dragon.


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