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General info and comments

CutCassonne contains 10 cut-n-play tiles for the new edition of Carcassonne introduced in 2014. The tiles were hidden on the bottom of the gift box "Hans im Päckchen" given at Essen 2014. No meeples were included.

You may cut out the tiles from the box and glue them on blank tiles, and use them as an expansion.

CutCassonne has the darker city backgrounds.

There are no specific rules applicable to the tiles from this mini expansion. All of the rules remain the same.

CutCassonne tiles

Box assembled
Box disassembled


  • 10 new Cutcassonne Land tiles, 3 of them featuring river segments.


There are no official rules for these tiles. This page serves as a placeholder for them, including some descriptions of the tiles and the features on them to the best of our understanding.


Separate the 3 tiles including river segments. If playing with The River or The River II, add these additional tiles to the river setup. You can find the rules here.

Shuffle the other 7 tiles together with the regular Land tiles. Since these tiles may differ from the original ones (different width or back), you may use a bag to draw the tiles during the game (see Exp. 2 - Traders and Builders for more information).


1. Placing a tile

When you draw a CutCassonne tile, you place it according to the usual rules.

2. Placing a meeple

When you place a CutCassonne tile, you may place a meeple on it according to the usual rules.

3. Scoring a feature

When you complete one or more features (e.g. a monastery, a road etc.) containing CutCassonne tiles, you score them according to the usual rules.

Final scoring

Features with CutCassonne tiles are scored as usual at the end of the game.

New land tiles

Fields do not go under small bridges - there are 4 separate fields here



and three fields here, one north and two south.


The houses by this bridge do not end the road.


Tile distribution

Total tiles: 10


Several tiles have a small illustration on them. The letters in brackets show which illustration is on each tile:

G | Garden
F | Farmhouse
C | Cowshed