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Иконитe, направени с Pixel perfect от www.flaticon.com, са лицензирани според CC 3.0 BY

  • Icon Locked Red.png - Questions that we still don’t have an official answer for (or even a good suspicion of).
  • Icon House Black.png - Footnotes that represent commonly-used house rules or house variants.
  • Icon Double Arrow Black.png - Footnotes that highlight differences between different rule sets (such as noting older rules) or major disparity in the rules among the different publishers (often due to incorrect translation).
  • Icon World Black.png - Interpretations and clarifications of the rules that come from the CarcassonneCentral community (including WICA and original CAR authors) will be marked with the symbol
  • Icon Open Book.png - Fully official clarifications from Hans im Glück the original publisher of Carcassonne. Additionally, these official clarifications may be written in a question and answer format, although an effort has been made to keep clarifications concise. Occasionally, official clarifications from other publishers (e.g. Rio Grande Games in the case of the Games Quarterly #11 expansion) are also written in this format.