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Z-Man Games je společnost založená v roce 1999. Sídlo společnosti se nachází ve městě Mahopac státu New York, Spojené státy americké, nedaleko New Yorku. Je pojmenována po svém majiteli Zevu Shlasingerovi, ačkoli se může jednat o narážku na "zeman", hebrejské slovo pro "čas".

Mezi její produkce patří:

Logo ZMG.png
  • the collectible card game, Shadowfist (the primary reason that the company was formed was to bring this back into publication)
  • a B-movie card game series consisting of games such as Grave Robbers From Outer Space and Cannibal Pygmies in the Jungle of Doom
  • translations of European games such as Agricola, Neuroshima Hex! and Ursuppe
  • translations of non-European games, for example, Shadow Hunters (Japan)
  • original designs such as 1960: The Making of the President
  • Arimaa, an abstract strategy game
  • Gheos, a game where players take on the role of deities
  • Omlevex, a role-playing supplement for Mutants & Masterminds, Champions, and Silver Age Sentinels
  • Pandemic, a cooperative board game
  • Start Player by Ted Alspach, a card game to determine who goes first in the following game
  • Carcassonne: as of 2012, Z-Man Games has been publishing this game's English version in the US.
  • Endeavor, a complex strategy game edited by Z-Man Games in 2009
  • The Walking Dead, a board games based on the comic of the same name, released in 2009.
  • Terra Mystica, by Jens Drögemüller and Helge Ostertag, a board game that won the 2013 International Gamers Award - General Strategy: Multi-player Winner.