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CommentStreams:D9ef68fddf9b3ce364d2928be37bf3ce Scoring During the Game (1st edition) Glad you like it. Thanks!

I replied to your interesting questions on Carcassonne Central (see link below) so we can share them with the community and open a discussion to everyone.

Please click here.

Meepledrone Meepledrone Oct 19 at 10:59 pm Oct 19 at 11:00 pm
CommentStreams:D7433ee56df5afa81e78975c7d4d8b85 Scoring During the Game (1st edition) Happy to see this, I hope all expansion will be here Good to see this, I wish to see the steps too what is the perfect order to follow.

Eg: phantom interactions with: - teleport (phantom teleport together to same tile as the meeple, or phantom stay on teleport tile?) - dragon (phantom has immune?dragon only eats flesh and blood) - artist (can I place 1 meeple + phantom as artist?) - tower tile If I place a tower, can I still place phantom on the same tile (or next to it if artist)? - builder (when builder turn,can I use phantom again?)

Dragon eats the whole circus, right? Etas flesh and blood, and ruins the tent I think...

Could Fairy move when Dragon appears or moves?

Captured meeple can be set free after I saw what is on my tile, or have to do before?

Circus points confusing to me.

If I have a circus, and 3 meeples around, and I place a circus next to it, and put 1 meeple on the road, 1 phantom on the other side road, than the circus score will be affected all 5 meeples, right? Or just the first 3? Freshly placed meeples around the circus get scored? (according to rules: place a tile, place follower, score tile. = I put meeples first, and score the circus after) Seems too much points to me.

3 artist stands already and a fairy protecting them. If all 3 different colour all get 1 extra point, and when scores 5 pt each they all get 3 extra points? What if 2 red 1 blue artist stands there and fairy? Just reds get 3 points when scoring blue no extra points?

When Circus scoring and fairy stand next to 1 meeple, get extra 3 points than too?

If Mage stand on german castle tile, scores +1 point/ tile, so that is 24 points?

Cult next to Cloister, but the last tile placed finish both, than who get points? Nobody or both? I think if red on cult, blue on cloister, and red places the last tile and finish both with it, than only red get points.

If the dragon eats the meeple from cult when the race is on with the monk, but after I telelport back another heretic, the race is on again, right?

What do you think?

anonymous Oct 1 at 11:05 pm
CommentStreams:Fd440b06155c38ae438619b2d328eba2 Talk:Main Page Licensing Hello, we at Kiwix had a request to make an copy of this wiki available offline, but I can't find the licensing conditions (copyright or CC)? anonymous Sep 3 at 12:02 pm
CommentStreams:61166b4e44079e459cae69f2c5c13ac8 Inns and Cathedrals The tile distribution was modified to include the 6 points tiles. Thanks for the heads-up. Meepledrone Aug 26 at 1:26 pm
CommentStreams:73204c93a8991cf3e6ec99b5f5eb4aee Inns and Cathedrals tile count "18 landscape tiles (identified with symbol), including 6 inns and 2 cathedrals." but tile distribution says 24. Guessing that it should say "18 tiles PLUS 6" anonymous Aug 20 at 8:13 pm
CommentStreams:E84c1c4b99b904e5bbcf907e15d4126b Under the Big Top This interpretation comes from the fact that the Summary of Figure Characteristics in the CAR considered normal meeples/followers and phantoms as equivalent figures with different placement rules. The debate is open since no official clarification has been provided in this regard.

Following your suggestion I added a note on The Phantom page. Thank you.

If you want to discuss this topic or any other Carcassonne-related matter, please join us on Carcassonne Central (

Meepledrone Meepledrone Aug 3 at 8:24 am Aug 3 at 8:26 am
CommentStreams:B71877041e429cf25d04ed31f58b7931 The Markets of Leipzig You can do it. There are no official rules or clarifications on this expansion interaction but you can combine them for sure.

If you find any special case you would like to discuss please find us on the Carcassonne Central ( forum. There we can discuss this matter or any other Carcassonne-related topic on the forum.

Meepledrone Aug 3 at 7:55 am
CommentStreams:C2a75208f59087323928e27316174cfe The Festival No scoring takes place for any meeple or special figure, they are just removed from the feature. I updated the comment. Thanks for the suggestion.

If you want to collaborate with WICA, please contact me, Meepledrone, on Carcassonne Central ( Thank you.

Meepledrone Meepledrone Aug 2 at 5:30 pm Aug 3 at 7:46 am
CommentStreams:55eda8ff40188788c2a5ac293cb1b3cc The Phantom (1st edition) We assume the change of color was a decision to make the new edition more eye-catching. You can join Carcassonne Central ( to discuss this matter and any other Carcassonne-related topic on the forum.

If you want to collaborate with WICA, please contact me, Meepledrone, on Carcassonne Central. Thank you.

Meepledrone Meepledrone Aug 2 at 5:43 pm Aug 3 at 7:45 am
CommentStreams:061e0ec95327ed6c6f09c2faac1aaf01 Little Buildings (1st edition) The Little Building bonus is added to the completed feature score so only the player(s) with the majority will receive those points.

Regarding the interaction with the Dragon, the 2015 FAQ: Meal plan for Dragons clarified Little Buildings are on the dragon diet plan, that is, the dragon cannot eat Little Buildings (see:

The Festival only allows you to remove meeples/followers and special figures so it does not affect tokens.

Meepledrone Meepledrone Aug 2 at 5:06 pm Aug 2 at 5:18 pm
CommentStreams:Bb297f1de178582fd462ddea84675ee7 Base game (1st edition) The base game was released for the new edition in 2014 (See:

Hans im Gl├╝ck continued to release mini expansions in the old artwork until 2016 (See Timeline page:

Meepledrone Aug 2 at 4:54 pm
CommentStreams:6e2edcbac4c647c943ef90d400899881 The Phantom (1st edition) Actually, am I wrong on this?

Also, can someone teach me how to register an account so I do not post as a guest?

anonymous Jul 19 at 4:00 am
CommentStreams:D2ae34d9f0a44f119b8423b8cf8a98c2 The Phantom (1st edition) Grey and Pink The official expansion comes with a grey for the old edition, instead of pink like the new edition of the game.

Also, why did they choose pink over grey as the 6th player color for the new edition of the game?

anonymous Jul 19 at 3:51 am
CommentStreams:Ad24dda5302a96653bb195c378df57ba Base game (1st edition) New Art When was Carcassonne switched over to the new style of art? anonymous Jul 19 at 3:27 am
CommentStreams:4b537ab2d1d95098eccd3736f96ca04a The Markets of Leipzig Ferries I would suggest that you could use ferries to connect to the city of Leipzig from The Ferries mini-expansion. anonymous Jul 19 at 12:25 am
CommentStreams:5c80b6a9fc7149914339e0be0e434dc7 Traders and Builders The Blue Bag I'm disappointed we have to choose between the bag and the minies in the Big Box. They should deffinitely include bag or print the minies separately as in the previous edition. Please write about the Bag in this article. anonymous Jul 12 at 12:00 pm
CommentStreams:30f24b166c6f2e0153e73ba47b47c073 Under the Big Top Phantom Footnotes Please add that question about phantom/acrobat case in the Phantom article.

My interpretation is that thay can't be used as the acrobats as they are a different figure, such as the Big Meeple or the Ringmaster. All of them can be used in all cases as normal meeples except for acrobats. It would be too powerful imho. I hope HiG will rerelease this miniexpansion (maybe inside the Catapult reprint?) and it will be compatible with all editions so the Phantom will receive a new, wooden model.

anonymous Jul 9 at 7:47 am
CommentStreams:B20a6d12b5682189b23f5bbe5b299ac4 Little Buildings (1st edition) I assume the dragon cannot destroy them, and that these cannot be picked back up with The Festival expansion. anonymous Jul 4 at 6:47 pm
CommentStreams:5ccb290541ccf33721dceea62eeadb27 Little Buildings (1st edition) Majority question If another player has a majority, does the minority players get the point still from the little buildings or just that one with the more followers in the feature? anonymous Jul 4 at 6:46 pm
CommentStreams:D581d0a0a5068c066399201cc4d96eb0 The Festival Also, can someone teach me how to make an account? I only see how to log in. anonymous Jul 4 at 3:40 am