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  1. Add fan expansions
    1. Bards of Carcassonne Bards of Carcassonne for fields
    2. The Hans Statue The Hans Statue for not covered scenarios - specialy for end game scoring
  2. Special Case for Inns and Bards for German Cathedral when road is completed or road is not
  3. Gifts - replace Gifts_C2_Banner_Image.jpg with image of deck turned back side on top
  4. Check existing of TradeGoodsToken in C1 edition before release
  5. Singular for special figures and features also in template names
  6. replace for 1 tile features Player(s) with the majority on the feature Player with followermeeple on the feature with template and showFlied/showNotFlier with something which is universal and appendable by fan expansions because you can have multiple meeples by Flying Machines / Flying Machines 2 / 20th anniversary expansion showXYOneTileFeatures and showXYMonasteries = [ OR, "showXYOneTileFeatures", "shwGifts", "showCountOfCarcassonne" ] for Synod Gift card or Count of Carcassonne.

Expansion selector


Scoring after the game