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This page contains changes which are not marked for translation.

Symbol Halflings2 C2.pngHalflings


Creates translatable link for Symbol Halflings1 C2.pngHalflings expansion
Names used for link are defined in template Template:HalflingsName
Documentation generated by Template:ExpansionLinkDocumentation


  • variant (optional) [sorting|short| -empty-] see Examples
  • edition (optional) [C1] use C1/C2/C3 edition instead of default C3 (C2, C1) edition
  • logo (optional) [hide|noborder|-empty-] visualization of logo, see Examples
  • text (optional) allow to change text of link
  • anchor (optional) link will include also #anchor to specific part of page. This is NOT language neutral!

Examples (the output is generated by the buffer, after the change it is necessary to wait for a while)

edition is not defined
Wiki Output
{{HalflingsLink}} Symbol Halflings1 C2.pngHalflings
{{HalflingsLink|logo=hide}} Halflings
{{HalflingsLink|logo=noborder}} Symbol Halflings1 C2.pngHalflings
{{HalflingsLink|text=some text}} Symbol Halflings1 C2.pngsome text
{{HalflingsLink|variant=sorting}} Symbol Halflings1 C2.pngHalflings
{{HalflingsLink|variant=short}} Symbol Halflings1 C2.pngHalflings
{{HalflingsLink|text=''}} Symbol Halflings1 C2.png

Wiki Output
{{HalflingsLink|edition=C1}} Symbol Halflings2 C1.pngHalflings
{{HalflingsLink|logo=hide|edition=C1}} Halflings
{{HalflingsLink|logo=noborder|edition=C1}} Symbol Halflings2 C1.pngHalflings
{{HalflingsLink|text=some text|edition=C1}} Symbol Halflings2 C1.pngsome text
{{HalflingsLink|variant=sorting|edition=C1}} Symbol Halflings2 C1.pngHalflings
{{HalflingsLink|variant=short|edition=C1}} Symbol Halflings2 C1.pngHalflings
{{HalflingsLink|text={{HalflingsName|edition=C1}} C1}} Symbol Halflings1 C2.pngHalflings C1
{{HalflingsLink|edition=C1|text=''}} Symbol Halflings2 C1.png