Carcassonne Scoring During Turn Sequence

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This is only source page for Scoring During Turn Sequence, Scoring During Turn Sequence (1st edition) and Winter Scoring During Turn Sequence


  • Separate calculation of Road to own part before Feature scoring, hide when none interesting expansions are there.
  • Create Templates which are the same for Scoring Dutirng Turn Sequence and for Scoring After the Game to share translations
  • Rewrite Castle Lords Castle Lords rule, to be compatible with rule defined for roads with inn (+1) for tile or road segments on German Cathedrals tiles
  • Change orders on completable features where first will be
    • Definition of tiles including C1/C2/C3 rules for halflings and larger tiles, including Land Surveyors
    • Scoring for them will be defined after
  • Add The Land Surveyors 2 The Land Surveyors 2 related rules
  • Make a review and compare with original ord revision before templates

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Scoring during the game