Wind Roses (1st edition)

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General info and comments

Punchout Windroses 1
Spielbox Issue 5 2013
Punchout Windroses 2

Originally released by Hans im Glück in 2012. [1]

Re-released in Spielbox with slight modifications in 2013.

This expansion has been developed for the Carcassonne basic game. All the basic game rules still apply in addition to the expansion rules below.


Windrose C1 orangeback.png
  • 6 new land tiles with wind roses
    • Orange wind rose with starting tile back
    • 4 quarter-wind roses with normal back
    • Blue wind rose with normal back


The following rules relate to the Hans im Glück version. Rules variations for the Spielbox version follow.


Instead of the normal starting tile, the orange wind rose tile is used as the starting tile.

The remaining 5 tiles with wind roses are mixed in with the normal landscape tiles.

Placing a tile

The Orange wind rose

The starting tile divides the playing area into four sections (NO [NE], SO [SE], SW, NW). For each of these sections there is an associated landscape tile.

Windrose C1 quadrants.png

The 4 Quarter wind roses

If a player draws one of the 4 tiles with a quarter-wind rose and, using the normal rules, places it in the corresponding section[2], he or she immediately receives 3 points. [3] These points are independent of any other scoring. [4] The fields in the horizontal and vertical rows of the starting tile are a part of two sections. The Wind Roses do not affect the features in any way (e.g., they do not disrupt any roads).

The Blue wind rose

If the tile with the blue wind rose is drawn, it will be placed using the normal rules. The blue wind rose now, and for the rest of the game, takes over the function of the orange starting wind rose. That is, the playing area will now be divided into four sections. [5] in accordance with the blue wind rose. As a result, entirely new directions of the cardinal points arise. Players earn points when they now play more wind rose tiles following the orientation of the blue wind rose.

Tile placing example:
RED places the "SW" tile on the correct gameboard section. RED receives 3 points for it. (The compass need not be placed in the same orientation as the starting wind rose.) Because the city was completed, BLUE receives 4 points.

Spielbox Version - rules variance from Hans im Glück version

The tiles in the Spielbox version of this expansion are marked only with N and S; the other two directions are not labeled on the Windroses themselves. Thus, the rules are changed as follows:

The starting tile divides the playing area into two sections (N and S); each of these sections has two new landscape tiles associated with it. The spaces in the horizontal row of the starting tile are part of two sections.

Placing a meeple

Place a meeple according to the normal rules. You cannot place a meeple on any part of the Wind Rose.

Scoring a feature

If a Wind Rose tile completes a feature when it is placed, it is scored as normal.

Final scoring

There is no additional scoring at the end of the game with the Wind Rose tiles.

Tile distribution

Hans im Glück (Carcassonne-on-Tour) Version (2012)

Total Tiles: 6

WindroseH C1-01.pngx1
WindroseH C1-02.pngx1
WindroseH C1-03.pngx1
WindroseH C1-04.pngx1
WindroseH C1-05.pngx1
WindroseH C1-06.pngx1

Spielbox Version (2013)

Total Tiles: 6

WindroseS C1-01.pngx1
WindroseS C1-02.pngx1
WindroseS C1-03.pngx1
WindroseS C1-04.pngx1
WindroseS C1-05.pngx1
WindroseS C1-06.pngx1


For Icons licensing and explanation please visit Icons page.

  1. Icon World Black.png A more precise translation of the German would be The Compass Roses, as this is the English term for the symbols featured in this mini-expansion. However, Wind Roses seems more poetic, so that’s what I’m going with.
  2. Icon World Black.png This is an option. Player may put it in any other place, but is not rewarded with 3 points in that case.
  3. Icon Open Book.png The 3 points are scored as soon as the tile is placed, before the “Move Wood” phase. (updated 5/2014)
  4. Icon Open Book.png Since the points are scored by themselves, and scoring of Wind Rose points occurs before there is any scoring of completed features, they could presumably trigger taking of a Message tile (see The Messages (Dispatches)). This may interrupt the turn but does not cause loss of other phases of the turn. (updated 5/2014)
  5. Icon Double Arrow Black.png This is "two sections” in the Spielbox rules, in accordance with the differences described above. (11/2013)