Games Quarterly 11 (1st edition)

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General info and comments

GQ #11

The Games Quarterly #11 expansion was originally released in Games Quarterly in 2006 [1]

As advertised, the GQ11 expansion does contain “never-before seen tile configurations,” with the exception of the tile with a river and two city segments, which was previously available in The River. Most of these “new configurations” are trivial enough, such as the removal of a pennant or trade good, or a mirror-reversal of another tile. However, two of the tiles deserve more comment.

The spring tile is obviously intended as a replacement for those included in The River and The River II. One of the common criticisms of those two expansions is that they lead to larger farms, and part of the reason is the farm goes all the way around the spring, officially at least. [2] However, the spring tile included here has a road leading away from the spring, and so divides the farm. [3]

No matter how many spring tiles you have you should still only use one to form a single river. [4]

It should be noted that, officially, the FFFF tile is not a pig-herd tile (see The River II for more details). This has been confirmed by Jay Tummelson of Rio Grande Games, the producer of this expansion. [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] It may be possible to use the tile as if it were a pig-herd tile, but this would be a house rule, rather than an official rule.


  • 12 new land tiles including 1 spring tile.

Tile distribution

Total Tiles: 12

GC11 C1 Tile 01.jpgx1
GC11 C1 Tile 02.jpgx1
GC11 C1 Tile 03.jpgx1
GC11 C1 Tile 04.jpgx1
GC11 C1 Tile 05.jpgx1
GC11 C1 Tile 06.jpgx1
GC11 C1 Tile 07.jpgx1
GC11 C1 Tile 08.jpgx1
GC11 C1 Tile 09.jpgx1
GC11 C1 Tile 10.jpgx1
GC11 C1 Tile 11.jpgx1
GC11 C1 Tile 12.jpgx1


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  1. Icon World Black.png The original GQ11 expansion contains no rules.
  2. Icon Open Book.png See notes in The River and The River II.
  3. Icon World Black.png The road ends in what looks like an inn; however, there is no lake, so it does not fulfil the requirements of Inns and Cathedrals for scoring points.
  4. Icon Open Book.png Question: When the two River sets (The River and The River II) are combined, should we make two rivers (using the two springs) or discard one spring and one lake and make just one river? Answer: One spring and one lake are discarded.
  5. Icon Open Book.png Question: Do you have an official ruling? I understand from Hans im Glück that these are your tiles rather than theirs, so I guess you are the final arbiter! Answer: Yes, I am—and this is just a field —no special points for the pigs and cows in it—sorry.
  6. Icon House Black.png The FFFF tile with a pig herd can be counted as a pig-herd tile (i.e. providing a bonus point per city) for the purposes of scoring farms. It could be counted as such even when not playing with the pig piece (Traders and Builders).
  7. Icon World Black.png There are no official rules for using two pig-herd tiles, as there are no rules for using two copies of The River II, and the similar GQ11 tile is not officially a pig-herd tile. However, if one farm has multiple pig-herd tiles, it seems that they should not stack; in other words, the bonus should only be awarded once, in keeping with other landscape bonuses such as Inns and Cathedrals.
  8. Icon Open Book.png Question: Does the pig-herd tile still score an extra point when there is a barn on the farm (barn = 4 points, barn+pig-herd = 5 points per city)? Answer: The pig-herd tile only counts in connection with farmers, not the barn.
  9. Icon House Black.png The pig-herd tile can score an extra point per city when there is a barn on the farm.