Carcassonne Scoring During Turn Sequence

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This is only source page for Scoring During Turn Sequence, Scoring During Turn Sequence (1st edition) and Winter Scoring During Turn Sequence


  1. New selectors: showFinalBeforeFigures_Complete including wonders of hunanity - check creating it
  2. Mage - actual TileIcon tile -> real count of tiles?
  3. Cities -> Tiny City and City Privilege -> somehow write that this is current score for city indepenend of size and count of soat of arms
  4. Fix Template:ScoringGroupBonusEpilog on emply expansion selector for Barn / Wetlands and Decinsky Sneznik
  5. Template:ScoringRowScoring lost trigger stuff
  6. Add description about adjacent / neighboring / square space, etc
  7. Fix Hans Statue feature->when
  • Gingerbread man action in cities - special rules for Wonder tiles, or double tiles with cities
  • Icons for protecting meeple/phantom agains peasant revolt
  • Add fan expansions

Expansion selector


Scoring during the game