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Informations générales et commentaires

The rules for Meeple Stacking were released by HiG in 2012. [1] They present two game variants.

They provide different ways to stacking meeples in different ways. It is a fun game - not only for Carcassonne fans.


For every player you need:

  • 1 felt pad as baseplate DIN A4 size (21 x 29.7 cm)
  • 99 meeples (from the game Carcassonne of course) [2]


Variante de jeu 1 – Points pour les pyramides

The players agree on how many turns they want to play. [3]

All the players simultaneously try to build a meeple pyramid within 2 minutes and make the most points for it. The pyramid has to be built on a felt base so it has a solid foundation and does not slip. Any meeple forming the pyramid brings the player points (see points table below). The player with most points after playing the determined turns wins the gama.

During construction, the following rules have to be observed:

  1. The meeple pyramid must not extend beyond the baseplate.
  2. The meeples may only be placed standing up, not lying down flat or upside down.
  3. All the meeples in a pyramid must be connected. Only the highest pyramid of a player counts. A single meeple is a pyramid. If a pyramid collapses, even a single meeple counts as the highest pyramid. [4]
  4. Optionally: All players play on one baseplate. Any player destroying an opponent's pyramid loses immediately.

Points System:

Each Meeple in the lowest (first) row:   1 point
Each Meeple in the 2nd row:   2 points
Each Meeple in the 3rd row:   3 points
Each Meeple in the 4th row:   4 points
And so on with the other (higher) rows
Example 1: This pyramid is worth 23 points (5 + 8 + 6 + 4 points):
  • 5 points for row 1 - 5 meeples x 1 point per meeple
  • 8 points for row 2 - 4 meeples x 2 points per meeple
  • 6 points for row 3 - 2 meeples x 3 points per meeple
  • 4 points for row 4 - 1 meeple x 4 points per meeple

Variante de jeu 2 – De plus en plus haut

The players compete building the highest pyramid.

Meeple pyramids are built in several rounds, in which the pyramid has to be build higher than in the previous one.

In this variant you need only one baseplate because the players play in turns.

The building rules are the same as for game variant 1.

In each turn every player has a maximum of 45 seconds to fulfill the task.

If a player fails to build the pyramid within the required time, the player is eliminated and the other players go on. The last player remaining in the game is the winner.

You start with a pyramid with 3 meeple in its base. After that, the base is expanded by one meeple in each round.

Example 2: The players have to build pyramid 1 in round 1, pyramid 2 in round 2, pyramid 3 in round 3, and so on.


Pour les licences et les explications des icônes, veuillez visiter la page des icônes.

  1. Interprétation de la communauté The original rules were available on HiG's website, but now they are not available anymore.
  • Interprétation de la communauté You may find sets with 100 meeples in different colors on Cundco.de, HiG's web store:
  • Interprétation de la communauté This sentence was not included in the original rules, but it is a requirement inferred from the wording of the rules.
  • Interprétation de la communauté All the meeples which are physically connected give points! So all the meeples in the bottom row give points, if they are connected by meeples in the second row (which give points too), even if there are meeples in the second row which are not connected by meeples in the third row – they are connected by meeples in the first row.