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Календарь Каркассона охватывает оба издания Каркассона, их дополнения, другие игры серии и варианты изданий.

200X : 2000 > 2001 > 2002 > 2003 > 2004 > 2005 > 2006 > 2007 > 2008 > 2009 >
201X : 2010 > 2011 > 2012 > 2013 > 2014 > 2015 > 2016 > 2017 > 2018 > 2019 >
202X : 2020
Год WicaChrone Carcassonne C1 Header.jpg
1-е Изд. Каркассона (К1)
WicaChrone Carcassonne C2 Header.jpg
2-е Изд. Каркассона (К2)
BigBox6 2017.png
Наборы, варианты изданий и особые издания
WicaChrone Carcassonne Spinoffs Header.jpg
Другие игры серии
Базовая игра
• 1. Таверны и соборы Охотники и собиратели
• 2. Купцы и строители
Король и атаман
Limited Edition 2003 Крепость
Охотники и собиратели - Разведчик
The Ark of the Covenant
Limited edition: Base game, Trader and Builder The City
• 3. Принцесса и дракон
Река II
Bundle: Base game, Traders and Builders, Princess and Dragon Новые земли
• 4. Башня
Games Quarterly #11
Limited edition: Base game, Princess and Dragon
Big Box (C1)
• 5. Аббатство и мэр Travel Carcassonne
Bundle: Base game, Tower
• 6. Граф, король и атаман
• 7. Катапульта
Big Box 2 (C1) New World
Колесо Фортуны
The Tunnel
Limited edition: Base game, Crop circles Дети Каркассона
• 8. Мосты, замки и базары
Круги на полях (I)
The Plague
La Porxada
Big Box 3 (C1) Карткассон
The Festival (10 years)
The Phantom
The School
10th Anniversary edition The Dice Game
Winter Edition Download Version
Летательные аппараты
Золотые рудники
Маг и ведьма
Круги на полях II
Little Buildings
Wind Roses
Big Box 4 (C1)
Bundle: Base game, Catapult
Зимний праздник
Зимний праздник - Пряничный человечек
Russian Promos - Hero at the Crossroads & Baba Yaga
Müller Exklusiv-Edition
Limited edition: Winter-Edition, Gingerbread man
Russian Big Box 1 (Royal gift)
South Seas
South Seas - Friday
• 9. Hills & Sheep
Monasteries in Germany
Monasteries in the Netherlands and Belgium (999 Games Edition)
Halflings I & II
Darmstadt Promo
Easter in Carcassonne (PnP)
Base game
The Farmers[1]
The Abbot[1]
Spiel Promo 2014
CutCassonne (C2)
Big Box 5 (C1)
Limited edition: Base game, Dutch monasteries
Russian Compilation 3 (Science & magic)
Gold Rush
Gold Rush - The Sheriff
Castles in Germany
The City Gates (PnP)
• 1. Inns and Cathedrals
• 2. Traders and Builders
Spiel Promo 2015
Carcassonne Start Tableau (C1)
Carcassonne Demo-Spiel (C2)
Winter Edition - Crop Circles
Star Wars
The Castle - Falcon
Over Hill and Dale
The Labyrinths
Cathedrals in Germany
Russian Promos - Solovei Razboynik and Vodyanoy
Monasteries in the Netherlands and Belgium (HiG Edition)
The Fortune Teller (PnP)
• 3. The Princess and the Dragon
• 4. The Tower
• 5. Abbey and the Mayor
Buildings in Japan
The Labyrinths
The Watchtowers
Spiel Promo 2016
The Festival (15 years)
The Fortune Teller (PnP)
LE: 15th Anniversary
Bundle: Base game II, Inns and Cathedrals II
Saint Nicholas Scoring Board (C2)
Star Wars Expansion 1
• 6. Count, King and Robber
• 8. Bridges, Castles and Bazaars
• 10. Under the Big Top
The Markets of Leipzig
The Flier (Flying Machines)[2]
The Messages (Dispatches)[2]
The Ferries[2]
The Goldmines[2]
Mage and Witch[2]
The Robbers[2]
Crop Circles[2]
Spiel Promo 2017
Carcassonne for 2
Big Box 6 (C2)
Limited edition: Markets of Leipzig
Amazon River Bonus Tiles
• 9. Hills & Sheep
The Fruit-Bearing Trees
Spiel Doch! Promo 02/2018
Monasteries in Germany
The Barber-Surgeons
Spiel Promo 2018
Limited Special Edition 2018 (C1) Safari
Spiel Doch Safari Promo
Castles in Germany
The Tollkeepers
Spiel Promo 2019
Carcassonne Maps - Germany
Carcassonne Maps - Benelux
Carcassonne Maps - France
Carcassonne Maps - Great Britain
Carcassonne Maps - Iberian Peninsula
Carcassonne Maps-Chips
Russian Big Box 2
The Land Surveyors (PnP)
Spiel Promo 2020
Cathedrals in Germany
The Peasant Revolts
Solo Variant
Print-and-Play Demo
Carcassonne Maps - USA East
Carcassonne Maps - USA West

Hunters And Gatherers (2nd Edition)
Carcassonne Junior (2nd Edition)
Winter Edition with River
20th Anniversary Base Game
20th Anniversary The Farmers[3]
20th Annivrsary The Abbot[3]
20th Anniversary River[3]
20th Anniversary Expansion[3]
The Gifts
Spiel Promo 2021
The Signposts
Base Game C3
The Farmers C3[4]
The Abbot C3[4]
River C3[4]
• 1. Inns and Cathedrals C3[5]
• 2. Traders and Builders C3[5]
The Flier (Flying Machines) C3[5]
The Messages (Dispatches) C3[5]
The Ferries C3[5]
The Goldmines C3[5]
Mage and Witch C3[5]
The Robbers C3[5]
Crop Circles C3[5]
20th Anniversary Edition
Carcassonne Maps - Taiwan
Big Box 7 (C3)
The Festival C3
Castles in Germany C3

[1] Included in Base Game C2, but not available as a standalone expansion
[2] Included in Big Box 6, but not available as a standalone expansion
[3] Included in the 20th Anniversary Edition, but not available as a standalone expansion.
[4] Included in Base Game C3, but not available as a standalone expansion
[5] Included in Big Box 7, but not available as a standalone expansion