The Wells (Fan Expansion)

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General info and comments

The Wells Tile Sheet

The Wells fan-expansion was released by Carcassonne Central member meepleater (with assistance by Novelty).

The tiles and rules files are available here:

  • C1 version on Carcassonne Central (please register to access):;sa=view;down=232
  • C2 variants and other expansions that uses Wells on Carcassonne Central (please register to access):;cat=17


  • 12 new land tiles depicting wells along the road.



Shuffle the Wells tiles together with the land tiles of the basic game.


1. Placing a tile

When you draw the Wells land tile, you place it according to the normal rules.

2. Placing a meeple

When you place the Wells land tile, you may place a meeple on it according to the normal rules.

Note: It is not allowed to place a meeple on the well as it is not feature it selves.

3. Scoring a feature

Each tile in a completed road is worth as usual 1 point. In addition, each well is worth 1 point.

When a player completes a road with one or more inns, the scoring player(s) receive each 2 points per tile forming this completed road and 2 points per each well on this road (instead of the usual 1 point per tile and per well).

Final scoring

Each incomplete road is worth 1 point per tile, and 1 point per each well just like during the game.

During final scoring, incomplete roads with an inn on them do not score any points, including no points for wells.

Example 1: You score 7 points for this road, since there are four tiles and three wells.

Tile distribution

Total Tiles: 12

The Wells C1 Tile A.png x1
The Wells C1 Tile B.png x1
The Wells C1 Tile C.png x1
The Wells C1 Tile D.png x2
The Wells C1 Tile E.png x1
The Wells C1 Tile F.png x2
The Wells C1 Tile G.png x1
The Wells C1 Tile H.png x1
The Wells C1 Tile I.png x1
The Wells C1 Tile J.png x1


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