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There are several fan-maintained websites that contain fan expansions for Carcassonne and its variants and spin-offs games, including Over Hill and Dale. The two most active are CarcassonneCentral (English speaking) and CarcassonneForum (German). There are smaller (national) sites which may also contain locally developed expansions - for example, there is a Czech site, and there has previously been one in the Netherlands, while BoardGameGeek may also contain fan expansion ideas.

Carcassonne Central



Under Development




  • The Farm (Der Bauernhöf)
  • The Farmhouse (Die Bauernhäuser)
  • The Inns (Die Wirtshauser)
  • The River (Der Fluß)
  • The River II (Der Fluß II)

In Development

  • The Plague of Mice (Die Wühlmausplage)
  • Scoretrack figures (Umrundungszahlen)
  • The Woods (Die Wälder)


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