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Zamek was published in 2020 in Polish by Nasza Ksiegarnia. It is a complete reworking of The Castle with new artwork and some feature changes.


  • 10 castle wall pieces
Zamek Wall Pieces.jpg
  • 60 castle tiles
Tile features:
A. House
B. Shrine/Chapel
C. Pigsty
D. Road
E. Stocks
F. Meadow
G. Fountain
  • 18 wall tiles (two of each tile pictured)

Zamek Wall Tiles.jpg

  • 14 followers in 2 colours, and 2 family houses in 2 colours
Zamek Followers.jpg

Aim of the game

Two families compete for control of the castle within which the game takes place. By adding tiles, you create a network of roads, meadows, houses and pigsties, over which you try to take control. Heralds, monks, squires and farmers will help you take control of the castle's buildings and earn points. You will also receive points for two items that must be present in every good castle: shrines and shackles. At the end of the game, the person with the most points takes over the castle and puts his rival in the stocks.

Design Changes

Zamek Tiles Examples.jpg
  • The square (feature that separated a road into 3 distinct roads) is a fountain ("fontanna")
  • The fountain (feature makes roads score 2x per tile, and looks like a well) is a stocks ("dyby").
  • The Tower has been redrawn as a pigsty ("chlew")
  • The Court is renamed as a meadow ("łąka")
  • The Market, located in a Court, has been replaced by a Shrine or Chapel ("kapliczka")
  • The 2 keep pieces have been replaced by family houses using a "gate" meeple ("dom")

Description of wall tiles

1 Zamek WallTile 01.jpg You use a token at the end of your turn. Play one more turn. 4 Zamek WallTile 04.jpg You use the token when counting the points for meadows. Select 1 of the meadows you control. For each shrine in this meadow you score 4 points instead of 3.
2 Zamek WallTile 02.jpg You use a token after completing a house. For each tile that make up the house you score 2 points instead of 1. 5 Zamek WallTile 05.jpg You use the token when counting the points for the House. You add 2 tiles to the size of your House (e.g. a House with 5 tiles is treated as if it was built with 7 tiles). This gives your House a chance to be bigger than your opponent's headquarters.
3 Zamek WallTile 03.jpg You use the token when you complete a pigpen. For each tile that makes up this pigpen you score 4 points instead of 2. 6 Zamek WallTile 06.jpg You score 5 points. Move your pawn on the track by 5 spaces.
7 Zamek WallTile 07.jpg You choose 1 of the unfinished houses. For each tile that makes up this house you gain 1 point.
8 Zamek WallTile 08.jpg You choose 1 of the unfinished pigsties. For each tile that makes up this pigpen you score 2 points.
9 Zamek WallTile 09.jpg You select 1 of the unfinished roads. For each tile on this road you score 1 point.

Total Wall Tiles: 18

Zamek WallTile 01.jpg x2
Zamek WallTile 02.jpg x2
Zamek WallTile 03.jpg x2
Zamek WallTile 04.jpg x2
Zamek WallTile 05.jpg x2
Zamek WallTile 06.jpg x2
Zamek WallTile 07.jpg x2
Zamek WallTile 08.jpg x2
Zamek WallTile 09.jpg x2


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