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This page is a translated version of the page Timeline and the translation is 100% complete.

De Carcassonne Calendarium bevat alle edities van Carcassonne; de uitbreidingen, spin-offs en varianten.

200X : 2000 > 2001 > 2002 > 2003 > 2004 > 2005 > 2006 > 2007 > 2008 > 2009 >
201X : 2010 > 2011 > 2012 > 2013 > 2014 > 2015 > 2016 > 2017 > 2018 > 2019 >
202X : 2020 > 2021 > 2022
Jaar WicaChrone Carcassonne C1 Header.jpg
Eerste editie Carcassonne (C1)
WicaChrone Carcassonne C2 Header.jpg
Tweede editie en Derde Editie Carcassonne (C2/C3)
BigBox6 2017.png
Bundels, Varianten & Speciale edities
WicaChrone Carcassonne Spinoffs Header.jpg
De Rivier
• 1. Kathedralen en Herbergen Jagers en Verzamelaars
• 2. Kooplieden en Bouwmeesters
Gelimiteerde editie 2003 De Burcht
Jagers en Verzamelaars - Verkenner
De Ark van het verbond(The Ark of the Covenant)
De graaf van Carcassonne
Gelimiteerde edition: Basisspel, Kooplieden en Bouwmeesters De Stad
• 3. De Draak, de Fee en de Jonkvrouw
De Rivier II
Bundel: Basisspel, Kooplieden en Bouwmeesters, De Draak, de Fee en de Jonkvrouw Overzee
• 4. The Tower
Games Quarterly #11
Limited edition: Base game, Princess and Dragon
Big Box (C1)
• 5. Abbey and the Mayor
• 6. Count, King and Robber
Travel Carcassonne
Bundle: Base game, Tower
• 7. The Catapult
Heretics and Shrines
Big Box 2 (C1) New World
The Wheel of Fortune
The Tunnel
Limited edition: Wheel of fortune Carcassonne Junior aka My First Carcassonne
• 8. Bridges, Castles and Bazaars
Crop Circles (I)
The Plague
La Porxada
Limited edition: Base game, Crop circles
Big Box 3 (C1)
The Festival (10 years)
The Phantom
The School
10th Anniversary edition
Russian Compilation 1 (Suburbans and Inhabitants)
The Dice Game
Winter Edition Download Version
The Flier (Flying Machines)
The Messages (Dispatches)
The Ferries
The Goldmines
Mage and Witch
The Robbers
Crop Circles II
Little Buildings
Wind Roses
Big Box 4 (C1)
Bundle: Base game, Catapult
Russian Compilation 2 (Nobles and Towers)
Russian Wheel of fortune
Winter Edition
Winter Edition - The Gingerbread Man
Russian Promos - Hero at the Crossroads & Baba Yaga
Müller Exklusiv-Edition
Limited edition: Winter-Edition, Gingerbread man
Russian Big Box 1 (Royal gift)
South Seas
South Seas - Friday
• 9. Hills & Sheep
Monasteries in Germany
Monasteries in the Netherlands and Belgium (999 Games Edition)
Halflings I & II
Darmstadt Promo
Easter in Carcassonne (PnP)
Base game
The Farmers[1]
The Abbot[1]
Spiel Promo 2014
CutCassonne (C2)
Big Box 5 (C1)
Limited edition: Base game, Dutch monasteries
Russian Compilation 3 (Science & magic)
Gold Rush
Gold Rush - The Sheriff
Castles in Germany
The City Gates (PnP)
• 1. Inns and Cathedrals
• 2. Traders and Builders
Spiel Promo 2015
Carcassonne Start Tableau (C1)
Carcassonne Demo-Spiel (C2)
Winter Edition - Crop Circles
Star Wars
The Castle - Falcon
Over Hill and Dale
The Labyrinths
Cathedrals in Germany
Russian Promos - Solovei Razboynik and Vodyanoy
Monasteries in the Netherlands and Belgium (HiG Edition)
The Fortune Teller (PnP)
• 3. The Princess and the Dragon
• 4. The Tower
• 5. Abbey and the Mayor
Buildings in Japan
The Labyrinths
The Watchtowers
Spiel Promo 2016
The Festival (15 years)
The Fortune Teller (PnP)
LE: 15th Anniversary
Bundle: Base game II, Inns and Cathedrals II
Saint Nicholas Scoring Board (C2)
Star Wars Expansion 1
• 6. Count, King and Robber
• 8. Bridges, Castles and Bazaars
• 10. Under the Big Top
The Markets of Leipzig
The Flier (Flying Machines)[2]
The Messages (Dispatches)[2]
The Ferries[2]
The Goldmines[2]
Mage and Witch[2]
The Robbers[2]
Crop Circles[2]
Spiel Promo 2017
Carcassonne for 2
Big Box 6 (C2)
Limited edition: Markets of Leipzig
Amazon River Bonus Tiles
• 9. Hills & Sheep
The Fruit-Bearing Trees
Spiel Doch! Promo 02/2018
Monasteries in Germany
The Barber-Surgeons
Spiel Promo 2018
Limited Special Edition 2018 (C1) Safari
Spiel Doch Safari Promo
Castles in Germany
The Tollkeepers
Spiel Promo 2019
Carcassonne Maps - Germany
Carcassonne Maps - Benelux
Carcassonne Maps - France
Carcassonne Maps - Great Britain
Carcassonne Maps - Iberian Peninsula
Carcassonne Maps-Chips
Russian Big Box 2
The Land Surveyors (PnP)
Spiel Promo 2020
Cathedrals in Germany
The Peasant Revolts
Solo Variant
Print-and-Play Demo
Carcassonne Maps - USA East
Carcassonne Maps - USA West

Hunters And Gatherers (2nd Edition)
Carcassonne Junior (2nd Edition)
Winter Edition with River
20th Anniversary Base Game
20th Anniversary The Farmers[3]
20th Anniversary The Abbot[3]
20th Anniversary River[3]
20th Anniversary Expansion[3]
The Gifts
Spiel Promo 2021
The Signposts
Base Game C3
The Farmers C3[4]
The Abbot C3[4]
River C3[4]
• 1. Inns and Cathedrals C3[5]
• 2. Traders and Builders C3[5]
The Flier (Flying Machines) C3[5]
The Messages (Dispatches) C3[5]
The Ferries C3[5]
The Goldmines C3[5]
Mage and Witch C3[5]
The Robbers C3[5]
Crop Circles C3[5]
20th Anniversary Edition
Carcassonne Maps - Taiwan
Big Box 7 (C3)
• 11. Ghosts, Castles and Cemeteries[6]
The Festival C3
Castles in Germany C3
Spiel Promo 2022
The Bets
Ukraine Promo
Carcassonne Maps - Ukraine Mists over Carcassonne[6]

[1] Inbegrepen in basisspel C2, maar niet beschikbaar als zelfstandige uitbreiding.
[2] Inbegrepen in Big Box 6, maar niet verkrijgbaar als zelfstandige uitbreiding.
[3] Inbegrepen in de 20ste jubileumuitgave, maar niet verkrijgbaar als zelfstandige uitbreiding.
[4] Inbegrepen in basisspel C3, maar niet beschikbaar als zelfstandige uitbreiding.
[5] Inbegrepen in Big Box 7, maar niet verkrijgbaar als zelfstandige uitbreiding.
[6] Mist over Carcassonne kan gespeeld worden als Uitb. 11.