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General info and comments

Expansion symbol

Vistas fan-expansion was released by Carcassonne Central members Michael Stacup (stalcupojoy) and Snearone which redesign tiles into C2 style as Vistas Revisited C2.

There is much hard work to be done in the land of Carcassonne. But it is also important that the people stop to rest and enjoy the beauty of the land around them. For it is written in the Book of Books that even God Himself stopped and "looked at everything He had made, and it was very good," and "on the seventh day He rested from all His work."


  • 12 landscape tiles with Vista Points.

New Land tiles

The new Land tiles are played like those in the base game.

Vistas Revisited C2 05.png
The road does not end on this tile. Instead, it branches into 3 directions.
Vistas Revisited C2 11.png
This tile has two seperate city segments. If you place a tile with one city segment to the top of it, the city segments become connected.
Note: If you place it next to similar tile like the ones from Hills & Sheep Hills & Sheep as shown, all of the separate city segments are connected.



Mix the new tiles in with the rest of the tiles.


Vista C2.png
1. Placing a tile

Whenever you draw a tile, place it normally.

2. Placing a meeple

In addition to normal placement options, a player may deploy a meeple on the Vista Point as a Sightseer.

3. Scoring a feature

Each Vista Point faces outward toward a six-tile “Vista” area, two tiles deep and three tiles wide (see diagram) and is scored when this six-tile area is completed. This “Vista” area does not include the tile on which the Vista Point itself is located.

A Sightseer scores 1 point per type of feature in the Vista that is both “visible” and “significant.” A feature type is:

  1. Visible if it is intended as a visible part of the landscape, rather than functioning as an icon (e.g. city pennants, icons like dragon, princess etc.).
  2. Significant if it either:
    • Scores (e.g. cities, roads, gardens, fields, vista points)
    • Influences scoring (e.g. inns, cathedrals, tunnels, hills)
    • Causes an action (e.g. volcano, magic portal, bazaars)
    • Is a notable topographical feature (e.g. the river, water towers)

When not sure, check our Table of Scorable & Non scorable Features.

Example 1 - Blue on a completed Vista Point would score for the following types of features: cities, roads, fields, garden, highwayman, inn, crop circle, farmhouse, vista point, crossroad and river. The Sightseer scores 11 points and then return to its owner's supply.
Final Scoring

Any incomplete Vistas score 1 point per type of visible, significant feature, just as during the game.

Scorable & Non scorable Features

Rule of thumb: Every feature which is scoreable or significant as described in 3. Scoring feature

This table is dynamic and contains figures depends on selected expansions.
ExpansionScorableNot scorable
Base GameBase Game CityCoat of arms
Icon Pennant blue white C2.png
The AbbotThe Abbot Garden
Feature Garden C2.png
Large Expansions
Inns & CathedralsInns & Cathedrals Cathedral
Feature Cathedral C2.png
Feature Inn C2.png
Traders & BuildersTraders & Builders Goods symbol
Traders And Builders C3 Good Cloth.png
The Princess & the DragonThe Princess & the Dragon Magic Portal
Feature MagicPortal C2.png
Princess symbol
Feature Princess C2.png
Feature Volcano C2.png
Dragon symbol
Feature Dragon C2.png
The TowerThe Tower Tower foundation (including tower floors)
Tower C2 Tile H.jpg
Abbey & MayorAbbey & Mayor Abbey
Abbey And Mayor C2 Tile A.jpg
Count, King & RobberCount, King & Robber City of Carcassonne
Count Of Carcassonne C2 Feature Tiles.png
River II C2 Feature River Fork Tile.png
Heretics C2 Tile A.jpg
The CatapultThe Catapult The Fair
Feature Fair C1.png
Bridges, Castles & BazaarsBridges, Castles & Bazaars Bazaar
Feature Bazaar C2.png
Figure Bridge.png
Token Castle C2.png
Hills & SheepHills & Sheep Hill
Feature Hill C2.png
Scoring C2 Vineyard.png
Minor Expansions
Fan Expansions

If playing with any fan expansions, players must consider, before starting the game, which of the new elements introduced by the fan expansions will and will not count toward Vista scoring.
Players are advised to use the criteria outlined in the 3. Scoring a feature section, but ultimately simply need to agree with each other.
This is list of suggested features to score. List contains some of fan-expansion with scorable elements[1] supported by WiCa.

Castle LordsCastle Lords Castle on road
CastleLords C1 TileC.png
The City GatesThe City Gates City Gate
CityGates C1 Tile 04.png
The Flying Machines 2The Flying Machines 2 Hill
The Flying Machines 2 C2 Tile 4.png
Fortune TellerFortune Teller Fortune Teller Tent
Feature Fortuneteller.png
La PorxadaLa Porxada La Porxada
Porxada C1 Tile 01.jpg
The LabyrinthsThe Labyrinths Labyrinth
The Labyrinths B.png
VistasVistasVista Point
Vista C2.png
The WellsThe Wells Well
First Wells C2 02.png

Other expansions

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Tile distribution

Vistas Revisited C2

Total tiles: 12
Vistas Revisited C2 01.png x1
Vistas Revisited C2 02.png x1
Vistas Revisited C2 03.png x1
Vistas Revisited C2 04.png x1
Vistas Revisited C2 05.png x1
Vistas Revisited C2 06.png x1
Vistas Revisited C2 07.png x1
Vistas Revisited C2 08.png x1
Vistas Revisited C2 09.png x1
Vistas Revisited C2 10.png x1
Vistas Revisited C2 11.png x1
Vistas Revisited C2 12.png x1

Several tiles have a small illustration on them. The letters in brackets show which illustration is on each tile:

Feature Garden C2.png
G | Garden
Feature Farmhouse C2.png
F | Farmhouse
Feature Donkeys C2.png
D | Donkey stable

Note: The small illustrations of a cowshed, a pigsty and a donkey stable are collectively referred to as sheds or stables.

Vistas C1

Total tiles: 12
Vistas C1 01.png x1
Vistas C1 02.png x1
Vistas C1 03.png x1
Vistas C1 04.png x1
Vistas C1 05.png x1
Vistas C1 06.png x1
Vistas C1 07.png x1
Vistas C1 08.png x1
Vistas C1 09.png x1
Vistas C1 10.png x1
Vistas C1 11.png x1
Vistas C1 12.png x1


For Icons explanation and licensing please visit Icons page.

  1. Fan-expansions supported by WiCa without scorable elements are not listed.