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Translations of locales for JCZ in English


   "title": "JCloisterZone",
   "author": "farin",
   "version": "0.2.1",
   "jcz-version": "5.10.2",
   "game-setup": {
       "header": {
           "tiles": "Tiles",
           "components": "Components",
           "rules": "Rules",
           "timer": "Timer"
       "tiles": {
           "core-sets": "Core sets",
           "major-expansions": "Major expansions",
           "minor-expansions": "Minor expansions",
           "promos": "Promos",
           "fan-expansions": "Fan expansions"
       "components": {
           "followers": "Meeples",
           "neutral-figures": "Neutral figures",
           "tokens": "Tokens",
           "rewards": "Rewards"
       "game-element-box": {
           "mandatory-for-selected-tiles": "Mandatory for selected tiles",
           "related-tiles-not-selected": "Related tiles not selected"
       "rules": {
           "optional-game-mechanics": "Optional game mechanics",
           "gameplay-variants": "Gameplay variants",
           "scoring-variants": "Scoring variants",
           "starting-tiles-configuration": "Starting tile(s) configuration",
           "starting-tiles-different-configuration": "Some expansions provides alternative starting configurations.",
           "farmers-description": "Players are allowed to place meeples on fields.",
           "garden-description": "Can be occupied by an abbot.",
           "garden-disabled": "Abbot is not selected.",
           "cathedral-description": "Completed cities with cathedral \u00d73 instead of \u00d72, no points during final scoring.",
           "cathedral-disabled": "No tile with Cathedral is in game.",
           "inn-description": "Completed roads with inn \u00d72, no points during final scoring.",
           "inn-disabled": "No tile with Inn is in the game.",
           "princess-description": "Princess can remove knight from a\u00a0city.",
           "princess-disabled": "No tile with Princess is in game.",
           "portal-description": "Through magic portal meeple can be placed on any tile.",
           "portal-disabled": "No tile with Magic portal is in game.",
           "bazaar-description": "Land tiles are auctioned when bazaar comes into play.",
           "bazaar-disabled": "No tile with Bazaar is in game.",
           "hill-description": "Used as tiebreaker. Also hides one random tile under it.",
           "hill-disabled": "No tile with Hill is in game.",
           "vineyard-description": "Additional points for nearby monastery.",
           "vineyard-disabled": "No tile with Vineyard is in game.",
           "pig-herd-description": "Counts as additional pig on field (farmers scores more points).",
           "pig-herd-disabled": "No tile with Pig herd is in game.",
           "shrine-description": "Shrine placed next to a monastery compete who finish feature first. (second gets no points)",
           "shrine-disabled": "No tile with Shrine is in game.",
           "festival-description": "With festival tile you can return one of your own figures instead of placing one.",
           "festival-disabled": "No tile with Festival is in game.",
           "siege-description": "Besieged cities are less valuable.",
           "siege-disabled": "No tile with Siege is in game.",
           "escape-description": "Escape allowed via a neighboring monastery.",
           "escape-disabled": "No tile with Siege is in game.",
           "acrobats-description": "Placing meeple as an acrobat on acrobat space.",
           "acrobats-disabled": "No tile with Acrobats space is in game."
       "variant": {
           "princess-action": {
               "description": "The Princess {} remove knight from a\u00a0city.",
               "may": "may",
               "must": "must"
           "fairy-placement": {
               "description": "The Fairy is deployed {}.",
               "next-follower": "next to a\u00a0meeple",
               "on-tile": "on a tile"
           "dragon-move": {
               "description": "Dragon movement occurs {} scoring.",
               "before-scoring": "before",
               "after-scoring": "after"
           "barn-placement": {
               "description": "Barn {} be placed on a\u00a0field already occupied by another barn.",
               "not-occupied": "can't",
               "occupied": "can"
           "wagon-move": {
               "description": "After scored, wagon can me moved to adjacent unoccupied, incomplete feature. Adjacent means: {}",
               "C1": "connected (road crossing or road heading to a city/monastery) (1st ed.)",
               "C2": "feature on the same or an adjacent tile (2nd ed.)"
           "bazaar-no-auction": {
               "description": "No bazaar bidding. Each player just chooses one tile."
           "hill-tiebreaker": {
               "description": "Tiebreaker method: {} on hills.",
               "at-least-one-follower": "at least one meeple",
               "number-of-followers": "number of meeples"
           "espace-variant": {
               "description": "Monastery must be placed adjacent to {} of a\u00a0besieged city to escape.",
               "any-tile": "any tile",
               "siege-tile": "siege tile"
           "gq11-pig-herd": {
               "description": "Field tile from Games Quarterly 11 expansion {}.",
               "pig": "contains pig herd",
               "nothing": "is just empty field"
           "tunnelize-other-expansions": {
               "description": "Apply tunnel rule on tiles from other expansions with depicted tunnels."
           "more-tunnel-tokens": {
               "description": "Assign {} token sets to each player in game of two/three.",
               "3/2": "3/2",
               "2/1": "2/1",
               "1/1": "1/1"
           "festival-return": {
               "description": "Player may return one of one\u2019s own {}.",
               "meeple": "player figures",
               "follower": "meeples"
           "keep-monasteries": {
               "description": "Special monasteries {}.",
               "replace": "replace original monasteries",
               "keep": "are just added"
           "labyrinth-variant": {
               "description": "Play {} labyrinth variant",
               "basic": "basic",
               "advanced": "advanced"
           "coc-final-scoring": {
               "description": "Moving meeples from the City of Carcassonne before final scoring {}.",
               "market-only": "is allowed only from market district (C2)",
               "any-district": "is not limited (C1)"
           "count-move": {
               "description": "When meeple is deployed to the City of C. then the Count is moved {}.",
               "by-player": "by player",
               "clockwise": "clockwise to the next district",
               "follow-meeple": "to whichever district as the meeple"
           "little-buildings-scoring": {
               "description": "Assign {} points for tower/house/shed.",
               "1/1/1": "1/1/1",
               "3/2/1": "3/2/1"
           "king-and-robber-scoring": {
               "description": "Score {}.",
               "default": "1 point for every completed feature at the end of the game",
               "10/20": "10 points / each card at the end of the game",
               "15/40": "15/40 pts for having single/both cards at the end of the game",
               "continuously": "1 point for every completed feature during the game"
           "tiny-city-scoring": {
               "description": "Tiny city is scored for {}.",
               "4": "4 points",
               "2": "2 points"
       "timer": {
           "player-time-limit": "Player time limit",
           "unlimited-time": "unlimited time",
           "enable-limits": "enable limits",
           "disable-limits": "disable limits",
           "at-game-start-set-timer-to": "At game start set timer to",
           "each-turn-increase-timer-by": "Each turn increase timer by",
           "when-time-is-over": "When time is over",
           "do-nothing": "do nothing"
       "create": {
           "open-slot": "open slot",
           "local-player": "local player",
           "remote-player": "remote player",
           "click-to-assign": "click to assign",
           "rename-player": "Rename Player",
           "name": "Name"
       "open-game": {
           "untitled-game": "untitled game",
           "assign-all-players-to-start": "Assign all players to start",
           "no-player-in-game": "No player in game",
           "share-the-key": "Share the key with other players to let them connect to the game.",
           "waiting-for-host-to-start-the-game": "Waiting for host to start the game.",
           "options": "Options",
           "randomize-seating-order": "Randomize seating order",
           "hide-remaining-tiles-cheat-sheet": "Hide remaining tiles cheat sheet",
           "set-game-title": "Set Game Title",
           "name": "Name"
       "title": "Game Setup",
       "additional-elements": "Additional elements",
       "altered-gameplay": "Altered Gameplay",
       "altered-scoring": "Altered Scoring",
       "removed-elements": "Removed Elements",
       "selected-tiles": "Selected tiles"
   "index": {
       "online": {
           "title": "Public server hosted games",
           "private-games-only": "Only private games are now supported.",
           "no-random-discovery": "it means no random players discovery",
           "connected-to": "Connected to {0}",
           "abandon-game": "Abandon game",
           "remove-unfinished-game-confirmation": "Do you want to permanently remove unfinished game from your list?",
           "join-game": "Join game",
           "paste-a-game-key": "Paste a game key provided by host",
           "game-id": "Game ID",
           "games-in-progress": "Games in progress",
           "you-have-no-game-in-progress": "You have no game in progress.",
           "online-storage-description": "Leaving online game just keep the unfinished game in the background. You can rejoin it from this list whenever you want."
       "local": {
           "title": "Player hosted games",
           "new-game": "New game",
           "load-game": "Load game",
           "create-directly-from": "Create a new game directly from",
           "my-favorites": "my favorites",
           "continue-with-recently-saved-games": "Continue with recently saved games"
       "new-version-available": "New JCloisterZone version is available.",
       "release-notes": "Release Notes",
       "update-to": "Update to {version}",
       "automatic-updates-linux-only": "Automatic updates are currently supported only on Linux platform. Please download new version directly and update manually."
   "about": {
       "configuration-file": "Configuration file",
       "jcloisterzone-game-engine": "JCloisterZone Game Engine",
       "system-java-version": "System Java Version",
       "version": "version"
   "bookmarks": {
       "title": "My favorites",
       "description-start": "You have not game setup in favorites list. To add setup here create a game first and then use",
       "description-end": "button in overview sidebar.",
       "setups-saved-to-file": "Setups saved to file",
       "nothing-saved": "Nothing saved."
   "button": {
       "add": "Add",
       "add-to-favorites": "Add To Favorites",
       "as-a-abbot": "As a Abbot",
       "as-a-monk": "As a Monk",
       "buy": "Buy",
       "cancel": "Cancel",
       "change": "Change",
       "clear-list": "clear list",
       "close": "Close",
       "confirm": "Confirm",
       "connect": "Connect",
       "create": "Create",
       "create-game": "Create Game",
       "disconnect": "Disconnect",
       "hide-stats": "Hide Stats",
       "grow-the-flock": "Grow the Flock",
       "join-game": "Join Game",
       "load": "Load",
       "load-setup-from-file": "Load Setup From File",
       "may-deploy": "May deploy",
       "must-remove": "Must remove",
       "pass": "Pass",
       "play-again": "Play again",
       "play-online": "Play Online",
       "plus-description": "Add multiple instances",
       "raise": "Raise",
       "remove": "Remove",
       "remove-from-favorites": "Remove From Favorites",
       "reset": "Reset",
       "resume": "Resume",
       "rules": "Rules",
       "rules-1st-edition": "Rules (1st ed.)",
       "save-to-file": "Save To File",
       "score-the-sheep": "Score the Sheep",
       "select": "Select",
       "sell": "Sell",
       "set": "Set",
       "show-stats": "Show Stats",
       "start": "Start",
       "undo": "Undo"
   "join-game": {
       "title": "Join Remote Game",
       "host": "Host",
       "connect-to-remote-host": "Connect to remote host with created game.",
       "the-game-on-remote-host-must-be-in-color-selection-phase": "The game on remote host must be in color selection phase."
   "menu": {
       "playonline-connect": "Play Online",
       "playonline-disconnect": "Disconnect",
       "new-game": "New Game",
       "join-game": "Join Game",
       "leave-game": "Leave Game",
       "save-game": "Save Game",
       "load-game": "Load Game / Setup",
       "settings": "Settings",
       "exit": "Exit",
       "session": "Session",
       "game": "Game",
       "help": "Help",
       "undo": "Undo",
       "zoom-in": "Zoom In",
       "zoom-out": "Zoom Out",
       "tiles": "Tiles",
       "farm-hints": "Farm hints",
       "toggle-history": "Toggle History",
       "show-game-setup": "Show Game Setup",
       "rules": "Rules",
       "about": "About"
   "settings": {
       "title": "Settings",
       "player": {
           "title": "Player",
           "nickname": "Nickname",
           "nickname-description": "Nickname used when player is assigned to a game.",
           "preferred-color": "Preferred Color",
           "preferred-color-description": "Automatically take a color after game join.",
           "none": "None"
       "game-interface": {
           "title": "Game Interface",
           "turn-confirmation": "Turn Confirmation",
           "turn-confirmation-description": "Confirmation allows player undo performed actions before activity is passed to a next player. It happens before scoring or eg. in during opponent turn when you move wagon, etc. Enable explicit confirmation\u2026",
           "always-enabled": "always enabled",
           "only-when-meeple-was-deployed-on-a-field": "only when meeple was deployed on a field",
           "only-when-meeple-was-deployed-on-a-tower": "only when meeple was deployed on a tower",
           "beep": "Beep",
           "beep-description": "Beep when you are on turn (or when your action is required during opponent's turn).",
           "enable-beep": "Enable beep",
           "active-player-indication": "Active player indication",
           "multiple-indicators-are-allowed": "Multiple indicators are allowed.",
           "colored-background-in-right-sidebar": "colored background in right sidebar",
           "triangle-in-top-bar": "triangle in top bar",
           "player-list": "Player List",
           "player-list-description": "You may enable player list (right sidebar) rotation.",
           "player-list-no-rotate": "No rotate",
           "player-list-active-on-top": "Keep active player always on top",
           "player-list-local-on-top": "Keep local player always on top"
       "appearance": {
           "title": "Appearance",
           "theme": "Theme",
           "theme-light": "Light",
           "theme-dark": "Dark",
           "artworks": "Artworks",
           "artworks-description": "Additional artworks may by provided by add-ons.",
           "illustrated-by": "(illustrated by {0})"
       "add-ons": {
           "title": "Add-ons",
           "installation-is-not-allowed-during-game": "Installing or removing add-on is not allowed when game is running or game setup is open.",
           "finish-or-leave-game-to-make-changes": "Please finish or leave the game first to make changes here.",
           "install-add-on": "Install add-on",
           "installed-add-ons": "Installed add-ons",
           "drag-add-on-here-or-click-here": "Drag add-on here (.jca file) or click here to select it.",
           "look-at-jcz-for-add-ons": "Look at {link} for available add-ons.",
           "artwork-not-found-internet-connection-is-needed": "Unable to locate or download addon with default artwork. Internet connection is needed at fist run to download it.",
           "please-check-connectivity-and-restart-app": "Please check your connectivity and restart app to try it again.",
           "add-on-url": "add-on url",
           "add-on-already-installed": "Add-on {id} is already installed. If you want to reinstall it please remove it first.",
           "invalid-add-on-multiple-folders-in-root": "Invalid add-on: package must contain only single folder in root"
       "java": {
           "title": "Java",
           "description": "Although JCloisterZone client is pure native application, Java is required to run game engine. In other words to play a game.",
           "java-executable": "Java executable",
           "you-may-set-path": "You can set manually path to {0}",
           "using-system-default": "Using system default.",
           "selected": "Selected: {0}",
           "version": "Java version {0}",
           "warning-file-is-not-java-binary": "File doesn't look like a Java binary.",
           "warning-java-not-found": "Java not found.",
           "java-is-not-installed": "Java is not installed!",
           "java-is-outdated": "Java is outdated!",
           "unable-to-find-java": "Unable to locate Java on your system.",
           "java-is-required": "Java is required to start a game.",
           "download-java": "Download Java",
           "java-path-is-not-valid": "Your manually configured Java path is not valid.",
           "java-version-found": "Java 11 or higher is required (found {version}) to start a game.",
           "change-in-settings": "Change it in {settings}.",
           "verify": "If Java is already installed, verify if Java is added to your system path or select java binary manually in {settings}.",
           "select-manually": "Or select proper java manually in {settings}."
       "engine": {
           "engine-path-not-exists": " Can't locate game engine (file {path} doesn't exist or can't be read)",
           "unable-to-spawn-game-engine": "Unable to spawn game engine. Details:"
   "tile-set": {
       "abbey-and-mayor": "Abbey & Mayor",
       "abbey-and-mayor-release": "The fifth major expansion released in 2007.",
       "abbey-and-mayor-description": "Each a player can also place Abbey tile from his supply.",
       "basic": "Base game",
       "base-game-description": "You can play tiles with 1st Edition or New edition rules (eg. gardens). This can be selected in second game setup step.",
       "besiegers": "The Besiegers",
       "bridges-castles-and-bazaars": "Bridges, Castles and Bazaars",
       "bridges-castles-and-bazaars-release": "The eight major expansion released in 2010. (Sixth major expansion Count, King and Robber is split into individual small modules. Seventh, The Catapult, is obviously skipped)",
       "cathars": "The Cathars",
       "count": "The Count of Carcassonne",
       "corn-circles": "Crop Circles",
       "crop-circles-I": "Crop Circles I",
       "crop-circles-II": "Crop Circles II",
       "cult": "The Cult",
       "cult-places": "Cult places",
       "darmstadt": "Darmstadt",
       "darmstadt-release": "Originally released in 2014.",
       "heretics-and-shrines": "Heretics and Shrines",
       "ferries": "The Ferries",
       "festival": "The Festival",
       "flier": "The Flying Machines",
       "gq11": "The Mini Expansion (GQ11)",
       "gq11-release": "Originally released in Games Quarterly magazine in 2006.",
       "goldmines": "The Goldmines",
       "hills-and-sheep": "Hills & Sheep",
       "hills-and-sheep-release": "The ninth major expansion released in 2014.",
       "inns-and-cathedrals": "Inns & Cathedrals",
       "inns-and-cathedrals-release": "First major expansion for Carcassonne released in 2002.",
       "king-and-robber": "King & Robber",
       "king-and-robber-release": "Originally released in 2003 as part of King & Scout. Later included in the sixth major expansion: Count, King & Robber (2007)",
       "labyrinth": "The Labyrinth",
       "labyrinth-release": "Originally released in 2016.",
       "mage-and-witch": "Mage & Witch",
       "monasteries": "Monasteries",
       "princess-and-dragon": "The Princess & the Dragon",
       "princess-and-dragon-release": "The third major expansion released in 2005.",
       "river": "The River",
       "river-I": "The River I",
       "river-I-release": "The River I is mini expansion released in 2001.",
       "river-II": "The River II",
       "river-II-release": "The River II was released in 2006 and now is contained in sixth major expansion Count, King & Robber.",
       "russian-promos": "Russian Promos",
       "russian-promos-2013-title": "Tiles from 2013",
       "russian-promos-2016-title": "Tiles from 2016",
       "siege": "Siege",
       "spiel-doch": "Spiel Doch!",
       "tower": "The Tower",
       "tower-release": "The fourth major expansion released in 2006.",
       "traders-and-builders": "Traders & Builders",
       "traders-and-builders-release": "The second major expansion released in 2003",
       "tunnel": "The Tunnel",
       "under-the-big-top": "Under The Big Top",
       "watchtowers": "The Watchtowers",
       "wind-roses": "The Wind Roses",
       "winter": "Winter",
       "winter-edition-description": "Basic set from Winter Edition spin-off. Contains basic game extended with additional 12 tiles."
   "core-messages": {
       "game-engine-not-available": "Game engine not available.",
       "no-core-set": "No Core set!",
       "show-available-only": "show available only",
       "done": "Done",
       "choose": "Choose",
       "used-time": "Used time",
       "tiles": "Tiles",
       "the-biggest-city": "The Biggest City",
       "the-longest-road": "The Longest Road",
       "offline": "Offline",
       "incomplete-features": "Incomplete features",
       "penalties": "Penalties"
   "game": {
       "tile-pack-dialog": {
           "tiles": "Tiles",
           "game-tiles": "Game tiles",
           "disabled-show-remaining": "The game was created with option which doesn't allow showing remaining tiles count.",
           "remaining-tiles": "Remaining tiles",
           "hidden-tiles-under-hill": "Don't forget that {count} unknown {tiles} from list is hidden under a hill.",
           "tiles-plural": "tiles | tile | tiles"
       "action": {
           "or": "or",
           "your-action": "your action",
           "skip-action": "Skip action",
           "waiting-for-player-confirmation": "Waiting for player confirmation.",
           "you-may-place-an-abbey": "You may place an abbey",
           "player-may-place-an-abbey": "Player may place an abbey",
           "place-the-tile": "Place the tile",
           "player-must-place-the-tile": "Player must place the tile",
           "draw-a-tile": "Draw a tile",
           "you-may-place-a-meeple-in-a-city-district": "You may place a meeple in a city district.",
           "player-may-place-a-meeple-in-a-city-district": "Player may place a meeple in a city district.",
           "you-may-move-a-meeple-from-a-city-district": "You may move a meeple from a city district.",
           "player-may-move-a-meeple-from-a-city-district": "Player may move a meeple from a city district.",
           "you-may-move-a-meeple-from-the-market-district-before-final-scoring": "You may move a meeple from the market district before final scoring.",
           "player-may-move-a-meeple-from-the-market-district-before-final-scoring": "Player may move a meeple from the market district before final scoring.",
           "you-may-move-a-meeple-from-a-city-district-before-final-scoring": "You may move a meeple from a city district before final scoring.",
           "player-may-move-a-meeple-from-a-city-district-before-final-scoring": "Player may move a meeple from a city district before final scoring.",
           "you-may-place-a-meeple-next-to-already-present-one": "You may place a meeple next to already present one.",
           "player-may-place-a-meeple-next-to-already-present-one": "Player may place a meeple next to already present one.",
           "bazaar-choose-a-tile-and-your-bid": "Choose a tile and your bid",
           "bazaar-player-must-choose-a-tile-and-bid": "Player must choose a tile and bid",
           "bazaar-choose-a-tile": "Choose a tile",
           "bazaar-player-must-choose-a-tile": "Player must choose a tile",
           "bazaar-raise-bid-or-pass": "Raise bid or pass",
           "bazaar-player-must-raise-bid-or-pass": "Player must raise bid or pass",
           "bazaar-buy-sell-the-tile-from-to": "Buy/Sell the tile from/to",
           "bazaar-player-must-buy-sell-the-tile-from-to": "Player must buy/sell the tile from/to",
           "castle-you-are-allowed-to-place": "You are allowed to place",
           "castle-player-is-allowed-to-place": "Player is allowed to place",
           "coc-you-can-move-the-count": "You can move the Count",
           "coc-player-can-move-the-count": "Player can move the Count",
           "crop-circles-player-must-choose": "Player must choose: Each player may deploy or must remove meeple on/from {feature}.",
           "crop-circles-choose-one": "Choose one. Each player {deploy} or {remove} meeple on/from {feature}.",
           "crop-circles-you-must-return-meeple": "You must return one of your meeple.",
           "crop-circles-player-must-return-meeple": "Player must return a meeple",
           "siege-you-can-escape-a-besieged-city": "You can escape a besieged city.",
           "siege-player-can-escape-a-besieged-city": "Player can escape a besieged city.",
           "ferries-place-a-ferry": "Place a ferry",
           "ferries-you-can-move-ferries": "You can move ferries",
           "ferries-player-must-place-a-ferry": "Player must place a ferry",
           "ferries-player-can-move-ferries": "Player can move ferries",
           "goldmines-place-a-gold-ingot": "Place a gold ingot",
           "goldmines-player-must-place-a-gold-ingot": "Player must place a gold ingot",
           "mage-and-witch-remove-mage-or-witch": "Remove mage or witch.",
           "mage-and-witch-player-must-remove-mage-or-witch": "Player must remove mage or witch.",
           "tower-select-follower-for-exchange": "Select meeple for exchange",
           "tower-player-must-select-follower-for-exchange": "Player must select meeple for exchange",
           "hills-and-sheep-shepherd-fields-was-expanded": "Shepherd's field was expanded.",
           "hills-and-sheep-tokens-left-plural": "None tokens left | 1 token left | {tokens} tokens left",
           "hills-and-receive-points-plural": "receive 0 points | receive 1 point | receive {points} points",
           "hills-and-player-must-choose-grow-or-score-plural": "Player must choose to grow the flock or score sheep for {points} point. | Player must choose to grow the flock or score sheep for {points} points.",
           "tower-you-can-take-a-prisoner": "You can take a prisoner",
           "tower-player-can-take-a-prisoner": "Player can take a prisoner",
           "monasteries-how-do-you-want-place-follower": "How do you want to place meeple on special monastery?"
       "feature": {
           "acrobats": "Acrobats",
           "bazaar": "Bazaar",
           "big-top": "Big Top",
           "cathedral": "Cathedral",
           "castle": "Castle",
           "castles": "Castles",
           "church-bonus": "Church bonus",
           "city": "City",
           "city-small": "Small City",
           "cities": "Cities",
           "coat-of-arms": "Coat of arms",
           "crop-circle": "Crop Circle",
           "escape": "Escape",
           "fairy": "Fairy",
           "farmers": "Farmers",
           "festival": "Festival",
           "field": "Field",
           "fields": "Fields",
           "flock": "Flock",
           "garden": "Garden",
           "gardens": "Gardens",
           "gold": "Gold",
           "gold-ingots": "Gold ingots",
           "hill": "Hill",
           "inn": "Inn",
           "king": "King",
           "king-and-robber": "King & Robber",
           "monastery": "Monastery",
           "monasteries": "Monasteries",
           "pig-herd": "Pig herd",
           "portal": "Magic portal",
           "princess": "Princess",
           "ringmaster": "Ringmaster",
           "road": "Road",
           "roads": "Roads",
           "robber": "Robber Barron",
           "shrine": "Shrine",
           "siege": "Siege",
           "special-monastery": "Special monastery",
           "special-monasteries": "Special monasteries",
           "trade-good": "Trade Good",
           "trade-goods": "Trade Goods",
           "vineyard": "Vineyard",
           "vodyanoy": "Vodyanoy",
           "watchtower": "Watchtower",
           "watchtowers": "Watchtowers",
           "wind-rose": "Wind rose",
           "yaga-hut": "Yaga hut"
       "scoring": {
           "incomplete": "incomplete",
           "challenged": "challenged",
           "empty": "empty",
           "feature-scored": "feature scored",
           "turn-start": "turn start",
           "barn-placed": "barn placed",
           "barn-connected": "barn connected"
       "element": {
           "small-follower": "Small Meeple",
           "abbot": "Abbot",
           "phantom": "Phantom",
           "big-follower": "Big Meeple",
           "builder": "Builder",
           "pig": "Pig",
           "mayor": "Mayor",
           "wagon": "Wagon",
           "barn": "Barn",
           "shepherd": "Shepherd",
           "ringmaster": "Ringmaster",
           "fairy": "Fairy",
           "dragon": "Dragon",
           "count": "Count",
           "mage": "Mage",
           "witch": "Witch",
           "big-top": "Big Top",
           "tower": "Tower",
           "abbey": "Abbey",
           "bridge": "Bridge",
           "castle": "Castle",
           "tunnel": "Tunnel",
           "ferry": "Ferry",
           "little-buildings": "Little buildings",
           "traders": "Trade Goods",
           "king": "King",
           "robber": "Robber Barron",
           "gold": "Gold"